Night Warriors Decline Ends In Closure

FOG, Night Warriors Empire – Following the retirement of key leaders such as Toysoldier and Drake, the Night Warriors have gone on a slide down the top ten rankings and in size, finding themselves classified as a Medium Army in recent weeks. Their inconsistency and smaller sizes have led to SH80532 announcing the closure of the Night Warriors.

The Night Warriors recently dropped to second on the latest edition of the SMA Central Top Ten, roughly one point behind the rising Imperial Argonauts Empire and were led by Bmx48, SH80532 and Clade. With a UK/USA and AUSIA Average of nine troops, the Night Warriors were experiencing a drop in sizes and overall ‘hype’ and drive for the army to succeed. They were due to face the Night Rebels in today’s round one battle of the Legends Cup VII, but it appears that no army will be able to step-in at such late notice allowing NR an automatic pass into the Quarter-Finals.

In their most recent event, a recruiting session on their capital server Fog, they maxed sizes of nine. Below is a picture of this event, which turned out to be their last before closing, in which they perform a stationary joke tactic.

The Night Warriors’ poor recent sizes and activity saw them lose a war with the Lime Green Army, in which NW lost all three battles in a short lived war against the LGA. As part of their surrender, SH80532 as leader of the Night Warriors agreed to surrender the whole NW nation over to the Lime Green Army – signalling the eventual end of this NW generation. Below is the post written by their leader, in which he states why he shut down the army and what could happen in the future.

NW is shutting down. We can’t stay stable max 10 one day and max 3 the next. I’d like to thank all the loyal troops who have stayed with NW through hard times. Bmx and I currently aren’t joining an army the others idk. I will mostly be around RPF and NR if you’d like to find me I will be there and you might see me on nw sometimes aswell. Chat will be reset. I might bring back NW in a month or so idk.

In his post, SH clearly states that the inconsistency of the army was the key reason for the shutdown and that the low sizes of ”max 3” on some days was not good enough. He states he is unlikely to join another army, but that he may recreate the army in the future. However, he is unsure if this will happen and it will be interesting to see if the Night Warriors return for yet another generation.

It was only two months ago when the Night Warriors, led by Toysoldier and Drake, were top of the top ten and a consistent force to be feared. However, they eventually left as they lost interest and the domination and huge sizes went with them. The leaders that have attempted to fill the shoes left by these two departing leaders have not managed to reach anywhere near these heights and now the army has come to, at least for now, an end.

To find out more on the closure of the army, I interviewed NW Leader, SH80532.

Q: Why did you decide to shut down the army?

The lack of new troops and the amount of troops coming to events has been horrible. A past defense against the LGA we had three troops on, in which two were leaders.

Q: What would you have done differently to keep the army alive?

Recruit a lot more and stop making mistakes such as scheduling invasions so late that you have to wait the whole day.

Q: Will NW ever return?

I plan to bring the army back in 1-2 months if I can find the right leadership.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

Focus on CPAC and maybe join another army for a bit, I am not sure.

Q: Any other comments?

Keep an eye out in the community, because we might be back soon.

In this interview, SH states that the poor activity and commitment from the troops was not good enough and was the main cause for the death. He does seem confident they will return, however, as he several times refers to the eventual return of the army under a possible new leadership.

Thus ends another chapter and generation of the Night Warriors. The army reached great heights on the early parts of this generation, but as the bigger and more experienced leaders left, the newer leaders could not manage to keep the army afloat. They may return in the future, as we can look forward to more documentations of these remarkable army, that continue to create history. But now it is over to what YOU think. Will the army ever return again and how will this generation be regarded? Comment YOUR opinions on the closure of the Night Warriors.


Interim CPA Central Manager


8 Responses

  1. rip

  2. For being such a fantastic brother ally to the ACP last spring I would like to give my condolences to the army and wish there troops luck in the new armies they may choose to join.

  3. It so sad NW Shut down! And RIP

  4. step it up, cpac. nw is already back.

  5. This confirms what I have said for months. NW is nothing without Toy and Drake in the lead.

  6. we are back boyss

  7. Go fuck yourself. NW is Vince’s(Cowboysfan13) army and its fate is decided by him, Tomb, and Vendetta. This current shit is not the real NW and anything you do under its false banner is irrelevant and invalid.

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