The Golds Army Returns to CPAC Top Ten

FLIPPERS, Golds Empire – The Golds Army makes their return to CPAC Top Ten, reaching 7th place. Read on for details on how they recovered from their fall to SMAC.

Last week, the Golds Army showed enough potential to get back to the prestigious CPAC Top Ten, after missing the past two weeks where they placed 4th in SMAC’s Top Ten.

The golden army improved their sizes and tactics to show that they deserve a higher place than where they were before, averaging sizes of 15 penguins on during events and claiming victory against other armies.

Golds’ recent Legends Cup battle against the Nachos.

The improvement may have been sparked in part by a post made by Miyls, a Golds Army emperor, which reads:

Ave Golds,

It has come to my attention that recruiting has depleted as of late and that must change.

This format of recruiting will take time to get used to and will be trial and error. It’s not gonna be perfect straight away, this format of recruiting is also different. As I recall, no army has done this before, but it’s broadening  our horizons.

This new form of recruiting is going to quite simply split the army in half. 2 divisions of recruiting:

AUTOTYPING                                      CHAT RECRUITING

Now I see you squirming because you see the word “autotyping” however, this isn’t normal autotyping, in fact, if you get drafted(more on that later) to the autotyping division, you can pc either ant, me or Coqui on how this form of autotyping works.

Requirements for autotyping include at least 1 hour a day (for now, it’s still in it’s trial stages and this number will rise over the coming days/week) of autotyping. If there is no proof shown of this, (eg a screenshot of you autotyping), you will get 1 strike. 3 strikes and you’re fired.

The Golds proposed a recruiting division separated in Chat Recruiting and Autotyping. The rest of the post includes detailed instructions as well as different positions in the recruiting team. Since the army has risen, it seems that the project has already been implemented, or other measures were taken to heighten the performance of the army.

In a post related to the 7/24 Legends Cup battle against IW, Jack, from the Golds Staff quotes:

Ant: Not bad for a “strong SMAC army”, don’t worry Golds we’ll rise on the next Top Ten.

This is what happened to the army in the Top Ten, as it was mentioned before, reaching the seventh place. Ant had the rise planned, as we can see. Maybe it’s related to the post above, about a recruiting squad.

The Golds have an average amount of servers in the CPA server map. However, with their most recent rise, they will be able to dominate soon.

In golden color, we can see the Golds territory:


Interview with Antonio960, Golds Emperor

CPAC (Bayleef): What methods did you use to return to the Top Ten?

Antonio: Multilogging, bribing and skillz ( )

CPAC: What plans do you have for the army in the future?

Antonio: We plan on mantaining stability  and achieve better and bigger and better goals like each year

CPAC: Is the rise related to the new recruiting force plan posted some time ago?

Antonio: Yes, it’s still under development.

CPAC: Anything else to add?

Antonio: Gold Rush Forever.

Even though the answer for the first question was unexpected, and hopefully a joke, Antonio confirms that the rise is related to the recruiting force that is being developed at the moment. He also is focusing in maintaining sizes and reaching higher goals each year.

The Golds Army will try to stay in the Top Ten and keep as stable as they can, and plan to rise even further, maybe they will get a higher place in the Top Ten. Only time will tell.

What is YOUR opinion? Will the Golds Army be able to stay in the Top Ten? Will they fall? Comment what do you think below.




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