Rebel Penguin Federation Dominate Map In Opening Week

TUXEDO, RPF Empire – Following the unveiling of the new map run by CPA, in affiliation with the Coalitions Project, the Rebel Penguin Federation have spared no time in their take over of the central section of the map by taking over 21 servers in just 7 days.

In the server draft that took place on the CPA Army Central chat, the RPF drafted in Tuxedo as a six strength level capital, while also drafting Below Zero, Half Pipe, Snow Covered, Parka and Beanbag as their five other servers. This gave them the opportunity to take over the middle island as their strong central location allowed them to spread out and, using all three of their flexible divisions, they acted quickly in a fast expansion.

The start of their mass invasions began the day after the server draft, on Monday 11th July, and they since have managed to claim a large section of the central islands, only substantially neighboured by the Army Republic, Water Vikings and Striking Raiders towards the north. Their next scheduled invasion sees them push for a continued effort to take over this section of the map, with an invasion on WV’s co-capital Alaska on Sunday. It is unclear on RPF’s intentions and if they wish to take over the whole central section, taking on the other armies located towards the north and down in the south, but their improved size under the return of Silverburg and Ghost to the leadership has meant that their ability to take over such a strong nation is clear to see.

The resurgence of the army has become clear, with the army last week ranked in second, just short of 70 points. It is expected that the army will take over the top spot on the top ten tomorrow, with the faltering Water Vikings expected to drop down and other armies that were ranked below the RPF failing to keep up with the rapid increase in size. They have consistently hit 30+ in their UK/USA events and on numerous occasions managed to max sizes nearing to 40. It is a break-through week for the army and all are interested to see if this can be sustained into the following weeks and eagerly-anticipated Legends Cup tournament, a tournament they managed to win in 2015.

RPF invade Snowbound


To find out more on the RPF’s aim to grow their empire and what their intentions are, I interviewed RPF Leader and Former IW Leader, Ghost.

Q: How have the RPF managed to take over so much of the new map so quickly?

Ghost: Since the day of the server draft, we have made the new map our top priority – expanding our empire.

Q: What are the RPF’s intentions moving forward in regards to invasions?

Ghost: Continue to acquire servers and expand our nation.

Q: Will your plans for expansions cause mass anger among a group of armies?

Ghost: Well yeah, But we can always settle things through a trade that both armies will benefit from – or that specific group of armies.

Q: Any other comments?

Ghost: Fight the good fight!


In this interview Ghost clearly states that the RPF intends to further extend their empire and take over more servers and more land, but he feels that this will not create conflict with other armies around them as he feels they can offer them a trader that will satisfy both parties involved. He says that making the map priority over the past week has been the main reason for their take-over of the new CPA Map and that this must continue to be a priority for the dominance to continue.

Now it is over to what you think. Comment YOUR opinion on the RPF’s continuously expanding empire and what this means for other armies. Will the RPF manage to hold their empire, or will they find pressures put against them and conflict created? Comment what YOU think on these developments.


Interim CPA Central Manager


5 Responses

  1. Dang RPF!

  2. Gg RPF!

  3. Bias. RPF = CPA Map

  4. Good job rebels, we dominate the whole continent next week.

  5. Good Job RPF! We’re still strong.

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