An Outsider’s Opinion on Club Penguin Armies

KLONDIKE, CP Army Central Headquarters – As CP armies have made use of the chatroom Xat for many years, we often forget the many other individuals who use Xat that are not involved with CP armies. With that being said, have you ever thought of how these people view us?

In order to get the information for this post, I talked to a few users on Xat that are aware of CP armies; however, they do not have any affiliation with them. I also use to be one of the many people that used Xat, but was not a member of Club Penguin armies. I’m not sure of how many of you would have felt about this, but when I took the chance to enter a CP army chat, I was extremely annoyed of how many people would try to recruit me into their respective army.


As you may be aware, many of our chats are some of the biggest and most popular chats on Xat. It is practically impossible to be involved with Xat without taking some sort of notice of our community; Club Penguin armies. As I often would be on a certain CP army chat, I would often find people actively chatting without knowing that this a chat for CP armies.

Xat is a major part of how CP armies are run. Without the Xat website, armies would have a lack of communication and issuing commands in battle would be rather difficult. Until the day in which this community does cease to exist, CP armies will continue to be some of the most popular chats on Xat.

Interview with frequent xat user, Mindon

CPAC: Have you ever been affiliated with club penguin armies?

Mindon: No, I have never been affiliated with them, but I have interacted with some members within some armies.

CPAC: Next question, what are your opinions about our members within some armies?

Mindon:  Some people in armies that I have talked to seem really weird when they talk about something. I hear some of them change the topic to some really nasty sexual things that are really disturbing.

CPAC:  Have any of your friends in Xat ever joined club penguin armies due to its popularity in Xat?

Mindon: No.

CPAC: Any Final Comments?

Mindon: No.


Many of us may be so drawn into the CP community that we aren’t aware of fellow Xat users. Once you first get involved CP armies, it may seem that there is no such thing as a non-CP army chat. Just going off of the drift in which I got in this interview, I believe it is safe to say most Xat users don’t plan to involve themselves with us, nor do any of us take the time to introduce CP armies to them.

Comment YOUR opinion on my interview with Mindon? How do you believe fellow xat users view us? Share the thoughts YOU have below!


CPA Central Reporter-In-Training


CPA Central Executive Producer


5 Responses

  1. “In order to get information for this post, I talked to a few users on Xat that are aware of CP armies”

    “a few users”

    There’s only 1 interview. You talked to one random guy and asked him 4 questions, but only the first 3 really count since the 4th was just the default “any final comments?” Now let’s see about these questions, shall we?

    Question 1 was “Have you ever been affiliated with club penguin armies?” You answered that in the beginning of the post by saying “they do not have any affiliation.” I don’t want to be mean here, but you don’t ask them something you already specified beforehand was a reason why you’re interviewing them in the first place. That is like if I’m reporting on Apple hiring a new VP and I’m interviewing the new Apple VP, the first thing I ask the guy isn’t going to be “Hey, are you the new VP of Apple?”

    Question 2 was at least a start, but the grammar shattered my heart. You asked the guy “what is your opinions about our members within some armies?” and you could’ve said many different things such as “what is your opinion on” or “what are your opinions on,” as well as not saying “members within some armies,” because you’re supposed to be asking this guy about his stance on the entire community.

    Question 3 was basically you repeating question 1 but asking about his friends aswell, and you also failed at displaying command of the English language.

    At the end of your post, and for some reason you phrased it as a question, you wrote “Comment YOUR opinion on my interview with Mindon?” The above was my opinion on your interview with Mindon, and I’ll conclude by saying it was poorly conducted and your post could’ve been made much better.

  2. Great topic; poor execution.

  3. damn mach

  4. True

  5. This is awful

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