CPAC Invasions Review [8/8/16]

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – Due to a lack of invasions that took place last week, a list of all invasions from the past two weeks have been compiled on this article. With that said, continue reading another edition of the CPAC Invasions Review!

  • The invading army will always be on the left, while the defending army will always be on the right.
  • The server will be displayed as follows: “Klondike:”
  • The arrow (←) will be pointing toward the victor.
  • If the battle is disputed, the arrow will point both ways ( ↔ ).
  • If the battle is agreed to be a tie, an equals sign will replace the arrows (=).
  • In the rare case of a disputed tie, the equal sign will be on the side of the army claiming a tie, while the arrow will be pointing towards the army claiming victory.
  • If one army posts of a battle on their site and the other army does not, the army that posts will be marked the victors on the review unless they formally admit defeat.
  • If a server is being invaded for the first time, it will be succeeded with: “Claiming”
  • If a server, which is already owned by an army, is being invaded by another army without a specific war in effect, it will be succeeded with: “Cleanse from army name. “


Monday, July 25th

*No Scheduled Invasions*


Tuesday, July 26th

Zipline: Army of Club Penguin → Wild Ninjas


Wednesday, July 27th

*No Invasions*


Thursday, July 28th

*No Invasions*


Friday, July 29th

Matterhorn: Nachos ← Rebel Penguin Federation

Blizzard: Rebel Penguin Federation → Nachos


Saturday, July 30th

*No Invasions*


Sunday, July 31st

*No Invasions*


Monday, August 1st

Sparkle: Lime Green Army ← Night Rebels

Matterhorn: Rebel Penguin Federation ← Nachos


Tuesday, August 2nd

*No Invasions


Wednesday, August 3rd

Blizzard: Rebel Penguin Federation ← Nachos

Matterhorn: Nachos ← Rebel Penguin Federation

Deep Snow: Nachos  ← Rebel Penguin Federation

Sasquatch: Rebel Penguin Federation  ← Nachos

Fjord: Rebel Penguin Federation → Nachos


Thursday, August 4th

White House: Rebel Penguin Federation  ← Nachos

Sardine: Nachos ← Rebel Penguin Federation

Yukon: Nachos ← Rebel Penguin Federation

Cream Soda: Nachos → Rebel Penguin Federation


Friday, August 5th

Icebound: Rebel Penguin Federation ← Nachos

Fjord: Rebel Penguin Federation ← Nachos

Alpine: Penguin Army Force  ←  Striking Raiders


Saturday, August 6th

Tuxedo: Nachos ← Rebel Penguin Federation

Icebox: Water Vikings  Lime Green Army

Klondike: Lime Green Army ← Nachos

Sleet: Army Republic ← Lime Green Army

White Out: Army Republic ← Lime Green Army

Mukluk: Lime Green Army  Nachos


Sunday, August 7th

Matterhorn: Rebel Penguin Federation ← Nachos

Christmas: Lime Green Army ← Army Republic

Tuxedo: Rebel Penguin Federation ← Nachos

Deep Snow: Rebel Penguin Federation ← Nachos


Comment YOUR opinion on the CPAC Invasions Review!  Who will conquer the most land? Share the thoughts YOU have below!


CPA Central Executive Producer


4 Responses

  1. RPF 10 – Nachos 8

    Ands that’s with the battles RPF “lost” while we doubled the Nacho’s size! Sad!

    If you want to be strong learn how to fight on your own.

  2. Its funny every server CPA ruled we lost when we actually didn’t we ended up getting back. Nachos are pathetic

  3. *cough* RPF bots *cough*

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