Legends Cup VII – Semi-Final Predictions

KLONDIKE, CPA Central HQ – For six armies, the semi-finals are quickly approaching with only two being able to have a spot in our hotly contested final. This only means one thing, the predictions for the 2016 Semi-Finals of the Legends Cup.

Legend cup

RPF (1) vs Army Republic (4) vs Night Rebels (5)

RPF are wearing Red, the other two armies are wearing their normal uniform.

The Rebel Penguin Federation were expected to easily reach the Semi-Final after their comfortable victory over the Silver Surfers in the first round, but they were forced to fight hard for this spot against the ever-improving Wild Ninjas – who looked like they could have caused an upset. The RPF pulled through as their sizes increased and tactical awareness and formations among raids allowed them to out-do the Wild Ninjas. They continue to be the strong favorites to get to the Final from the left-hand side of the bracket, considering how much their competitors are struggling, but the armies they face have the capability to rise.

The other two armies, the Army Republic and Night Rebels, drew in the Quarter-Finals after bot raids, but both underperformed with sizes peaking at 10 for both armies. The Army Republic probably had the upper-hand in this battle with the switch to the Box Dimension, meaning the Night Rebels have effectively been given a huge chance in this tournament. Both armies dropped heavily in the latest top ten, with AR ranked 8th and NR on the SMAC top ten, so both have to improve greatly if they wish to reach the final.

RPF beat the Wild Ninjas in the Quarter-Finals

Unless the Army Republic or Night Rebels perform way above expectation, with a poor showing from the RPF, I can only see the Rebel Penguin Federation winning this battle. They should win with relative ease, but as it is the Semi-Final anything is possible.

The Editors’ Predictions:

  • Jodie, Interim CPA Central Manager: Rebel Penguin Federation
  • Atticus, CPA Central Executive Producer: Rebel Penguin Federation


Nachos (6) vs Army of CP (8) vs Water Vikings (2)

The Nachos had an interesting battle with the Golds in the Quarter-Finals, with the battle fairly close in the Puffle Hotel. The Nachos pulled away after the room change and dominated the Forts with superior formations, tactics and sizes of 20+ more than that of the Golds. The Nachos’ have not had the hardest run to this stage of the tournament, defeating the considerably smaller IAE and then a recovering Golds, so they know this will be their hardest battle so far against their arch rivals the ACP and the Number One ranked army, the Water Vikings.

Last weekend the battle between the Army of CP and Water Vikings ended in similar fashion to the battle between AR and NR, with it being declared a draw due to bot raids not allowing a clear winner to be decided. The WV did under perform in this battle compared to their usual sizes and will be hoping to greatly improve if they wish to overcome the strong Nachos.

I will not be providing my own prediction for this battle, but it should come down to the Nachos and Water Vikings for a spot in the Final, with both armies surely too strong for the ACP. It will be very close between the two armies.

The Editors’ Predictions:

  • Jodie, Interim CPA Central Manager: Water Vikings
  • Atticus, CPA Central Executive Producer: Nachos


Now it is over to you and YOUR opinions. Which armies will win in the Semi-Finals, will there be any more upsets and who will win the tournament overall? Comment what YOU think about the latest updates in the Legends Cup VII.


CPA Central Interim Manager


3 Responses

  1. Good luck to all armies!

  2. Good luck to the D.R.A.C.P and the Water Vikings. May the best win in both battles. I hope bots are absent from the battles.

  3. My predictions:
    Semi Final 1: RPF
    Semi Final 2: Nachos

    Finals: Too close to call..

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