Regarding the Clash of the Unforgiven & Other Things

CPA Central aims for excellence in everything we do, whether it be organizing and facilitating community events and tournaments, providing a catalog of army history, and most importantly, being a reliable source of quality army news reports. Unfortunately, for about the past two weeks, we have failed quite miserably in all departments, and for that, I must apologize on behalf of myself and the entire CPAC staff.

Yesterday’s tournament was, to put it bluntly, a flat-out failure. The entire event was disorganized, there was miscommunication left and right, the judging and point-based system turned out to be a mess, and to top it all off, many armies were raided by bots. Although we chose not to determine a winner, I would like to thank all the armies who participated for showing up and at least trying. But I apologize for how poorly the whole tournament turned out. CPAC will not be hosting another Clash of the Unforgiven in the same manner ever again. As a matter of fact, no tournaments period will turn out the way that one did. The Legends Cup VI is coming up, and I assure you, it will be run with the same rules and structure as it always has.

At the time of writing this post, there has only been one news report posted on CPAC in the month of July. You don’t need me to tell you that this is abysmal, no matter how little activity is going on in the community. There is no excuse for this, we as a staff have failed big time in doing this site’s most important job. We need to and will improve; there will not be anything close to another dry spell like that again. Some new things coming up are sure to help this: We are excited to introduce some column posts very soon. Also, with the server draft completed, and the CPA map under full swing, the weekly Invasions Review will be returning.

The last thing I need to address is the departure of Goblin from his position as CPAC CEO. Goblin worked very hard to keep the site afloat and make improvements, but in the end, he felt that the heavy weight of the job was too much. Part of this is my fault. Frankly, I’ve not been performing my job well at all; Gob ended up carrying most of the weight, and the site and staff quality deteriorated. So I apologize for that, to Gob and everyone else. I need to be better, simple as that.

On a lighter note, the CPA Central 7-Year Commemorative Gala is coming up next Sunday. There will be a number of activities happening, as well as a movie night at the end. Click here for the details and times.

Lorenzo Bean

CPA Central CEO


5 Responses

  1. I can’t wait for the Legends Cup!! Btw first! :mrgreen:

  2. Here a roast to Lorenzo and the improvement of CPAC

  3. gg

  4. Chip Army is back!

  5. Well I’m impressed. How many organizations admit their failure when they screw up? The issue now is too make certain it doesn’t happen again.

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