Water Vikings Suffer Minor Deface

FROSTBITE, Water Vikings Capital- On the 13th of July, news came to notice among the Water Vikings officials of a defacement committed by one of their former owners, Apollo. 

The Water Vikings of Club Penguin are rated as one of the most legendary armies of all time. As the army continues to grow everyday, the army has managed to hold the #1 rank for consecutive weeks on the weekly edition of the CPA Central Top Ten. With the newly added server map, the Water Vikings have already stabilized themselves to become a world power on the server map.

On what seemed to be another day for the Water Vikings, the Water Vikings leaders were alerted that the website had lost all of its pages. Leaders and fellow owners got straight to work to fix the damaged website which they quickly realized was defaced by none other than one of their owners, Apollo.


The remains of the WV Empire page

After deciding to ultimately quit the Water Vikings, Apollo then decided to remove all pages from the website and then flock to the Pretzels army.  Apollo’s motives for leaving the army is still unclear.

With the addition of Apollo’s defacement, tensions continue to brew between the Water Vikings and the Pretzels army. The Water Vikings have been accusing the Pretzels of troop stealing; after initially being denied as false by the Pretzel leaders, the Water Vikings brought together a series of evidence incriminating the Pretzels of committing this act. A few pictures of the Pretzels attempting to steal troops from the Water Vikings can be found below.



Along with being criticized for heavily troop stealing, the Pretzels continue to undergo scrutiny for their use of nine leaders in the army. The following leadership presides as Trader, Mikester, Taco, Bad, Dr.Matt, Brave, Holo, Lights, and Redstar. As rules have never been put against the limit of leaders that can be in an army, the Pretzels may possibly be using their plethora of leaders to their advantage.

Interview with Water Vikings Leader, Kingfunks4

CPAC- As tensions have seemed to have escalated between the Pretzels and the Water Vikings, can you give some insight on how the Water Vikings plan to deal with the Pretzels in the future?

Kingfunks- All Pretzels are banned from our chat due to troop stealing apart from a select few. 

CPAC- Do you have any knowledge of what led Apollo to deface the site and join the Pretzels?

Kingfunks- No, I thought he was loyal to me and the army.

CPAC- Do you think escalating tensions and the recent website defacement will have an impact on your army?

Kingfunks- No, the Pretzels will not have an impact on our success.

CPAC- Any last comments?

Kingfunks- No thank you.

CPAC- Thank you for your time.


Based off the interview above, Kingfunks seems pretty comfortable with the state of his army at the moment. He does not see the Pretzels having any influence over the performance of his army and he has taken the action of banning the majority of the Pretzels army from entering the WV chat.

Currently, I do not foresee the conflict between the Pretzels and the Water Vikings continuing for much longer. With everything that has already occurred between the two armies, I find it improbable that a war will happen due to one not already being declared. It would be in the best interest for both armies to continue building up strength and increasing the size of their respective empire before actually initiating a war; however, by no means would I be suprised of a full-scare war outbreaking either.

Comment YOUR opinion on the conflict between the Water Vikings and the Pretzels. With the server map in place, will the first major war begin? Share the thoughts YOU have below!


CPA Central Executive Producer


9 Responses

  1. damn

  2. oi

  3. gets defaced
    is hit
    falls onto ground
    coughs up blood
    eye twitches
    saliva fizzes
    slowly dies
    goes to get phone to call ambulance
    crawls on ground slowly
    grabs phone
    dials pizza hut by accident
    orders pizza and dies

  4. Very unacceptable, don’t join the pretzels its not the same anymore without Brave. Brave is the only person that makes pcp successful.

  5. Brave’s still in PCP and I could say the same about you and your army WHOM ARE ALLIES WITH NR, so please stop talking shit. I allied NR because haroon and tiro are respectable leaders and make it a good army. Now stop talking shit about pretzels before I change my mind

  6. Respectable army? You’re the one to insult me, and you’re the one to keep saving pics of me Irl and that’s very creepy. You have no rights to talk to me like that towards Haroon and Tiro over the Night Rebels. You have no idea what you are talking about yet you always talk shit, not me. Some roast battle were just a joke and you did roast back too and you shouldn’t be taking it very seriously. You are really butthurt.

  7. Plus, the way you also treat others in the army you’re in, isn’t gonna make any better but it’s gonna be different. PCP did not troop steal before, and that’s not the type of the history.

  8. every time you respond to me I think I lose a couple of brain cells. This isn’t healthy for either of us…

  9. I took no part in the troop stealing, that happened before I joined so lol

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