Flame Temporarily Steps Down fom AR Leadership

TOBOGGAN, Army Republic’s Capital- In the midst of a crazy week for armies, the Army Republic see long time leader, Flame, step down from the leadership in an action to temporarily help their colony in a war.

The Army Republic have been a solid contender for first place on the top ten for quite some time now.  So it doesn’t make sense that Flame would step down from a sought after position like leading a top 5 army to many people.  But it appears as Flame is taking one for the team.  He stated he is temporarily leaving to help the colony of Army Republic, the Imperial Argonauts Empire.

Army Republic invading Icicle.

This decision by Flame was posted on the AR site, but for some reason it was taken down.  We were able to find out that there was a post because AR’s twitter account tweeted out the post.  When you click on the link, it takes you to an error page on the Army Republic website.  The subtitle of the deleted post simply stated that Flame is terminating his position as leader in AR, and does not mention the IAE, and the tweet simply says “Goodbye”.  Flame had been hinting he might retire from armies soon as he said he had lost interest in armies, but those rumors were proven false by this move.

On the other hand, the Imperial Argonauts Empire is a small colony of the Army Republic that just returned for its 4th generation.  They are not on the current SMAC top ten, but they are rising quickly with Flame under the helm, and hit sizes of 11 during a raid of the Lime Green Army’s capital.  Flame stated that he stepped down to help the IAE ‘crush’ the Lime Green Army, but time will tell.  Stay tuned to SMAC for coverage of that war.

Imperial Argonauts Empire raiding Yukon.

I tried to get an interview with Flame himself, but he seemed uninterested and upset, so respected that and left him alone.

What do YOU think?  Will Flames absence from AR effect them?  Will IAE rise with Flame leading?  Can IAE defeat LGA now with Flame? Comment below with YOUR opinions!

Doctor Mine Turtle

CPA Central Reporter


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