Water Vikings Return

FROSTBITE, Water Vikings Capital – After temporarily shutting down for a few months, Water Vikings have returned under the leadership of King Funks, Buddy, Funks, Jack, Katie, and Tes. Will this new generation be a golden age, or end up being a short-lived generation?

The Water Vikings are known for having one of their most famous generations in 2015. In the Champions Cup and the Legends Cup, they were finalists in both tournaments. The Water Vikings also had a loss in the 2015 legend’s cup which sparked a lot of debate in the media. They were also in the top 3 for most of the entire half of 2015. The Water Vikings are also known for having the “Biggest Rise Award” in 2015, from barely maxing 20, all the way to 50 in events. The Water Vikings are also known for having the biggest war in 2015 against Doritos, which sparked debate on media day and night.


Water Vikings in the Legends Cup Final maxing 80+


The Water Vikings recently posted this week. The Water Vikings gave a brief answer on why they had to go on temporary lock-down. They also talked about their plans and their expectations, now that they will return and talk about how many people have committed to this army and expect everyone to put in their all in this army. The post can be found below.

After a year of dominance through from the summer of 2015 to spring of 2016, the lockdown was a chance for us to regroup and show our strength once again this summer. We are back and our aim expectation is to dominate armies, with our immediate aim to hit high sizes at this reopening event to take the community by storm. A lot of people have committed to joining the army over the last month and now it is time for us to group together and show what we have been preparing for. Make sure you comment if you can come to Saturday’s huge event.

The Water Vikings had their first event yesterday at 3 pm est and had over 50 on chat and over 45 on CP. They also had fantastic tactics and perfect formations to go along with their fantastic size. These sizes will likely even get them 1st of the Top 10 this week, as armies aren’t doing so well. Their UK division seems to be doing really well in size and tactics. Their US and AUSIA division are yet  to be seen. for more information about the army, itself we went to Funks, the Water Vikings main leader for an interview.

Interview with Funks, Water Vikings Commander

How do you think the Water Vikings will perform once again under your leadership?

The WV have already shown we will be the top army this summer and that, obviously, will continue throughout the summer months.

What sizes do you expect for all of your divisions?

We are unsure if we will deploy an AUSIA division at all, but in regards to USA and UK divisions we want 30+ in the week and 40+ n the weekends – but these are rough figures.

Do you have any plans for war?

Not Right Now.

What do you have to say to all the people who are saying, “WV multi logged in their opening event”?

There are only a few jealous people who are saying this. Nearly  80 people agreed to join the Water Vikings in our two month preparation and our size is totally legitimate. Success can never be achieved if people are always making false claims with no basis.

Any last comments?

Fear The Wave!

It seems like my dad, Funks wants to see Water Vikings reach stability and last the whole Summer instead of aiming for domination like his comrade Chip. This leadership seems very strong and it will likely reach heights WV hasn’t already reached. The leadership is very unique and it incorporates many veterans who are known for being a long time troop to WV, like Katie and Chip. The Water Vikings also have former Ice Warriors leader tes107 who will likely add a huge boost to their US division. I personally believe the Water Vikings will do really well, and they will stay in the top 3 for a while just like their previous generation in 2015.

What do YOU think? Will Kellar Keemstar join Water Vikings? Will Water Vikings become the biggest army in Club Penguin and surpass Boomer? Comment YOUR Opinion Below!


CPAC Slave




6 Responses

  1. WV Welcome back (hug).

  2. Welcome back, Water Vikings.

  3. you listed funks twice under who is leading lol

  4. Funks is so amazing he gets mentioned twice !! O:

  5. Goodluck Water Vikings!

  6. ya i understand, he’s a man among boys.

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