Vijay Returns to Night Rebels Leadership

WHITE OUT, Night Rebels’ Empire – Vijay, former Night Rebels leader, has returned to the Night Rebels because the Night Rebels has been struggling for the last few weeks. How will this effect the Night Rebels? Let’s take a look!

On the 24th of July, Vijay released a post on the official Night Rebels website stating his return to the Night Rebels leadership. He announced in the post that he returned due to the recent struggle the Night Rebels have been facing. He then also said that the Night Rebels were now hiring more staff.

Hello everyone! Most of you may know me already but, if you don’t, I am Vijay. I am a former NR leader. I have seen NR struggling. So, I have decided to return once again back to the leadership. We are still currently hiring owners and mods. If anyone would like to join, fill out the form on the join page or just ask a leader. If anyone has any questions regarding my retirement please feel free to PC me on chat. Thank you for reading.

-Vijay, Night Rebels Leader.

In recent weeks the Night Rebels have been struggling, even getting 9th on the most recent CPAC Top Ten Armies. This is not a good thing for them considering they have gotten first place in the past on the CPAC Top Ten. However, Vijay looks to change this. Vijay is hoping to rise the Night Rebels back to what they used to be. He plans on doing this by bringing back Ausia and hiring new people into the Night Rebels.


Most recent top ten armies.

Thus far, since the return on Vijay, the Night Rebels have been able to have one Ausia event where they managed to max a total of 11. In the near future, Vijay hopes to bring that max of 11 to sizes of 20+ like the Night Rebels used to be able to get at Ausia events in the past.


Most recent Night Rebels Ausia event.

In an interview conducted with Vijay, which can be seen below, he told CPAC that he will be staying in the Night Rebels “for 3 months or so” and that he’s hoping to rise Ausia to what it once was. He also stated he think that he will benefit the Night Rebels. We can only wait and see to see if this statement is true or false.

Interview with Vijay, Night Rebels leader.

CPAC: Why did you return to Night Rebels?

Vijay: Well, I saw NR has been struggling without Haroon so I decided to make my return.

CPAC: How do you plan on helping Night Rebels?

Vijay: Well, I plan on rising Ausia.

CPAC: How do you plan on doing so?

Vijay: I plan on hiring more owners and mods.

CPAC: How long do you plan on staying in Night Rebels?

Vijay: I plan on staying for the next 3 months or so.

CPAC: Do you think you can benefit Night Rebels?

Vijay: Yes.

CPAC: Any final comments?

Vijay: Night Rebels forever!

As you can see in the above interview Vijay is really looking forward to be working as leader for the Night Rebels again. He hopes to rise the Night Rebels back to what they used to be. It will be interesting to see if he can accomplish this. We can only wait and see to see if he can accomplish his goals while he’s with the Night Rebels once again.

What do YOU think? Will Vijay benefit the Night Rebels? Will the Night Rebels rise again? Is Vijay a good leader? Will he rise Ausia?
Here at CPAC we value YOUR opinions!

CPA Central Associate Producer



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