FW Merge Into RPF || Bad & Taco Crowned New Leaders

TUXEDO, Rebel Penguin Federation’s Empire – Fire Warriors, an olden army, had one event maxing 40, but just after reopening they announced that they were officially merging into the fast rising RPF. What could this sudden change of events mean? Let’s take a look!

A few months ago Taco, former PCP and Night Warriors leader, announced that the Fire Warriors would be returning under the command of him and Badboy, Rishron, and Verum. Instead of going through with these plans fully, Fire Warriors then decided to merge into fast rising army, RPF managing only one event. When the merge was official  Taco and Bad both got leader as they joined.

I tried to build something in the Pretzels but instead I was run down by childish leaders and people who weren’t willing to put their best foot forward and work to the highest of their abilities. No more. Professionals and ONLY professionals will be let into FW as we enter a time of growth and prosperity. There is no room for the weak, the childish, the mentally disturbed (kyle103), or anyone who will hold us back from achieving our goals.

Our return was imminent. 

The time is now.

From the ashes, we RISE.

~Bad, Fire Warriors Leader

As you can see in the above text taken from the official FW website FW was planning on bringing back FW but as we now know, it was closed quickly after it reopened.

This was not what a lot of people expected. Everyone thought FW would reopen and stay open for quite awhile. Unfortunately for everyone thinking FW was reopening, FW, while only having one event, merged into RPF, who managed to obtain first on the most recent CPAC Top Ten Armies.


CPAC Top Ten Armies.

RPF have been dominating lately by not only managing to get first on the CPAC Top Ten but invading the newly revived World Map. If you look at the official CPA World Map you’d see that RPF is dominating and managing to get way more servers then any other armies, which is very impressive.


CPA World Map as of the 23rd of July 2016.

Now that two more strong leaders have joined RPF, RPF should be looking to get more servers by invading from other armies. We can only wait and see how they will accomplish this tricky task.

Now that Bad and Taco joined the leadership RPF should be aiming higher, especially with what Taco and Bad have done in other armies. Taco managed to lead Night Warriors through its highest point and Bad led numerous successful armies such as the Dark Warriors as well as both of them getting FW to sizes up to 40 as they reopened for a short time. It’s going to be interesting to see if Bad and Taco can use what they done in other armies to rise RPF even more quickly then it is.

Interview with Badboy, RPF Leader.

CPAC: What plans do you have for RPF?

Badboy: To help them win their 3rd Legends Cup in four years and hopefully stay as long term leader RPF can rely on when Silverburg and Elmikey retire.

CPAC: Why did you and Taco merge FW?

Badboy: We didn’t get the motivation or vibe we wanted from everyone in the army, and we began to realize it was just a burden to the people leading it. I’d rather take my talents to help RPF stay the best and hopefully win the LC.

CPAC: How long do you plan on staying in RPF?

Badboy: To be completely honest with you, I plan to stay for a while and maybe finish my career with RPF. I don’t see a future anywhere else.

CPAC: Any final comments?

Badboy: Fight the good fight!

As you can see in the above interview Badboy seems to be very loyal towards RPF and so in Taco. Both hope to help RPF win the upcoming Legends Cup for the armies 3rd time and plan on staying awhile in the army. We can only wait and see if this is going to plan out as Badboy hopes. Until then we can only wait.

What do YOU think? Was Taco and Bad merging RPF a good idea? Will they stick with RPF? Who will win the Legends Cup? 
Here at CPAC we value YOUR opinions!

CPA Central Associate Producer


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