Brave Abolishes Current Pretzels Leadership – A Look Back into PCP’S Generation

MATTERHORN, Pretzel’s Capital – After the Pretzels army resurrected just under two weeks ago, Brave, Pretzels creator and main adviser decides to completely remove the current Pretzel’s leadership, leading into the possible death of PCP.

The Pretzels army officially returned back to the community on July the 10th under the leadership of Brave as their AUSIA leader, Holo2 as their EURO leader, along with Redstar and Lights as their US leaders. In their reopening event, they maxed a rather surprising size of twenty penguins, performing fast-paced tactics.

You may see a picture of their return event below,


Just two days after their reopening, on July the 13th, Trader decided to join the Pretzels leadership. This was of course followed by Badboy, Mikester, Taco, and Drmatt, summing up to a total of nine leaders. Unfortunately, there was no inauguration post regarding such matter.

Since then, the Pretzels army has held various amounts of events, ranging from training sessions and recruiting sessions to invasions, averaging a size of approximately 23 penguins in each.

You may see a picture of an example event below,


Looking at the Server Map, the Pretzel’s nation was rather mediocre and the leadership was looking to expand their nation further to the south-east. Although along with their south-eastern territory expansion, it would be inevitable that they would start a war with the Nachos army, which would most probably prompt the Water Vikings and the Army Republic, their two brother allies, to intervene.

You may see a picture of Pretzel’s nation below, with each server of theirs ticked off with a red mark.

The Pretzels leadership had high hopes for a great future for the army, but unfortunately, Brave was not impressed of the path the army was heading to, and because of this, Brave decided to fire all the leaders. This, of course, leads to the most obvious question – will the Pretzels army continue their legacy or will they shut down?

You may see the post Brave published regarding the firing of all the leaders,

“Update: I also will be withdrawing Pretzels from the Legends Cup Tournament.

All leaders have been removed from Pretzels.

I have the control over the site and no one else is currently added on site.

And for all of you who is heading over to Fire Warriors, good luck. Their leadership will crumble because they cant lead an army together for over a week.

My message to Water Vikings,

I would like to apologize on my behalf to the Water Vikings. I knew the leadership that was hired was bound to failure and I should’ve listened to everything everyone was telling me.

I wasn’t the one who hired them, but I could’ve definitely stepped in and stopped it and I shouldve.”

-Brave, Pretzels leader

From the excerpt above, you can clearly see that Brave is apologizing to the Water Vikings for the past week and throws some shade at the Fire Warriors. It is rather unclear to why Brave decided to fire the leadership, so I guess only time will answer such questions.

I managed to grab a quick interview with then Pretzels leader, Trader, regarding what happened in the Pretzels and why he decided to go to the Fire Warriors.

Me = Blue

Trader = Orange

Chip: Many people are confused. Did you guys decide to leave the Pretzels or did Brave fire you all? If so, why did brave decide to do such.

Trader: Most of the Pretzels leaders left the army to join the Fire Warriors, just because of the lack of fun and issues inside the army between the leaders. I personally left because it’s just not the army for me. I wasn’t getting the experience I wanted.

Chip: With the server map being the main priority for many army leaders, now that the Pretzels ‘basically shut down, where do you think the servers are transferred to? Are they unclaimed for other armies to start invading or not?

Trader: I don’t believe the Pretzels are shut down, or plan to. I hope they can still keep up with what they were planning on doing. I don’t know what’s going to happen with the servers, honestly.

Chip: Seeing as you joined the Fire Warrior’s leadership, when do you think you guys will be officially reopening?

Trader: I believe the opening is tomorrow. If not, then a few days. But when we do open you can expect the muscles of the gods above to be flexed upon every army in the community. Fire Warriors will be the #1 army and we will slay the ones who can’t defend themselves first then go after the remaining.

Chip: Thanks for the interview. Do you have anything else to say?

Trader: I’m being forced into the Fire Warriors at gunpoint. I don’t want to be here. They feed me a bottle of water and 2 slices of bread a day. They dragged me from Pretzels to Fire Warriors on a floor full of legos. Save me!

I also managed to grab an extremely brief interview with then Pretzels leader, Lights, regarding his beef towards the former PCP and current FW leadership.

Chip: Seeing as you are having a bit of problems with the Fire Warriors, can you explain briefly what happened between you all?

Lights:  I just don’t like them anymore. They are a bunch of fuckboys who multilog and they will pay for being complete pussies.

Well, there you have it. As you can see, the PCP leadership is completely abolished and only time can tell what the future has in store for the Pretzels. Also, now that the Fire Warriors are soon to be back, the question is, how big and consistent will they be? Lights also explains that he hates the FW leadership and that “they will pay”. I’m confused to what he means, but I certainly do not think it will be pleasant. He also gave me rather liable proof regarding PCP multilogging, but since the leadership is no longer active, it’s not necessary to show you all. With all that said, Brave also announces that he is withdrawing the Pretzels from the upcoming Legends Cup.

So, what do YOU think? Will the Pretzels die or will they continue? If they continue, who will the new leaders be? Will the Fire Warriors be successful or will it be a short lived generation? Can YOU presume what Lights plans on doing to the FW leadership? Also, who do YOU think will replace the Pretzels in the Legends Cup VII?

Here at CP Army Central, we value YOUR opinion(s). Comment them/it below.

~ Chip

CP Army Central Associate Produducer







36 Responses

  1. ” I personally left because it’s just not the army for me. I wasn’t getting the experience I wanted.”

    – You want some assfuck sort feeling bruv?
    – You can’t lead an army without Matt [and taco];money

  2. ^^^When Apollo takes Traders dick in ass^^^

  3. LOL

  4. ^^^

  5. called this would happen

  6. >obvious bias in title and opening paragraph, as well as throughout the entire post is obvious.

    Taking a twist to the reality to make it sound like brave overthrew all of the current leaders, when in fact all leaders left due to extenuating circumstances, which in result left brave to restart the next generation is a completely different story than when you concocted.

    I suggest doing actual reporting and research the cause of the situation instead of picking the pieces of information that would help feed your immense ego.

    I know you have had a past with some of the people involved in the story but there is no reason to resort to tarnishing the reputation of CPAC, especially when they are going through a recovery phase.

    I dear hope you reconsider this piece of work you call reporting, and you refrain from posting about trader, badboy, and taco, as you obviously can’t control yourself to post about the three in a negative manner.

    Ironically it takes something to happen in the pretzels for you to post, another reason that shows you have other motives to working at CPAC than to help contribute to the site.

    Until the wave crashes, Mikester.

  7. P.S. You’re reporting is just as lackluster and quite literally resembles the youtuber you were trying to mock, with both of you showing clear secondary interests to reporting the nooooooose.

  8. Oh, are Gifs cool on CPAC cool again?

  9. Idc about anything but the last point, chip was hired like a day or two ago. Funks is going to start bringing the WV calvery in heavy.

  10. All of the reporting, looking through the post, seems totally factual to me.

  11. Lol what? Quote lines of bias, please. You’re just calling my post bias with literally no evidence. How is the title bias? It literally states that Brave removed the PCP leadership. I also added an interview with Trader and EVEN asked him a question to better acknowledge whether he actually got removed or he left, and his answer could be seen in the interview. In no way did I bash Badboy, Taco, or Trader negatively and in no way did I write down my negative opinion about the Pretzels. Better said, I posted facts that were presented to be by the PCP leaders and the PCP site, and no personal opinions. I just think you’re butthurt, Mike. Judging by the amount of dislikes your comment has, I don’t think many people agree with the amount of bullshit you just wrote.


  13. There are one or two instances where a word or phrase is a little questionable and should perhaps be replaced by a more neutral word, but frankly that’s to be expected from a reporter who is a relative novice.

    Your exaggerated comments that would apparently have me believe this is some sort of giant anti-Pretzels shill post, while amusing, simply aren’t accurate — Chip is extrapolating and making reasonable comments based on both Braveboy’s post and the frankly despicable conduct of the Pretzels over their relatively short lifespan (seriously, not since perhaps the Club Penguin Crew has an army become so reviled so quickly).

    So yes, while you do have some reasonable grievances to raise about the reporting in a few spots, and Chip’s conduct in the comments, the absurd hyperbole not only completely discredits whatever cogent points you were making, but also only further ties your name to the soggy, sinking ship that was this generation of the Pretzels.

  14. Braveboy showing who is boss absolutely rekt them

  15. Or maybe when you take DrMatt’s dick in the ass, or Toysoldier or anyone you’ve followed around armies trying to suck off for a good rank. I thought you were retired yet here you are tryna flex on comments go get a life please

  16. LOL WHAT you can’t lead an army period, Flen. I have no idea why you’re talking shit maybe its because we stole your FW site with a CSS on it and you got tight and cried about it for two hours then you removed us and felt confident only to see we had another site with CSS on it hahaha. Anyways, have some curry, Raghav, you aren’t you when you’re hungry. 😦

  17. “Manvikingbruv” “Funks’ boyfriend” I guess since you’re dating a dude you really do fit in WV but I still don’t understand the fact that you wrote an essay to me on kik about how you hate everyone in armies (they actually all hate you) and that you were retiring forever and deleting your kik and all your accounts. This is sheer stupidity at its finest

  18. You’re the reporter, and you’re really using likes and dislikes to dispute my claims as false? Again, not very professional. We all know WV and other armies have stirred up vitriol ever since we started having our initial success that almost resulted in us surpassing WV. The WV or other army shills that up or down voted my comment when they have no true idea went happened and just doing what they’ve been told to do isn’t a very good argument.

    And yes thats you’re problem with it, you are claiming that brave removed the PCP leadership when that is the exact opposite of what happened and thats precisely why I would give a fuck to respond. Because you initially went on to believe in the worst possible scenario you ignored other factors of the story just to shape your post into something that would benefit your agenda.

    So you say you interviewed him and even had mercy and allowed him to explain the scenario, you didn’t follow it up with a interview with brave seeing if the story was true and actually doing the REPORTING to find out what happened instead of posting incorrectly.

    Ok, giving you the benefit of the doubt that you found out the new information from trader, and since taco, lights, red, myself, matt, batboy, and EVEN BRAVEBOY could’ve confirmed his “side” of the story which whould’ve by then be confirmed the true, you could’ve explained the full situation instead of making a post insinuating there was a coup or complete removal of power.
Since you obviously can’t tell which part insinuate inacuracies, here you go.

    Title: “Brave Abolishes Current Pretzels Leadership”

    Intro sentence: “Brave, Pretzels creator and main adviser decides to completely remove the current Pretzel’s leadership”

    Irrelevant speculation to try to tie the server map into the post and make it lengthier, as well as trying to throw shade: “Looking at the Server Map, the Pretzel’s nation was rather mediocre… ETC”

    More bs: “but unfortunately, Brave was not impressed of the path the army was heading to, and because of this, Brave decided to fire all the leaders. “

    So as you can see there were some major errors that obviously made the post look like it was a well oiled attack post, mainly that you didn’t update the post with information that you found, you didn’t take the iniciative to investigate more before making a whole story using one post on the PCP website yet not even reviewing the maker.

    Well I guess I’m done here.

    PS yes I’m butthurt I cry every time.

  19. LOL give me the “liable” proof of PCP multilogging. If you had any you’d show it in the post stop writing bullshit please. Lights is just upset over the fact that hes a shit leader who did not contribute to the Pretzels’ rise at all, so now hes gonna bot raid us to let out his anger over something stupid. And incase anyone is confused, we were not fired, we all left and Lights reset the chat then ragequit after he realized he wouldnt be able to lead on his own

  20. see my response to chips for my complete arguement, just want to address some thingies here.

    Isn’t any innacurate post indirectly a shill post? Expecially when the author has had an immense history with Pretzel’s leadership?

    in reporting don’t you not extrapolate you investigate and discover the true side of stories? hence investigative journalism? Maybe I have too high standards that a person who’d have reason to throw shade at PCP decided to not do everything he could to produce an accurate post?

    If you have noticed the Pretzels have been reviled because their initial immediate success from several controversial but good leaders that have led to other armies being jealous and annoyed leading to hate mongering and insecurity that Pretzels might try to dominate them. I don’t see it any different from a typical DW leadership back in the 2014s, its not like their leaders were immensely liked and always moral.

    I wouldn’t call it hyperbole at all. The points I made were all valid, you might not yourself know the full situation, no thanks to the clarity of the post, but you just have this post and the PCP post to go off of, so you can’t really make the argument whether or not I was hyperbole

    And lastly the pretzels could’ve been a consistent top 3 army for the rest of the summer, I woudln’t call it a sinking ship. Unless you mean it was a sinking ship after every leader left it for FW, then I wouldn’t consider it sinking, It would’ve been more or less shut down. Either way whether the army is now shut down or not you shouldn’t half bs a post just because you don’t like the leaders and the facts aren’t laid out on a silver platter, kinda the point of objective Journalism.

    So yeah.

  21. Actually, I deleted kik. I didn’t delete this account because I knew I’d have to comeback to deal with you and your boyfriend. 🙂


  22. My boyfriend? WHAT LOL? You have “Funks is my boyfriend” in your name are you serious right now. Autism must run in the family, Raghav.

  23. -Yes your boyfriend (Trader).
    – I have that in my name as a meme you ass
    – Austim runs in your family, not mine.
    – My name isn’t raghav jesus!!!!!!!!!!!

    If you can’t tell my real name even after my real dox by CPTBCP then you’re an legit idiot.

  24. you’re cringe worthy, probably even more than kyle, which is quite the achievement I must say. Keep lying about your name, Raghav, its only funnier to see someone in denial than someone who can actually learn to tell the truth. but hey dont take my word for it, you’re just going to continue to comment back looking like an idiot while I sit back and laugh about it so please continue to amuse me flen I am quite bored at the moment

  25. You think I’m gonna reply after this?

  26. You just did LOL

  27. How do you put it in your name as meme when you’re the meme of the community? :S

  28. Idiots and Dick Suckers can’t understand that 😛 Sorry!

  29. So you can’t understand your own ‘meme’?

  30. Well, because it’s my meme ofc I can understand it.

    – You need brain to understand [Which you obvio you don’t have. Do you?]

    – You just suck others dick lol

  31. and?

  32. I own that site’s CSS to. I can show you 🙂 Won’t take me a minute to EMAIL wp and get it cancelled

  33. You just gave me terminal brain cancer.

  34. wow!! deep breaths flen

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