Totidile/Revan Announced As New WV Leader

Edit: Interview with Totidile has been added.

FROSTBITE, Water Vikings Empire – Following the success of this relatively new Water Vikings generation, the Water Vikings leadership have decided to inaugurate Totidile and Epic Master as leader and LIT of the army respectively. What could this mean for the army’s future?

A post titled “New Owners ~ The Time Has Come” was published on July the 23rd by the new leader in training, Epic Master, announcing the official addition of two to the army’s hierarchy. He then proceeded to speak about what the two have achieved in their careers, such as their roles in the Light Troops and the Marines.

Hello Water Vikings, today marks the day I [Epic Master] and Totidle [Revan] join the Water Vikings. We have come prepared having waited many months for this move. Revan and I were owners in the Light Troops during the Winter & Easter golden ages. We have also led armies like the Marines and the Fire Warriors to 30+ on club penguin. We have joined the Water Vikings to help out with recruiting and making the Water Vikings bigger. I can assure you, we will do just that.

Both Totidile and Epic Master are hardened veterans of the Light Troops, where they achieved ownership roles on more than one occasion under the leadership of the infamous Waterkid100. They both led the Marines together as well, reaching heights unseen in previous Marine generations with sizes of 20-30+ at events consecutively, fighting in wars against armies such as the Rebel Penguin Federation, a dominant force at the time.


Marines at their invasion of Tuxedo in April 2016.

The Water Vikings have been doing exceedingly well with their leadership consisting of names such as Kingfunks4, Jack and Buddy, all hardened leaders with a strong passion. Although this generation of the army has emitted some lackluster results compared to previous generations the army seems to be in good shape as of now, with reported sizes of 35+ at their recent invasion of the server Hockey. Despite this however, the Water Vikings have not lived up to the magnitude of their previous generations and seek to seize the top spot on the CPAC Top Ten once more. Putting this into perspective, it makes sense to bring in Totidile and Epic Master.


The Water Vikings at their invasion of Hockey.

As of now the Water Vikings are second on the CPAC Top Ten, following an abrupt drop from first. This doesn’t seem to have phased them whatsoever though, and are trying to make up for the 7 point margin between them and the Rebel Penguin Federation in the Top Ten.


Although there is merit to the current Water Vikings generation being a dominant force in the present day, they lack the size and magnitude of their previous generations. With the recent additions to their leadership the opportunity to grow and live up to their previous generations is there. The leadership looks solid on paper and you can see that there is a lot of potential for the current generation. Whether or not they seize the opportunity to be first again is up to them.

To learn more about the new leader and his motivations I contacted Totidile for an interview.

Interview with Totidile/Revan, Water Vikings Leader

Q. What motivated you to join the Water Vikings?

They invited me to join their leadership because of the loss of Tes7, one of their former leaders, but due to me trying other projects at that time I declined to continue my projects. Now I am done with them and I’m ready to join my old friends in the Water Vikings and make the tide rise unlike ever before.

Q. Do you have any specific goals you’d like to achieve in your time at the Water Vikings?

Get Water Vikings maxing new sizes of 100.

Q. This generation of the Water Vikings has a lot to live up to. What are your thoughts on the potential of this generation? Do you think it was be as good as previous generations or make a bigger mark on the community than before?

With these kinds of people in this army the limits are endless. We will set records in this generation and make everyone remember the Water Vikings as a power house and an example of what to be in this community.

Q. Any last words before I conclude the interview?

Here comes the wave.

It is very evident that the current leadership is motivated to bring their generation to new heights, and the new leader is extremely confident in himself and his peers. Despite this, the future is still uncertain for the Water Vikings. What do YOU think will happen to the Water Vikings? Will they fall? Will they rise? Will the leadership not last long? Let us know in the comments below!


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  1. WV greatest nation

  2. I feel that CP Armies are falling quickly

  3. Baa, congrats and all the best, Totidile. 😀

  4. Hi fluffy! (:

  5. As badboy would say.


  6. O c00l

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