Smart Penguins Becoming More Consistent?

ICE BREAKER, Smart Penguin Capital- Known as a legendary SM army who has spent its moments in the CPA Central Top Ten spotlight, SP has once more bounced back into the major rankings as they are now on a quest to gain a higher rank on the Top Ten, while increasing its hold on a number of servers.

The Smart Penguins of Club Penguin are currently in the fourth month of their 5th generation. Under the leadership of Superhero123 and Astro75114, the army seems to be ongoing certain “growing pains.” Wether the Smart Penguins do grow to their full potential is still to be uncovered.

Over the course of a month, the Smart Penguins have risen to as high as 9th on the Top Ten; however, they soon became inconsistent and their events became once in a few. The current generation would hold a mediocre event every few days, but not enough to become a serious power in the community.

On the latest edition of the CP Army Central Top Ten which can be found here, the Smart Penguins were ranked 10th with a score of 36.10 points. Continuing on, the army has had three quality events in the last two days in order to help stabilize their spot in the next Top Ten edition. Around 10-15 penguins were counted at the AUSIA and two UK recruiting and tactic sessions. If the Smart Penguins do keep this up, that will show signs of the how well the current generation is progressing.


Along with a higher amount of events, the Smart Penguins also took part in the server draft and now control a total of six servers on the official server map which can be located here. (If you are not already aware of the rules and regulations of the map, I recommend you check the CPA site.) With further ambitions of controlling more severs, the Smart Penguins have scheduled invasions for the following servers being Flurry, Winterland, Beanie, Bubblegum, and Antarctic.

Interview with SP Leader, Superhero123

CPAC- What do you think delayed the Smart Penguins from becoming more consistent?

Superhero- What delayed the Smart Penguins were inactiveness among the leaders due to personal issues we all faced.

CPAC- With only 2 leaders leading the army, do you expect to any help to the helm?

Superhero- I would like to get a third leader, preferably US, but if no one good shows up we will continue with our duo.

CPAC- With the server map in place, what will SP do to make sure they control as much servers as possible?

Superhero- We will invade unclaimed land and possibly start a war.

CPAC- Any last comments?

Superhero- Smartness to victory!

CPAC- Thank you for your time.


With everything ongoing in the current army, it is always hard to give a analysis on the current state of the army. An army’s status has always been known to switch in a matter of days; from a dominant figure in the army community to a struggling army in the lower section of the SM Army Central Top Ten.

Just going off the fact that the Smart Penguins have had some of their most consistent events in a matter of days, it seems as if the army is starting to regain footing that previous generations have once had. Wether the event quality does continue, we can not be certain nor expect. However, for the sake of the current state of the community, I do hope the Smart Penguins can help make this a strong and competitive community.

Comment YOUR opinion below on the Smart Penguins army! Will the Smart Penguins continue on their current path? Share the thoughts you have below.


CPA Central Executive Producer


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  4. Don’t worry, I won’t quit. I’ll keep on trying!

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