Top Ten Armies: 8/7/16

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – This week, two wars were being fought in the community. Read on to see their effect on the week’s Top Ten armies.

Top Ten

1. Water Vikings [68.50] [+0]

2. Rebel Penguin Federation [65.54] [+1] 

3. Nachos [64.00] [-1] 

4. Golds [53.86] [+3] 

5. Lime Green Army [53.29] [+0]

6. Army of Club Penguin [50.50] [+3] 

7. Army Republic [50.00] [+1] 

8. Wild Ninjas [49.48] [-4] 

9. Hairy Bears [44.50] [NEW!]

10.  The Penguin Army Force [42.94] [+0]

Full Statistics Here


1. Water Vikings: The Water Vikings did not have the busiest of weeks, but did enough to hold onto their top spot for another week. They started with a raided battle against the Army of CP in the Legends Cup VII on Sunday, in which they had sizes of 22+. This battle was declared a draw due to raids and both armies face the Nachos in the Semi-Final later today. On the 1st of August they held a training session on Ice Box, maxing sizes of 35. This was followed by a parade on Sub Zero the next day with similar sizes peaking at 35. In both events the army had interesting and effective formations. They ended their week with an Invasion of LGA Server, Ice Box, with sizes of 20-25. 

2. Rebel Penguin Federation: The Rebel Penguin Federation had a very busy week with their war against the Nachos, with many battles taking place. They started with a successful invasion of Matterhorn with sizes maxing 35+. In their next event they managed to have sizes of 25+ in a ”war party” training session, followed by an AUSIA event with sizes of around 20 in an invasion of Blizzard the next day. Later the same day, the RPF had sizes of 35-40 in a defense of Matterhorn, retaining the server. They had yet another battle, this time for Deep Snow, with sizes of around 25-30. Another battle followed, this time for Sasquatch, with sizes peaking at 20. In their battle for Outback the RPF had a maximum size of 15-20. On August 4th, the RPF started with an AUSIA event maxing in sizes of 5+, and then a UK defense of Sardine with sizes hitting 25. They had about 20 on for their next battle, which was for the server of Yukon. The battles on this same day, August 4th, continued to take place, as they had 20+ on Cream Soda. Another AUSIA battle took place on Friday, August 5th, as they had 10-15+ at the battle for Ice Bound. Their following three scheduled events were raided by bots, with the next successful event being the Legends Cup Semi-Final victory over the Army Republic and Night Rebels, where the RPF had sizes of 20+. In the final of the Legends Cup, RPF will face the winners of Nachos vs WV vs ACP. 

3. Nachos: Beginning their week with an AUSIA training session, the Nachos maxed sizes of 6, averaging 5. This was followed by their Legends Cup battle against the Golds Army, attaining sizes of 20+ throughout and being declared the victors. Later on in the week, the Nachos went on to defend their server Matterhorn, reaching heights of 15. Being a recruiting event, their next saw the same sizes before being bot raided, meaning they had to end their event earlier than intended. With their next being the defence of Blizzard, maxing small sizes, the Nachos still appear to have been the winners due to CPA war rules not being complied with. Invading Matterhorn to take back their land being their next event of the week, the Nachos maxed 20 although lost the battle due to unsufficient tactics taking place. Duringt he rest of the week, the Nachos went on to invade Deep Snow, Outback, Sardine, Yukon, Cream Soda and Tuxedo, defending servers such as Big Snow, Sasquatch and Fjord. Sizes of 15-20 were seen during almost every event.

4. Golds: Golds kicked off their week with their scheduled Legends Cup event against the Nachos. Despite losing the event, the army successfully maxed 13-14 troops with numerous different formations. They continued on to hold a training session. In this, they once again saw heights of 14. This event was followed by the Golds raiding the Lime Green Army’s server at the time, Ice Berg, facing minimal opposition. In their next event, the army defended their capital server, Big Surf, ending as the victors as they maxed 15. This was followed by an AUSIA recruiting session, maxing 12, their best event of the week – the defence of Powder Ball, maxing 16. With their next event being a parade which maxed 12, the Golds finished their week with 2 recruiting sessions, one US and one AUSIA, both attaining sizes of 9-11.

5. Lime Green Army: The Lime Green Army began their week with the AUSIA invasion of Sleet, to which no opponent attended. In this, the army maxed sizes of 11. They continued on to invade the server Koscuiszko, also attaining sizes of 11. In their final events of the week, the Lime Green Army held the invasion of Mukluk, maxing 13, and the invasion of Klondike from the Nachos, which saw great heights of 28+.

6. Army of CP: The Army of Club Penguin started their week with our Legends Cup battle, in which they saw sizes of 13-14 and the event was called a draw. Their next event is being called a training session for their next LC battle, against the Water Vikings and Nachos, also seeing sizes of 13 in this. Their next event was the best of the week in a “Mining Expedition”, in which they saw sizes of 15-18. Their next two events maxed 14-15, and they finished their week with a UK U-Lead, once again seeing sizes of 13.

7. Army Republic: The AR commenced their week with a training session which maxed 12. They continued on to hold a U-Lead session, which maxed the same sizes as the event prior and averaged 10. Their next event was another training event, maxing 14. The AR had a busy end to the week, participating in the Legends Cup tournament, invading Sleet from the Lime Green Army and finishing their week with another invasion of the Lime Green Army, capturing White Out.

8. Wild Ninjas: The Wild Ninjas kicked off their week with two UK/US training events, maxing 11. Their next event was a US training session, which saw a peak of 13 troops online. Their next event was their best of the week, managing to reach heights of 17. Holding an AUSIA event which attained sizes of 14, the WN finished their week with 3 more training sessions – two maxing sizes of 13-14, whereas the other dipped a little only reaching sizes of 7.

9. Hairy Bears: The Hairy Bears begin their week with a US raid of Big Surf in which they maxed and averaged 11, then held an AUSIA recruiting session wherein they maxed 11 and averaged 9. The aforementioned army held a US defence of Powderball wherein they maxed and averaged troop sizes of 14, then held an unscheduled US training session whilst maxing 13 and averaging 10. The Hairy Bears finished off this week with an AUSIA recruiting session wherein they maxed 11 and averaged 10.

10. The Penguin Army Force: The Penguin Army Force began their week with a US training session wherein they maxed 7 and averaged 6, then had an AUSIA practice battle with the Wild Ninjas whilst maxing and averaging 5. The aforementioned army had an AUSIA training session wherein they maxed 3 and averaged 2, then maxed and averaged troop sizes of 2 at a US training session. To end the week, the Penguin Army Force had an AUSIA invasion of Alpine while maxing and averaging 5.

Lorenzo Bean

CPA Central Executive Producer


CPA Central Interim Manager


CPA Central Interim Manager


27 Responses

  1. So Golds did it?

  2. lmao possibly

  3. Good Job to all. GO RPF!

  4. luv u wv ❤

  5. Bias RPF should be first

  6. >gets 5 on CP
    >gets 10th on CPAC

  7. RPF isn’t first. deal with it.

  8. There is nothing bias about your Ausia points holding back your average score.

  9. Add in the AUS defenses for AR

  10. Nice work ACP we worked hard and we saw improvements.


  12. Smexy

  13. Reblogged this on CP Vikings and commented:
    ANOTHER week of being first! Good job to WV!

  14. All underlined effected your UK/US score and knocked it down

  15. You know you’re corrupt when you give WV first. That’s none of my business though. -sips tea- Fear the Multilogs!

  16. Yo elm bad Silv Turk ghost, let’s join cpac so we can take #1 spot without having the actual points to do so!!

  17. When you can get 5 troops on club penguin and you get 10th place in the cpac top ten very easily. But it’s very sad these days… I like the original ways back then when armies were so hard to get 1st and they all were battling each other. They are trying to reach first, which is hard to get back then. Nowadays it’s rare. It’s so easy to get first if most of the armies stop multi logging and admitting it.

  18. Even though Lorenzo made the top ten???

    RPF had so many 15+ events that it took your average down to just below 20.

  19. yeah, i an author of cpac edited wv’s score from 40 to 68. I CONFESS I DID IT. IM GUILTY

  20. Yes. The Holy Golds Creator Johan Bin Laggin was the real mastermind of the terrorist attack. Osama Bin Laden was a hologram created by the CIA to frame Al Qaeda so they could declare war and steal oil while claiming to “wipe out terrorists.” After that, the Golds Empire and the US government have been profiting and has been the inside influence of all the political decisions you’ve seen made around the world.

  21. fat


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