Seven Days of Trivia — The 2009 Hurdle

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Today marks exactly seven days until the CPAC 7 Gala– the event honouring the 7th year of this website’s existence.

In true CPAC fashion- let’s blow our budget on a trivia contest.

This trivia contest will run in the way one would expect. The first reader to leave a comment down below with the correct answer(s) will take home the daily prize of 150 xats. The first person with a correct answer will also be rewarded with 5 points, the second receiving 4, the third receiving 3, the fourth receiving 2, and the fifth receiving 1. At the end of the week these points will be counted, and on top of the daily 150 xat prize, a bonus 500 xat prize will be awarded to the person with the most points. As its our seventh anniversary and there are seven days until the gala, the question for each day will be centred around a different year.

For today’s question, we travel back to 2009.

The year is 2009. A lad who goes by the name of Woton has created a website in the hopes that it will influence Club Penguin armies for years to come. A recent post shows that he is searching for staff members to assist him in the early days of his website. There are positions open for a ‘Mid-Weekly Reporter’, a ‘Cover Story Reporter’, as well as two ‘Pre-Battle Reporters‘. Now my question for today is- Who were the two ‘Pre-Battle Reporters’ that were hired during the website’s first staff application window in 2009?

*By two I imply both the ‘Main’ and ‘Secondary’ staff*

Be sure to leave a comment below with the two names that we’re looking for to be in with a chance of taking home today’s prize. The answer for today’s question will be revealed tomorrow at the exact same time as this post comes out, and the winner of the prize will be able to collect their xats.

Be sure to return tomorrow at 16:00 EST for another chance to win!


21 Responses

  1. Tylov5 and 381nascar

  2. Tylov5 and 381nascar

  3. I am taking a shot in the dark but I want to say Tylov5 and 381nascar

  4. Good luck to any participants!

  5. Tylov5 and 381nasca

  6. 381nascar*

  7. ur mum LOL REKT

  8. Lol Gob.
    TyloV5 and 381nascar. 😛

  9. Tylov5 and 381nascar

  10. 381nascar and TyloV5

  11. TyloV5 and 381nascar

  12. Tylov5 and 381nascar.

  13. What the hell I said that first but it says my comment under moderation!

  14. It is Tylov5 381nascar regardless if my comment is posted first or not.

  15. Tylov5 and 381nascar

  16. I commented at 6:15 PM est I think I was the first

  17. Kj and TyloV5.

  18. lol xd

  19. What the..same..but Turtle’s is there.

  20. Just to let you all know, all comments were placed under moderation until this point. This was to avoid the sharing of answers!

  21. Same..

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