Trader and Taco Join Pretzels Leadership

MATTERHORN, Pretzels Empire – The newly returned army, Pretzels of CP, have recently inaugurated two well known figures into their leadership; Trader and Taco. How will this benefit the army?

It was no secret that Trader had left the Ice Warriors. It seemed that it would be the last ever army he would lead, after he proclaimed that he was “sick of CPA” and would be leaving the community after he departed from the Ice Warriors. Unexpectedly, Trader was hired into the recently formed leadership of the Pretzels; who have been doing quite well for themselves since their return, maxing sizes of 19 and 20.

PCP’s opening event where they maxed 20.

Trader aspires to rise the army to great heights the same way he rose the Ice Warriors in the near future. He wants to rise the army by mass recruiting, a method which is commonly known and used nowadays in the community. Whether this method will achieve the goals he aims for remains unknown. Alongside his previous multilogging convictions, Trader is a well-known figure of the community for his time in Army of Club Penguin, an army which performed well and reached amazing standards under his provision. Despite his past achievements, there is a lot of controversy surrounding Trader right now due to his recent multilogging incidents. In order for him to be able to rise the Pretzels, it may be important for him to regain his reputation.

However, Trader isn’t the only new addition to the Pretzels’ leadership. Taco, a former Night Warriors leader, has also joined the army. His time in Night Warriors proved beneficial to them, as they attained amazing sizes and reached the Top 3 in our weekly Top Ten.

NW whilst Taco was leading.

In an interview conducted with Taco, he proclaimed that his presence will benefit the Pretzels through his methods of recruiting. If he sticks to this statement, it will be uphill for PCP and they’ll be maxing sizes of 20+ in no time at all. With these two additions to Pretzels’ leadership, it is possible that the army will reach heights they’ve never seen before.

CPAC managed to catch an interview with both Trader and Taco about what they plan on doing in their time in PCP and how this will effect PCP.

CPAC: How do you plan on rising the Pretzels?

Trader: I plan to rise PCP by doing what I did in Ice Warriors, hoping to not be disrupted by any other armies. I will be mass recruiting for the army and rising it like I did with previous armies. But we’re not afraid to stomp on armies in our way.

CPAC: Why did you join PCP?

Trader: I, Lord Trader, make this community the best it can be. The community with Trader is at its peak and is interesting. It’s not fun without all the scandalous talk about what the mysterious Traders doing.

CPAC: Do you think what happened in IW will effect your time in PCP?

Trader: The only person who was multilogging in the Ice Warriors was Badboy, and even that was minimal penguins. Seeing as most of the Ice Warriors ownership joined the Pretzels, I felt as if I would join them. So to answer your question, nothing that happened in IW will effect PCP.

CPAC: Any final comments?

Trader: Fear the wave!

CPAC: Why did you join PCP?

Taco: My homie Trader is here.

CPAC: How will you benefit PCP?

Taco: I’m going to recruit and lead and because I’m gob we will max 100+

CPAC: How long do plan on staying in PCP?

Taco: However long I’m needed.

CPAC: Any final comments?

Taco: Fear the salt and fear the flame.

It’s clear to see that both Taco and Trader have great plans for the Pretzels. Their addition will be interesting but will it help? Only time will tell. I feel that if this leadership stands strong, the army will be able to reach their peak, perhaps being able to call this a golden age.

What do YOU think? Is both Trader and Taco’s addition a good thing? Will it prove to be beneficial to the army? Comment your thoughts below. Here at CPAC we value YOUR opinions!


CPA Central Associate Producer


SMA Central Chief Executive Officer


4 Responses

  1. Good post!

  2. taco 4 smac legend

  3. Lmao

  4. “Taco: I’m going to recruit and lead and because I’m gob we will max 100+”

    does that make me taco then? bc I might just have to suicide if it does

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