RPF and Nachos Battle on Matterhorn

MATTERHORN, Disputed Territory – As the Rebel Penguin Federation and the Nachos open up their war, a third battle is fought on the server Matterhorn. Read on for the full battle report.

On August 1st, RPF declared war on the Nachos, and both sides scheduled invasions of each other’s territory. Today, their UK and US forces met for their first battle in the war on Matterhorn, with the Nachos attempting to retake the server. The fighting began at the Stadium at 2:00pm EST, when Nacho troops charged into the room with an E+9 mad faces bomb. RPF had fortified themselves in a circle around the field, and did E+I to counter the bomb. The Nachos followed up by spamming “bomb” while scattered, then moved into a diagonal line while doing E+8. There were about 31 RPF troops in the room, significantly outnumbering the Nacho Army’s 18. The two armies exchanged word and emote tactics, as well as throwing snowballs at each other in these formations for a few minutes, then the Nachos bombed the room with E+P puffles, while RPF did jokes in their formation, switching to E+7 winks shortly after.


The Nachos next formed an ‘X’ and did exclamation points. As they were doing this, RPF moved to the Cove and attempted to circle the room. The Nachos quickly followed them, attacking with a joke bomb as RPF troops defended themselves with E+9. RPF then switched to jokes while the Nachos continued to bomb with “Hello”. The Nachos moved into an upside-down ‘T’ formation and did E+K cakes, switching to E+5 while RPF put up E+C coffees. Both sides were spitting out tactics rapidly at this point, with fantastic and consistent performance too. At this point, the Nachos still had around 18, and RPF was maxing roughly 27. RPF moved into a line across the room and did E+6 tongues as the Nachos told them that they were “afraid”. After RPF responded with “LOL”, the Nachos broke formation with an E+W waterfall, switching to a jokes rake as RPF countered with E+U. RPF piled up in the snack shack and did E+T before charging out with an E+P bomb. The Nachos responded with jokes in their plus formation.


At 2:19, RPF troops took the battle to the Snow Forts, barely getting into their circle before the Nachos joined them with an E+M bomb. RPF defended with jokes, then put up E+D suns. The Nachos moved into the textbook backwards ‘L’ formation and did E+H. They sitting at 19 troops in this room, and RPF had climbed back up to 30. The two armies continued battling with more tactics and snowballs, until the Nachos attacked with an E+U waterfall. RPF responded with E+9 in their circle, and the Nachos formed a diagonal line. They put up E+N moons while RPF did E+I. A couple of minutes later, both armies claimed victory and moved on to the next battle on Deep Snow.


The Rebel Penguin Federation clearly had the upper hand in size for this battle, but both armies had impressive tactic performance. Despite being down in size, the Nachos put up an admirable fight against their opponent, keeping the battle very active and competitive. This battle marks just the second of six scheduled for the day.

Who do you think won this battle? Discuss in the comments below!

Lorenzo Bean

CPA Central Executive Producer


8 Responses

  1. Fight The Good Fight.

  2. nachos were horrible lol

  3. m8 ur army stayed in the same spots and could barely pull off a successful tactic that wasnt pressing “j” lol

  4. Lol look at the post and see who clearly had the advantage. we beat you in every battle today and as soon as CPA confirms this I bet you’ll opt out of server map haha

  5. server map is ran by rpf tho

  6. Last time I checked Commando has been retired for years. Am confused where you’re coming from

  7. Noob, do you think that a creator of an army won’t be biased in favor of it?

  8. actually they were biased bc somehow they decided RPF lost the battles of matterhorn and deep snow which weren’t even close lol..

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