Adden433 Departs From Water Vikings

FROSTBITE, Water Vikings Capital- On July 15, 2016, Adden443 announced his official departure from the Water Vikings.

The Water Vikings of Club Penguin have been on a roller-coaster of emotions in the last week. As the tensions with the Pretzels have started to climax, WV soon was hit with a deface by one of their former owners that resulted in all the pages of the website being deleted. The Water Vikings were able to recover the pages after going through a restoration process.

After the Water Vikings seemed to finally reach a point of normality, they soon became aware of one of their LIT’s retiring, Adden433. Stated in his retirement post, Adden sheds light on the fact that he does not find the point of staying in a community in which people continuously bot raid and boot people offline. You can find an excerpt of Adden’s post below.

Hey Water Vikings,

All things have an end, and I believe I have found my end. Read on if you are interested in myself or want to see why I am retiring in the middle of the summer.

In a time of crisis, you’d think I would stay and help but in all honesty, it’s the people that are causing this mess that have to fix it. I am not going to do it for them. My main reasoning for leaving is pretty simple. Everyone in this community is too focused on their personal problems with certain people and in all honesty, you guys are taking this game way too seriously. Bot raiding, booting people offline? What GOOD does this bring? Please, tell me, because after thinking about this, I’ve realized that doing these things does nothing good. All it brings is more and more hurt to this community. So, my final message to the community is as follows. Do you guys want to be known as the generation that killed armies due to your ignorant and selfish acts? These actions are unfair and almost like a disease that is casting a plague across the community. It disgusts me that you guys think what you are doing is just.

With Adden retiring from the Water Vikings, the leadership of the army now only consists of four individuals. The current leaders of the Water Vikings now stand as Kingfunks4, Jack, Buddy, and Katie. Although Adden’s retirement will be a disappoint to the troops within the army, WV has plenty of help to keep the daily operations of the army under check.

Interview with Water Vikings Leader, Buddy 

CPAC- As Adden departs from the army, do the Water Vikings have any plans of replacing him with another leader?

Buddy- Were certainly hiring more US troops, especially with my fellow US leader; Katie, on leave. With her gone, I need some support to get the US force going.Were not sure about a US leader though. 

CPAC- Currently, what is the main focus or goal of the Water Vikings?

Buddy- To try and stay as the #1 army and show the Pretzels who’s boss.

CPAC- Lastly, Adden mentioned he left due to the cheating and bot raiding that plagues this community. Do you see these problems clearing up in the future?

Buddy- Most likely not. I can see them getting worse with people like PCP’s leadership still involved in armies.

CPAC- Any last comments?

Buddy- Fear the Wave!

CPAC- Thank you for your time.


Drawing off of Adden’s interview, it can be concluded that the tensions between the Pretzels and the Water Vikings remain as high as ever. After asking him of what he thought of the current issues of bot raiding and booting people offline, he claimed that these issues could become even worse in following weeks. He specifically mentions the Pretzels leadership.

He also states that he wishes to build up the US force; however, the lack of support around him is an problem. If the Water Vikings do manage to stabilize the US force, the Water Vikings will have both a very powerful UK and US force. With that power, they could easily control a large empire on the server map.

Comment YOUR opinion on the retirement of Adden433! Will the Water Vikings remain dominant? Share the thoughts YOU have below!


CPA Central Executive Producer


3 Responses

  1. He was LIT, not leader..

  2. I was LIT not Leader, also I am Adden433 not 443.

  3. gonna miss you man ):<3

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