Rebel Penguin Federation Declares War On Army Republic

TUXEDO, RPF Empire – In a surprising turn of events, two of the largest armies around are now at war after the Rebel Penguin Federation declared war on the Army Republic in a dispute over how both armies have accumulated such a large empire and if S/M Armies have been impacted.

The Rebel Penguin Federation released a declaration of war on the Army Republic due to their allegations regarding the AR constantly invading small-medium armies to take over their servers and to expand their nation. Also, one of the armies attacked by the Army Republic, Lime Green Army, is a ally of the RPF Empire – further increasing the hostilities between the RPF and AR. For these reasons, according to the RPF, a conflict has begun between the two armies.

The RPF latest events showed sizes of both around and more than 30 penguins logged in CP, showing great potential for the war and these sizes saw them ranked first in the latest edition of the CPA Central top ten. As for Army Republic, their sizes hit 27 in one of their most recent events. In the others, the average size was 20. The Army Republic managed to reach fourth on the latest top ten.

The size advantage is slightly in the RPF’s favour, but the AR also have the potential to rise in sizes . In a war anything unexpected can happen. Below is an extract of the post released by RPF Leader, Silverburg, in regards to the war declaration.

The U.S.R.P.F (UNITED SERVERS of the REBEL PENGUIN FEDERATION) hereby declare war on the Army Republic.

The Army Republic has gone too far. They have bullied their way to having a strong nation by invading the Small/Medium sized armies in the community. This is quite contrary to what the RPF believes in, which is fighting the good fight. Armies are in quite a weak state right now, and it’s the Small/Medium armies and leaders that keep hope alive. They are some of the few who put work and effort into these armies, and trying to get rid of them just because you have the power and military strength to take advantage of them is not only a crime against that army, but against the entire infrastructure of the CPA community.

In their conquest for power, they have invaded many Small/Medium armies, including the Imperial Argonauts Empire, the Wild Ninjas, and worst of all, the Lime Green Army. The Lime Green Army are our allies, and it is our sworn duty as the preservers of the good fight that we redeem our fallen comrades.

What we wish to achieve in this war is as follows:

Expand the RPF nation
Give all the servers that the AR have invaded back to the S/M armies who they stole them from
Warn the other armies in this community that we will not stand for this kind of bullying
The war will begin on Wednesday, July 20th. We shall call this the beginning of OPERATION: LIBERATION.


Army Republic have yet to release a post yet, but they might make one soon giving their versions of the facts, and defending themselves of the “bullying” accusations against S/M armies. To find out more on why the RPF decided to declare war on the Army Republic, I managed to catch an interview with Silverburg, RPF leader.


CPAC: First question, did you plan to start this war with AR some time ago?

Silverburg: No, I planned to be neutral with them. It’s only when they started invading our allies (who happen to be a Small/Medium) army that I decided to get involved. RPF is full of hungry troops who want war. I’ve been planning to have a war with somebody, and that army happened to be AR.

CPAC:  Next question: What are your plans for the war? 

Silverburg: The plans for the war is that we expand our nations, but we also plan to give the servers AR stole back to the armies who had them previously. AR thinks they can bully S/M armies into giving them servers.

CPAC: Have you got any “special weapons” for the war?

Silverburg: You bet we do. I don’t suppose you’ve heard of the film Chef starring Jon Favreau?

CPAC: Anything else to add?

Silverburg: No


In the interview above, Silverburg states that the RPF are not planning to keep any servers taken away from AR, but give them back to their respective owners, any S/M army which servers were invaded by Army Republic. Silverburg stated that RPF were also looking to engage in a war and that the AR were the perfect opponents.

The Rebel Penguin Federation and Army Republic are both two great armies, but we will see what of those two will reach the victory. As these two armies have equal possibilites of winning – meaning the fight will be very interesting. What is YOUR opinion? Who will win this war? Comment who YOU think will win this war.




2 Responses

  1. I actually count 23 RPF and 25 AR in their respective pictures.

  2. It is based on their claims.

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