‘Armies Were Suffering’ – An Interview with the Map-Maker

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – Following the 2016 Server Draft and most recent Coalition Meeting, there appears to be a feeling that a greater age of warfare will take place- one of organisation and order. I sit down and talk with Commando717, the figurehead of the plan, who has been key to getting to the point where we are today.

Ever since the announcement that a coalition between armies large and small was to be created, the Server Draft has been a main focus. Many in the community felt that it was the right time to see the return of the infamous Army World Map, as it aimed to bring back a sense of organisation to the community. A criticism of a map-less community has often been the debate over the ownership of servers and with the reintroduction of the server map these quarrels and hoping to be ended.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Commando717, CPAC Legend and CPA Director, and discuss the path to putting this project in motion, and what future lies ahead of it.

Interview with Commando717, CPA Director

CPAC: What made you want to bring back the server map, and why was this the right time for its return?

Commando: It’s been the right time for years. The game otherwise has had no structure, which has made wars next to meaningless. Armies were suffering because of it.

CPAC: So talk me through the past couple of months leading up to the reformation of the coalition and the creation of CPA. Did you always know that it would be the success that it currently appears to be?

Commando: The process was very unique. Essentially, Gob[Goblinguy] got this thing called the coalition roughly at the same time I decided I’d come back and create a working Server Map. At first CPA and The Coalition were going to be two seperate projects. But I realised early on that this didn’t make any sense, and Gob and I came to the conclusion we’d like to pool these things together. Now that was just from an administrative view, what really pushed everything into the limelight was the fact that army leaders actually wanted to participate in doing this. I knew once army leaders themselves were on board, we could be extremely successful in bringing this game design to the community. The Coalition, and CPA, are made up of everything we’ve accomplished together now.

CPAC: When the server draft was carried out it appeared to be incredibly organised- but do you feel that we will begin to see disputes over the ownership of land in the coming months? Do you have any methods to prevent this from occurring?

Commando: The method to prevent that from occurring is the map itself. The map displays who currently owns what. If a dispute happens, the dispute is settled through one of our many ways of dealing with that. With strength levels, the idea of two armies thinking they own the same territory will go extinct. I’m sure we will have hardships, but nothing as difficult as actually getting this set up.

CPAC: How many staff do CPA plan to have dedicated to keep track of invasions in order to keep the map updated?

Commando: This is one of the first pages in Club Penguin Armies that is actively being updated on almost an hourly basis. It is working so far with just three people, including myself. We’d like to expand that number to as many as 9 to assure no invasion goes under the radar.

CPAC: As previously stated, Gob was key to the reformation of The Coalition which CPA has benefitted from. Do you believe his recent departure from his CEO position of CPAC will have any effect on this project’s future?

Commando: Well of course, he had a vision, and we can only guess what that was if he’s no longer going to be around. We followed his gradual agenda closely and it laid the foundation. We’re now going to build off of it. It’s a sturdy foundation, for sure. I’m positive this will be around for a long time.

CPAC: I was tipped off that the CPA Leaderboard would soon be making a return. How will the rankings of this be decided?

Commando: I’m actually working on rolling it out during this interview. This one is interesting, but it’s also very straight forward. It measures overall map performance based on three factors: Number of Servers, All Time Resources, and Current Resources. Resources being the number of points won from taking a server. Example: If ACP conquers a Level 1 server, they get 1 Resource. Level 5, they get 5. These add up to determine your ranking.

CPAC: Absolutely incredible stuff! Are there any other features that I haven’t touched on or have not been announced yet?

Commando: We have a number of dynamics still in the works. I always tell people to notice that strength level has 6 levels. That wasn’t just for show!

CPAC: Well Commando, thank you so much for your time and insight into this project. Any final comments?

Commando: Thank you Superoo. I’m looking forward to getting more people on board, and the community even further involved in the inner workings of CPA.

Innovation and prosperity is what this CPAC Legend searches for, and only time will tell the successes of his endeavours in creating a new age of organisation within armies. Watch this space, as CPAC will keep you updated on any major developments taking place with the Server Map and CPA as a whole.

And for the first time in over two years I have the honour to end this post as,


CPA Central Vice President


9 Responses

  1. Cool post!

  2. Great interview, I am glad we have people like Commando still in the community.

  3. I agree. He was fantastic to talk to.

  4. If I ever lead a army and this guy needs one, I’ll gladly give up my leader spot for him. Commando is welcome wherever I am. Plus, I’d love to see the harboring colition fugitives and cp army banishments discussion. Glad it’s in public fourm for open discussion.

  5. Great post, and great interview!

  6. Very good post Superoo.

  7. You need 9 people to make sure that every invasion gets documented? Last Server Draft I did that single handily lmao

  8. Maybe that’s why it sucked…

  9. Nah it sucked cus Zakster didn’t share my vision 😦

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