Dark Warriors Returns, NW Merges in DW

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Dark Warriors Nation – The Dark Warriors Army has returned after a very long time of being shut down. The Night Warriors have consequently merged into DW. How will this turn out?

The Dark Warriors made their return after a very long December 2015, DW shut down, and as an alternative, with most of their troops in a new army, the people that were on DW way back before it shut down, decided to join the Night Warriors but now, it was time for DW to return to action, making NW merge into the army.


Dark Warriors before shutting down.

About the return, Verum, DW leader, made a post titled “Resurgence of the legendary army”. Here’s some of what they had to say. To see the full post click here.

Greetings Dark Warriors,

Earlier this year, Drake, Toy and I made a decision to reopen Night Warrior’s in order to establish a new legacy without tarnishing the legacy of this great army, but Night Warrior’s weren’t able to make up the gap in the community that the closure of this army caused. Night Warrior’s were a successful army, but we were made up of a few people recruited into the army, and the leaders which made it not feel like home. The majority of former Dark Warrior’s troops flocked to Night Rebels were they tried to fill the void left in their hearts by the closure of Dark Warrior’s but they failed as well. All of this shows one thing, this army cannot function without the loyal troops, or the legendary leaders. In order to achieve true greatness, we must work together, and today Freezie, Toy and I held a meeting to discuss reopening this army, and this is the result of that meeting.

-Dark Warrior Leaders.

As it is explained above, the Dark Warriors left a gap in the community after their shut down. They tried to cover it by making another army, the NW, but it didn’t work out as good as expected. They also claimed that much armies have tried to steal their place, for example, the Water Vikings. The leaders claim that there will be a new era for CPA and it will be called “The Dark Age”. Will it live up to expectations?

Regarding the NW merge, the sizes of the army were between 10 and 25 in events, we will see if the Dark Warriors can enhance the amount of users during their return. It’s going to be interesting to see if they can outdo what they done in NW.


One of NW’s last events.

CPAC managed to catch up with one of DW’s Leaders. Let’s see what Perry had to say.

Interview with Perry, Dark Warriors Leader

CPAC (Bayleef): Was the Dark Warriors return planned?

Perry: Yes, about a month ago myself and Toy spoke about re-opening Dark Warriors.

CPAC: What are the leaders planning to do to enhance DW’s performance?

Perry:  We’re going all out recruiting.

CPAC: What do you expect for the army during the first weeks?

Perry:  I expect everyone working at max potential.

CPAC: Anything to add?

Perry: Nope.

The Dark Warriors are expecting to see good work from their troops, they also hope to recruit for long periods which can help to their sizes. Also, we can see the leaders are very hyped to see the results of the work they are doing with Dark Warriors. Time will tell if DW will succeed or fail. However, they stated on their post that they wont “die in 1 month”,  they believe their troops can build Dark Warriors into the dominant army it once was.

What do YOU think? Will DW climb high on the Top Ten during the first week of their return? Comment your opinion down in the comments box!






5 Responses

  1. WB DW

  2. Apparently it’s 2014 all over again (wary)

  3. Well good to see this going haha.

  4. DW DW DW, and another nice post.


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