RPF Declares War on Nacho Army

Update: Interviews added.

TUXEDO, Rebel Penguin Federation Nation – Recently, RPF and the Nachos have been fighting over the server Matterhorn, turning into two standalone battles. Then, RPF took the conflict further by officially declaring war on the Nacho Army.

On Friday, July 29th, Nacho troops mobilized onto RPF’s territory, attempting to stake their claim on the server Matterhorn. RPF forces showed up to defend their nation, and the two armies clashed in a tough and very close battle. Both sides had sizes of 20-25 throughout the 40-minute invasion, which was fought at the Ice Berg and Stadium. Although the two armies had similar sizes, the Nachos pulled ahead with their tactics, and RPF surrendered the battle and server in the end. Full coverage of this battle can be read here.


RPF didn’t back down so easily, however. After a couple days of recovery, which included winning their second Legends Cup VII battle, they struck back at the Nachos, re-invading Matterhorn. This time, they brought a force of up to 40 troops, and with the Nachos defenses maxing 15, easily took back the server.


Later that day, Elmikey turned the conflict into an open war in a very brief statement. Shiny then published the following post:


RPF scheduled an AUSIA invasion of Blizzard at 3:00am EST. On the other side, the Nachos responded confidently in a couple of posts written by Legofan Cy and Kevin.

RPF Declared war on us!

Why? They don’t even know. The only thing that they know is that they are gonna rek us by somehow. Good luck with that, RPF.

Nachos, we’ve had enough of RPF, ey? Let’s kill this army once and for all. We shall show no mercy. Oh and, we will possibly see you guys in the Legends Cup Finals, so you better start digging your grave..


According to Legofan, the Nachos are unaware of the actual reason for war, but they accept and welcome the challenge. Here is an excerpt from Kevin’s post where he announces he will be absent for about a week:

One thing you should know about the Nachos…Is that we don’t go down easily. You guys have all fought before. You guys are all intelligent human beings. Use the SS against an Ausia if necessary. Do not be afraid of RPF. They’re 100% beatable. We beat them at Matterhorn, and we’ve beaten them in 3 other wars. You guys can do this. Any army is beatable these days. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. The second you guys give up, it’s over. The second you guys say, “we can’t do this”, it’s over. Believe me, I’ve been here before. It’s not easy. You guys are going to fight through and win this.

Following these posts, the Nachos posted an invasion schedule against RPF’s Nation starting on Wednesday, August 3rd. This includes two UK/US invasions in a row, and a later US invasion. RPF responded by adding two more invasions for the same day, bringing the total number of anticipated battles to six, the maximum allowed as decided by the CPA Coalition. For two days after that, the Rebel Penguin Federation will by defending several servers from Nacho invasions.

Interview with TurnkandJd, RPF leader

CPAC: Why did RPF declare war on Nachos?

Turk: Nachos invaded RPF’s server, Matterhorn, several days ago. Last Nigh we took it back and the Nachos were sore losers. (especially since we outnumbered them 3 to 1, all they could say was we multilogged.)

CPAC: How do you plan on winning this war?

Turk: RPF is obviouly the dominant army, while their leaders are calling their army friends to chat, RPF leaders are recruiting. Last night summed it up, the better recruiting army will always be the superior one.

CPAC: How long to do think this war will last?

Turk: I’m expecting a good war, hopefully several weeks.

CPAC: Any final comments?

Turk: No.

Interview with Camper, Nachos’ leader

CPAC: What was your reaction when RPF declared war?

Camper: Well, I think all of the Nachos army were prepared for a war. Specifically with RPF. It was probably just more of a convenience that they made the first move for us.

CPAC: How do you plan on winning the war?

Camper: Well, everyone knows the Nachos have good experience with RPF. If what we have planned doesn’t work out we have some plans to boost our ability to conquer their nation.

CPAC: Do you think Nachos will win?

Camper: But of course!

CPAC: How long do you think the war will last?

Camper: Knowing RPF’s infamous stubbornness. It’ll probably last a good while. Definitely more than 2 weeks.

CPAC: Any final comments?

Camper: All hail Nachonnia.

Based on the last two battles between RPF and the Nachos, this looks to be a promising war. Both sides are eager to fight and are unlikely to back out from many battles, an all-too-familiar case with many wars. Stay tuned for full battle coverage of this war.

Who do you think will win this war? Will it turn out to be another dud like so many other wars? Discuss in the comments below!

Lorenzo Bean

CPA Central Executive Producer



11 Responses


  2. k that was mean good luck RPF, best wins

  3. Nachos can’t get over 20, they beat us on Matterhorn during a week where we faced obstacles that prevented us from performing to our full ability. But after last night’s results it is clear that RPF is back on track and ready to take control once more. We will wipe the floor with them as we always have, this will be an easy quick war for RPF.

  4. Cries in Spanish

  5. Good post. Also good on Natcho’s for standing up to this international bully, they have my support and I can muster it they will have ACP support (although I highly doubt it)

  6. Nachos will win. RPF thinks it’s all about sizes, whereas the Nacho’s top priority is tactical advantage, hence why they will win this war.

  7. thx for the dislikes on my comment 😉


  9. Badboy is a cheater(aka Bot Raider). RPF Troops Badboy doesn’t Fight good fight he Cheats the good Cheat.

  10. Another Nacho vs RPF war smh

  11. *sighs*

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