Astro75114 Temporarily Retires from Smart Penguins

SLUSHY, Smart Penguins Capital – Due to lack of time, Astro75114 decided to step down from leader of the Smart Penguins army for some weeks.

The Smart Penguins army, reaching an average size of 10 at recent events, recieved the news that their ausia leader, Astro, has temporally stepped down of his army: SP. The post explaining the situation was very short, but it explained the reasons why he decided to take a break from armies.

Hey everyone!

As the title says*1 , I’m in for a temp retirement from the CPA Community.Its been a wonderful journey so far.But as many of you know , I’ve been very busy lately with school and stuff.

I’m sorry to leave SP in such a great time for us , but I have to go.

I’m not going to write much , so yeah , that’s the end.

I’ll be back soon , maybe at the end of this month or so , but I’ll hopefully be back earlier.


P.S. : I’m Sowwy Super

Astro, as his post say, he’s been busy with school and other topics that were not mentioned. He also stated that he will not be available until the end of this month, making it two weeks of inactivity. However, he said in the end of the quoted post that he hopes the retirement to take less.

The Smart Penguins have been rising progressively, winning their place in the Top Ten Armies of the week, but, will this retirement mean a big change for the army? Only time will lead to the answer.


Interview with Astro75114

CPAC (Bayleef): Greetings, Astro. Would you like to participate in a interview?

Astro: Well, yeah sure.

CPACWhen have you planned to come back?

Astro: I’ve planned to come back sometime in the first week of August, since the football tournaments end by then.

CPACWill there be a temporarily leader while you’re away?

Astro:  Actually that depends on Superhero. I think Super can handle an army himself too, but we might be hiring a new leader in my absence.

CPAC:  What are you going to do when you come back from your abscence?

Astro: I’ll be getting the AUSIA division back on the run, since I’ve seen the downfall of the quality of AUS events in my absence. I’m also trying to find a way to bring SPRF (Smart Penguins Recruiting Force) back.

CPAC: Anything else to add?

Astro: Well, no.

Astro  has planned everything for his comeback, stating future upgrades in the AUSIA events, and finding a way to return the recruiting force of the army, which promises bigger sizes during events.

SP’s last AUSIA event under Astro’s leadership

So, what do YOU think? Will there be any major changes with the temporarily retiring of Astro? Will the AUSIA be better as mentioned by him? Comment your opinion down in the comments!





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