Night Rebels Leadership In Transition

WHITE OUT, Night Rebels Capital- Following a placement as 3rd on our weekly Top Ten, the Night Rebels are now tasked to keep the army afloat following the departure of NR leader, Vijay.

Prior to the retirement of Vijay, the Night Rebels displayed a leadership of five leaders being Ryan, Perry, Snow, Kyle, and Vijay. Under the former leadership, the Night Rebels became known for a strong UK and AUSIA force. The latest AUSIA event showed NR’s size hitting up to 20 on Club Penguin. The US force also showed signs of becoming significant in the near future, but was currently ongoing changes within the ranks.


On July 11th, 2016, Vijay, regretfully informed his fellow subordinates that following his recent promotion to the rank of leader just three days ago, he would now have to surrender his rank due to other commitments. Vijay does not name his reasons for moving on with his life, but informs he will continue to play “Clash of Clans.” An excerpt of Vijay’s retirement can be found below.

Hello everyone. I know it has been only a few days, since I got leader. But, I have decided to retire from CPA. I had great memories with you all. I will never forgot you guys. It’s time for me to move on in life. I will still be playing Clash Of Clans though. If you want to join my clan, the clan tag is : #GG028PC8. Thank you so much everyone!

With the departure of Vijay, ranks changes continued to occur. A new leadership was created composed of the following leaders known as Haroon, Tiro, Snow, Kepler, Perry, and Kyle. Kepler has been the newest addition to the leadership to replace Vijay. With six leaders in the army, the Night Rebels now have 1-2 leaders to account for each respective division. Stated above in the paragraph, you can find Kepler’s inauguration post found below.


I am Kepler NRs newest leader. Earlier today I was hired to help the US division and I will also be helping UK since its summer. I hope to meet all you great troops.



 Interview with NR Leader, Kepler

CPAC- What are your plans in leading the current NR generation?

Kepler- I plan to improve the Night Rebels UK and US division

CPAC- Do you have a strategy for the upcoming server wars?

Kepler- Currently, I’m not sure of all of what is happening with the server wars; however, with the great leaders in the Night Rebels army, we will do fine. 

CPAC- Do you the Night Rebels improving relations with fellow armies to help gain an advantage in the future?

Kepler- Well if you work with the right armies than yes. But just being an ally to an army just to avoid war is not correct. As time goes on, I expect all armies to be against each other. 

CPAC- Any last comments?

Kepler- Join Night Rebels!

CPAC- Thank you for your time. 


As the Night Rebels have faced changes within the army, I do believe they have found ways to patch up the holes. With the departure of one leader, in comes another. Going to show that the Night Rebels have a quality ownership to backup the leadership, I have hope to believe that the Night Rebels will be an active member on the server map and will be looking for ways to become the biggest army in the community.

Comment YOUR opinion below on the changes in the Night Rebels army? Will the Night Rebels maintain their current status? Share the thoughts YOU have below!


CPA Central Executive Producer 


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  1. Night Rebels forever! Btw good post Atticus!

  2. Thank you! I appreciate the feedback.

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