Legends Cup VII – Round One Reschedule Review

KLONDIKE, CPA Central HQ – After unfortunate circumstances in the opening weekend, we were treated to a special mid-week fixture for the Legends Cup with two battles taking place for the remaining Quarter-Final spot.

Army of CP (8) vs Smart Penguins (9)

[MAXIMUM SIZES – ACP: 15 || SP – 8]

In the battle between the two middle seeds of the tournament, the ACP and SP both had hopes of reaching the next stage and defeating their competitor. The ACP had a good diagonal line formation and decent tactics through the duration of the battle, while the slightly smaller SP had a less organized formation, but also with decent tactics. After an interesting battle in the new room, the Puffle Wild, the ACP were declared victors in a 3-0 vote.

The ACP would go on to face the winners of our next battle, the Water Vikings or the Penguin Army Force.

Penguin Army Force (15) vs Water Vikings (2)

[MAXIMUM SIZES – TPAF: 12 || WV: 30]

This was an interesting battle, as TPAF performed way above expectations. The battle was split into two rooms, Puffle Wild and the Ski Hill, and, with several twist and turns, the battle was seemingly in the Water Viking advantage. The TPAF had good sizes compared to their previous performances, but the WV were far superior in size and this allowed them to easily form decent formations and perform good tactics. The WV advantage grew from the switch to the Ski Hill, where the judges in the end decided that the Water Vikings won in a 4-1 vote.

The Water Vikings complete the first round battles with their victory, as they will now face the Army of CP in an intriguing Quarter-Final battle.

Here is the bracket after we have finished round one, with now only four spots available in the next round of the tournament:

Legend cup

Congratulations to those who advanced, and bad luck to those who have been knocked out. Now it is over to YOU and what you think. Who will win the tournament, who will reach the semi-finals? Comment YOUR opinions.


CPA Central Interim Manager


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