Coup of Holo2 Leads To New Pretzels Leader

MATTERHORN, Pretzels Army Capital – The Pretzels Army recently reopened in the army community and have wasted absolutely no time in changing up their leadership. This change has seen the firing of Holo as well as the appointment of Apollo.

A couple of days ago, the news broke that Apollo had joined the Pretzels Army as a Leader-in-Training when he defaced the Water Vikings, his previous army. It seems that his position as Leader-in-Training was extremely short lived as he has now already taken up a new role in the army as Leader alongside the likes of Taco, Trader, Lights, Mikester, Red, DrMatt and Badboy.

Apollo’s appointment has come at the expense of Holo who recently found success in the SM Army community as part of the Dark Bandits managing to help the army break into the CP Army Central ranks. Badboy released this official statement on the blog of the Pretzels in regards to the leadership shakeup.

Hello Pretzels!

Today, me, along with the other Pretzels leader made the decision to remove Holo2 from the leadership. We felt that he was not performing to his full ability and wasn’t doing much to benefit the army. Holo is welcome to stay as owner if he wishes. We also voted on DrMatt’s position, and we decided he will stay as leader, and we will make sure he gets more active. Apollo has been promoted to leader, and the current leadership stands myself, Taco, Trader, Lights, Apollo, Mikester, Red & DrMatt.

Fear The Salt.

~Bad, Pretzels Leader

It appears that Holo2 and the Pretzels are not currently on bad terms with a different rank being offered to him based on what Badboy believes his ability is best to serve. It’s currently unknown whether Holo2 will decide to embrace his new role as an owner in the army. There has been a chat reset in which the password has been changed to prevent the threat of a chat takeover.

It what came as more of a surprise, DrMatt’s role within the army also came under fire in the leadership meeting held by the Pretzels. Although his position was voted on, it was decided that he should be allowed to retain his position within the army. Badboy also claimed that he will be taking steps in order to ensure DrMatt takes a more active role within the running of the army.

These changes to the leadership come just hours away from the Pretzels return to the CPAC/SMAC Top Ten in which they eagerly await their position in the weeks rankings.



 CPA Central has taken an interview with Redstar, Pretzels leader, to find out more about the coup of Holo.

CPAC: Was the decision to remove Holo agreed upon by all leaders or just a majority? 

Redstar: The majority. None of us opposed, but not everyone voted on the coup.

CPAC: When Apollo was hired, was the intention always for him to get leader in such a short space of time?

Red: Not really, or at least I was not told but it does not matter the amount of time it took him to get leader due to the fact that he deserved to get leader either way.

CPAC: To what extent would you deem DrMatt’s job to be secure?

Red: In my opinion, I think it’s really secure but it’s not for me to say but overall when I see him on chat during events he always tries to log on even though WV f*** try to DDoS him.

CPAC: What predictions do you have for the future of Pretzels going forward?

Red: To grow overall.

As you can see Red has a very positive take on the events that have transpired recently as well as positive thoughts about the path the army currently travels on. Interesting enough, not every leader in the army voted on Holo’s removal so whether there will be backlash on this is yet to be seen.


 CPA Central has taken an interview with Apollo, Pretzels leader, to find out more about the coup of Holo.

CPAC: Are you worried about any potential bad blood between Holo2 and you over the job?

Apollo: No, he was a very unactive leader who barely attended any of the events we held this week.

CPAC: What qualities do you possess that will enable you to be a better leader than him?

Apollo: Unlike Holo, I am extremely active, actually support the army I am in and attend events. The amount of recruits at Pretzels will be phenomenal with the current leadership we have in place now.

CPAC: Was the defacing of Water Vikings your idea or someone else’s?

Apollo: The Water Vikings have been a nuisance to the community. Calling everyone else out on their minor mistakes. It’s about time they have been hit for all the shit they talk. It was at my expense.

CPAC: What plans do you have going forward as Pretzels leader?

Apollo: I plan to have Pretzels in the top 3 for the rest of the summer, as well a few plans in the next week or so that are not to be discussed.

Apollo has clearly determined a huge deal of passion and determination going forward in his new position as Pretzels leader. His stance on the removal of Holo2 appeared to be quite harsh indicating that there will be a clash of personalities in that area which will be very fun to see unfold. There are still hard feelings between Apollo and his old army, Water Vikings, who continue to have growing tension with the Pretzels of CP.

What do YOU think? Did Pretzels make the right decision by appointing Apollo leader? What will the backlash be from Holo2? Comment with YOUR opinion! 

Zing King To

CP Army Central Reporter



9 Responses

  1. Regarding the Water Vikings, I have no hatred towards the army or any of the leaders. The Water Vikings have been talking smack about other army leaders and their armies. The problem is, WV can say what they want and get away with it. Except when someone else says something, they are automatically accused of cheating and WV go ape shit. It’s about time WV are called out for what they truly are; hypocrites.

  2. can you delete this second comment thanx

  3. Oh Holo…

  4. The only army we threw shade at was PCP because of their mass bot-raids regarding our army, so your reason behind defacing is completely invalid. Frankly, you’re just a prick.

  5. You have no proof that PCP has bot raided or will. But surprisingly we had proof of your loving owner Jay, raiding PCP’s event, then getting hit off, along with 30+ bots. If you could explain that without saying “the bots were attached to him”, it’d be nice.

    But I could still pull up proof of WV shit talking almost every army in this community. Keep trying to run away from your death.

  6. Can I see the proof

  7. Ask anyone who attended todays event!

  8. Can I see the proof

  9. This is bs about him not performing to his ability. Taco told me himself that Holo was the only leader that didn’t like the outside guys coming in.

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