Seven Days of Trivia — 2011 Heaven

Untitled drawing (14)

Today marks just five days until the CPAC 7 Gala.

Yesterday’s question was regarding the first Legends Cup that was held in 2010, and I asked ‘What were the names of the two brackets that the 40 competing armies were placed in?’. The answers that we were looking for were ‘Alpha‘ and ‘Bravo‘, or including the word bracket as well. The first person to comment a correct answer was Twitchy, and will take home 150 xats and 5 points for their efforts. The remaining 4 (in order) were: Sonic, Chuckfalay, Ammarcool10, and Legofan Cy. These people will all receive points that will contribute towards the bonus 500 xats at the end of the week.

So onto today’s question which has a 2011 theme.

2011 saw a lot of change at CPA Central. Our founder Woton returned, only to once again leave at the end of the summer after a successful move from to His replacements, Bluesockwa2 and Kingfunks4, steered CPAC through new waters during its modernisation. Importantly CPAC saw a growth in the number of staff and number of posts- putting CPAC above its competitors. My question for today is- ‘Which month in 2011 had the largest number of posts being published?’

Be sure to leave a comment below with the month that we’re looking for to be in with a chance of taking home today’s prize. The answer for today’s question will be revealed tomorrow at the exact same time as this post comes out, and the winner of the prize will be able to collect their xats.

Be sure to return tomorrow at 16:00 EST for another chance to win!


27 Responses

  1. december 2011

  2. December

  3. December 2011 had the most amount of posts published!

  4. december

  5. December

  6. We need WINNERS!

  7. December 2011?

  8. December 2011.

  9. december 2011

  10. December

  11. December

  12. Idfk July was a lively month lets go with that.

  13. December 2011

  14. december

  15. December?

  16. December

  17. december

  18. In december 2011

  19. December

  20. lel

  21. december

  22. December

  23. December 2011

  24. Damn it!

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