This Day In Club Penguin Army History [7/12]

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – On July 12th, the first ever Dymaxion car was produced, the medal of honor was created, Geraldine Ferraro was named a vice presidential candidate, and a heat wave hit Chicago. While this was happening around the world, what was happening in Club Penguin armies? Let’s find out!
The following dates do not all occur in the same year; however, they do share the same month and day.

The Pink Alliance

On July 12th, 2011, the Pink Alliance made their first ever post. They stated they were made “for one reason” and that the goal of the creation of the alliance was to defeat the army named Purple Republic. The reason it was formed was not because they hated Purple Republic, but instead because they wanted a challenge. The armies which were involved with the Pink Alliance were the Night Warriors, Fort Ghost Recon, the Nachos, Red Blue Alliance Army, Watex Warriors, Army of Club Penguin, Army Republic, Blizzard Warriors, Fire Ninjas, Flyers, Golden Troops, Puffle Warriors, Ice Warriors, Impossible Mission Army Force, Metal Warriors, Snow Troops, Sun Troopers, Vikings and Team Gold.

Picture of the Pink Alliance at an event.

Golden Troops Declares War on Ice Warriors

On this day in 2014, a war broke out between the Golden Troops and the Ice Warriors. Straight after the declaration of war was posted by Jerry, Golden Troops leader at the time, he scheduled the first invasion for July 13th; only 24 hours after GT declared war. Although war was declared, neither army showed up to  fight each other. It was named by both armies as a “fun war”. At the time when the war was first made official, the Ice Warriors were facing inner turmoil as legends and leaders were finding it hard to see eye to eye with each other. GT on the army hand had the advantage as they were rising quickly and managed to get 2nd place on the previous CPAC Top Ten. The war ended up being a fun brawl between both armies.

 Screenshot at Jul 30 16-11-24
Picture of GT vs IW.

UMA Announce They Will be Hosting the Second U20

The U20 was a big meeting armies were invited to to discuss issues happening in the CPA community at the moment. On the 12th of July, 2014, UMA decided to announce that they would be holding the second ever U20; inviting ACP, Golden Troops, Chaos, Purple Republic, SWAT, Nachos, Doritos, Celts,  Elites, Fort Ghost Recon,  Dark Warriors, Light Troops, Ice Warriors, Metal Warriors, Redemption Force, CP Air Force, RPF, CP Rockstars, Royale Penguins, Rare Penguins, CP Mafia, and the Galactic Empire. They scheduled to hold the meeting on the 18th of July. Most armies supported the idea with Nachos even saying “I think it’s great to having a meeting like this in the community”. The meeting went down as quite success and armies discussed the main issues at that time and how they can repair the issues that have been made.

The CPAC Server Draft Results Were Released

Last year; a server draft, similar to the one just gone by this year, was set up. CPAC released the results of it afterwards on the 12th of June, 2015. All major armies got 5 servers. The way the server draft was ordered was by where armies placed on the CPAC Top Ten. The armies that got to pick servers were the Dark Warriors, RPF, DCP, Light Troops, ACP, IW, Nachos,  Snow Ninjas, Pretzels, and Nachos SS. After the draft was done, Chaos decided to transfer the server Frostbite to the Ice Warriors. The Ice Warriors then denied their request and decided to declare war on them.

Andrew saying he was going to invade Chaos.

Top Ten Armies 7/12/2015 Released

On the July 12th, 2015, CPAC Top Ten Armies were released where the Dark Warriors found themselves taking over as first place army. Rebel Penguin Federation had previously obtained first place in the previous week but Dark Warriors managed to go from 4th place to 1st place in a week getting 91.3 points. The placement of the armies can be found in the picture below.

Picture of the 7/12/15 Top Ten

 Turmoil in the Water Vikings
On this date in 2015, the Water Vikings were struggling. They had barely made it to 10th on the last edition of the Top Ten and then in the following week they were nowhere to be seen. People believed the Water Vikings were dying. Thankfully for them, they managed to pull themselves together and crept out of the horrible situation they were in. The Water Vikings then went on to shutdown; however, they are now the #1 army in the community just a year later.
That’s all for This Day in Club Penguin Armies History. Make sure to tune in next time to see what occurred!
Comment YOUR opinion on the first edition of This Day in Club Penguin Armies History. Do you recall some of these major events? Share the thoughts YOU have below!


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2 Responses

  1. Now this post shows the feeling of this army, l miss a lot of people. Although armies are getting smaller, and so is the Club Penguin population that many people have quit or just old. This is the history that kept us fun during that times, and fun was meant to be fun not about arguing each other and start accusing of someone with the dox,DDosed,hacking, or defacing. Armies during that time shows you how fun it was to not take it seriously but have fun, l know some/most people that have been taking seriously still at this year of 2016 and that what it takes very worse for this armies nowadays. Fun, War, Invasion, Practice Battle, we need to keep going and going otherwise Training is all we do. All war is a symptom of man’s failure as a thinking animal.

  2. This is pretty cool, I hope to see more 😀

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