Seven Years of Club Penguin Army Central

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters — As months, then years pass by at what seems like an accelerated speed, very few armies or groups can say they have been apart of this community for a majority of its existence. Here at CPAC, all past and present CPAC staff are proud to announce our seventh anniversary.

*Disclaimer- CPAC would like to apologize for this post being released on a later date than usual.

Welcome to Club Penguin Army Central! CPA Central provides accurate information about all of the news around Club Penguin Armies, upcoming battles and more. It strides to be only factual, and does not usually post opinions, simply facts. CPA Central is one of the only remaining Club Penguin Army News sites remaining. Enjoy!

-CPA Central Team

On July 28th, 2009, Woton laid out the foundation and envisioned a site that could provide you, the members of army warfare, with the latest, most informed, and best-analyzed writing on the events that are shaping our community. Regardless of what obstacles the community could be currently facing, it would always be the job of the CP Army Central staff members to maintain the work ethic and dedication that is required for the day to day running of this organization.

I would be certain Woton was unsure on how far this site would go and that most likely the rest of the community may have been cynical of the organization itself; however, when looking back on the development of this site, it is a great sight to see how this site has blossomed into the biggest and most accurate source for the news ongoing in this community.


Even though this community has survived without the media before — and, without a doubt, could do again  — it is almost hard to imagine this community without CPA Central as the center of this community to find out the latest news and announcements. Can we depict a community without CPA Central reporting on multilogging investigations, struggling armies, ongoing wars, and maybe even the occasional satirical post focusing on some of the most popular individuals in this community? I, for one, could not.

As the site now embarks on its 8th year, I find it amazing to see all the history and moments in the archives of this site. The moments that many of us may appreciate forever. The history that has engraved itself in our hearts at one point at a time. The memories that we can all look back on with a smile on our face. Without the work of Woton and many leaders that then followed, together they constructed this site into a center for the discussion and the enjoyment for you, the readers.

Over the past seven years, CPA Central has made it their mission to make this site a place for all armies. Although many of you may tend to disagree with this fact, this site is going to continue to make sure we can provide for the needs of the whole community. We continue to remain the host for all tournaments, a statistical ranking system to demonstrate the top armies each week, continuous coverage of the community news, and a place for discussion and debate that the whole community can use for their pleasure.

The total stands at nine CEOs, almost 4 million views, and 6,843 posts.

Although we pride ourselves on brainstorming new ideas to change and modernize the site, CPA Central is going to continue to make sure that we can make this site even more interactive and user-friendly. Even if one thinks they may have reached the peak, there is always room for improvement, and I know for a fact that CPAC will do everything it can to make that possible.

Even though our anniversary may have been eleven days ago, I would hope we can celebrate that Club Penguin Army Central still remains the leading media source for seven years. Thank you to all the staff at Club Penguin Army Central and the staff at Small Medium Army Central who make our mission and our goals possible. From the multiple reporters we have to the leaders of our two respective sites, thank you for sticking with us and providing a source of news for the rest of the community to enjoy.  And finally, thank you to all of you that continue to read our site. Without you, none of this is possible.



CPAC Interim Managers


Lorenzo Bean 

CPAC Executive Producers


Supa Em

CPAC Vice President

Doctor Mine Turtle


CPAC Editors-In-Chief



CPAC Associate Producer

and the rest of the CPAC staff.


11 Responses

  1. 7 years of glory, and 7 decades to come!

  2. Every day working here is a blast. Looking forward to see what we can do in the future!

  3. In the future we can coup you

  4. ily too

  5. 😘

  6. Bad time to say I quit because I hate you all? jkjklol Love working here!

  7. Jodie is cheating on me… *CRIES*

  8. It’s a shame…CPAC used to be the top site of CPA, as in prestige…

  9. Although most of you trigger me I’m proud to be a part of the working progress of CPA central

  10. Holy fucking shit already goshz

  11. 7

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