Top Ten Armies: 6/12/16

KLONDIKE, CPAC HQ – A truly despicable week.

 Top Ten

1. Golds [59.30] [NEW!] 

2. Night Warriors [58.00] [NEW!]

3. Army of Club Penguin [57.24] [+1]

4T. Army Republic [54.00] [+6]

4T. Rebel Penguin Federation [54.00] [+1]

6. Night Rebels [52.67] [-3]

7. Nachos [50.00] [+1]

8. Chaos [49.00] [-3]

9. Smart Penguins [46.25] [-2]

10. Emu’s International House of Potato [NEW!] [45.83]

Full stats.


Point Deductions

  • Ice Warriors (15 Points)


1. Golds: The Golds worked hard to make a big return to the army community this week, reaching the number one spot for the first time in their history. They had a very busy week, making good use of all their divisions. They started off strong by maxing 19 at a training session. The next day, they had 2 recruiting sessions, one of which was raided by bots. They reached 10 and 11 at these events. The same day, they also maxed 10 at a US training. Then, the Golds held another training session with 10 troops. They faced the Nachos and ACP in a practice battle, reaching 10 online. Next, their AUSIA division trained with a top size of 16, then again the next day with a max of 12. They also had another practice battle against ACP where they topped off at 15. The Golds’ UK division logged on for another training session, maxing 15 again. Then, their AUSIA maxed 9 at their next training event. Finally, the Golds hit 11 at their final event of the week.

2. Night Warriors: The Night Warriors climbed back into our Top Ten after a drop to SMAC; they began their week with a recruiting session, hitting 20 online. Then, they trained with a max of 8, and Toy and Drake announced their return to the army. NW next had an event hyped up for the return of their leaders, and ended up being raided by bots. The following day, they trained and raided the Ice Warriors with around 25. Their last event this week was another training session where they maxed 30.

3. Army of Club Penguin: ACP had a busy week starting with a UK recruiting session along with an Ausia training hitting sizes of 15 at both. Later in the week they held 2 practice battles along with another training hitting sizes of 15 all around. To end their week they held a training session with sizes of 10+.

4T. Army Republic: AR began their week with a practice battle against RPF, maxing 12. Then, they had an unscheduled practice battle against Chaos, reaching 14 online. AR trained with 15 troops two more times in a row, then hit 21 at a third training. They faced ACP in a practice battle, topping off at 15. Then, they battled RPF again with a max of 17. The following day, they had a practice battle against Chaos that got raided by bots. Later that day, their US division reached 13 at a training session. AR ended the week big by hitting 30 online at leader Ace’s final event.

4T. Rebel Penguin Federation: RPF began their week with a practice battle against AR, maxing 16. Next, they had an unscheduled practice battle with the Golds, reaching 10 troops online. RPF faced AR in another practice battle and topped off at 11. They ended their week big with Operation: Break Out, getting a top size of 35.

6. Night Rebels: The Night Rebels’ first event this week was no-show practice battle against AR, during which they maxed 27. Several days later, they did an AUSIA training with a top size of 26. Then, they did a joint raid of IW with the Night Warriors, maxing 25.

7. Nachos: The Nachos kicked things off with a recruiting session, topping off at 13. Then, their UK division logged on to recruit, and some of their troops ended up being banned. They had about 10 at the event. The Nachos then maxed 6 in a practice battle against RPF. The next day, they faced both ACP and Golds in a practice battle, maxing 7. Their UK division battled Chaos with 10, ending their week.

8. Chaos: Chaos commenced their week with an unscheduled Practice Battle versus the Army of the Republic. In this, they successfully managed to attain sizes of 14 throughout. They continued to hold a training event which maxed sizes of 9. This was followed by a Practice Battle versus the Nachos, where they were the outright winners attaining sizes of 15. Next was another training event which maxed sizes of 11. They drew their week to a close with another Practice Battle versus the Army of the Republic, where they maxed sizes of 8.

9. Smart Penguins: The Smart Penguins first logged in for an AUSIA training session, reaching 16 online. The following day, they trained with their AUSIA again, getting 18 that time. Then, SP held a UK training with a top size of 18. Later in the week, they announced the return of their recruiting force. 

10. Emu’s International House of Potato: Emu’s International House of Potato began their week with a US training session in which they maxed and averaged 16, then they held another US training session wherein they maxed 15 and averaged 12. To end the week, the aforementioned army maxed and averaged 9 at a US training session. Although they didn’t have a long week, they aim to reach higher ranks as they head into next week.

Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 12.04.39 AM


Ice Warriors Statement

Although accusations are never a thing to take lightly, they typically lack concrete evidence. The accusations made against the Ice Warriors, more exclusively Badboy, are a much different story. The evidence, alongside the aftermath, prove beyond reasonable doubt that the Ice Warriors illegally augmented sizes this week. As per typical CPAC policy, the penguins that were exposed were not calculated into their average this week, and the Ice Warriors have received a 15-point deduction for this week.

Event that was repudiated by the Night Rebels for Multilogging.

Recent IW event with a penguin of the same name as the tainted NR event.

Screenshot at Jun 12 08-18-00

IW event from this week.

This, alongside the fact that I personally witnessed some of these accounts get exposed as Multilogs belonging to Badboy during his Elites stint, and the fact that they have followed Badboy at all of his armies events since then, proves to me beyond reasonable doubt that these accounts are verified Multilogs.



Lorenzo Bean



CPAC Vice President




77 Responses

  1. FIRST

  2. kinky

  3. kinkster

  4. I’m wet

  5. Excellent job Golds!

  6. wow this is apalling. rip armies

  7. so what you’re telling me is all of a sudden the army that lorenzo leads shoots to first out of nowhere??????????????????????????

  8. When they thought “exposing” you would get them first and somehow Golds steals it. RIP


  10. What about my retirement event? Maxed 25+.

  11. Good job ACP!!

  12. golds stay slaying

  13. Lol lol and lol. You missed an entire event of ours plus you scored our tactics far too low. Good job to Golds. Good job Night Rebels, this isn’t our real score.

  14. Clan got more points than IW and SP, Thank you very much.

  15. 27 + 24 + 26 + 25 divided by 4 = 23 + 10 points for EQ + 33 + 21 points for tactics = 54. We should be 3T. If you guys scored our tactics like it should be scored, we would have had 57 points. Nice job.

  16. Thats how you keep it shady 😉

  17. Golds forever.

  18. Rock bottom.

  19. Gob, the RPF Operation was called Never Back Down, not Break Out.

  20. I was gonna do that, but yeah.

  21. Oh god.

  22. And the holds were trying to hire me, I wonder if I should of taken them up on that.

  23. All scores won’t break the 70 mark. We need to all work together and stop worrying about our individual armies and start worrying for the entire community because it isn’t going to survive another year unless we all work together.

  24. The rise has started. We back bby.

  25. And as I just thought Nachos would fall low in the SM, they climbed some positions..

  26. Not bad…

  27. Back in the old days, before you Dan and Gob were born, until Zak actually, CPAC used to add to the bottom of the top ten post the results of the weekly poll, and that’s why it was called the “weekly” poll. I’d say that the current poll is a monthly one. Ah, good ol’days..

  28. Golds Victory March

  29. gj golds

  30. Explain to me how in both ausia and USA/UK, NR can have a higher average than all other armies, but get 6th.

  31. Still waiting on our score to be fixed.

  32. Nice job @cpac 3 different top 10s on the site that’s an accomplishment

    one on the rss feed, one on the right sidebar and one here, fix it god damn it


  34. Everyone is ashamed of how armies performed this week, yet I see 10 legitimate armies for the first time in god knows how long.

  35. Still waiting on score to be fixed.

  36. Best week in armies ever

  37. Can you please fix the night rebels score?

  38. lmfao

  39. Not trying to be rude here but, I’m still waiting for the top ten score to be fixed since l didn’t see my retirement event in there. Did you guys skipped or something? Are you like not paying attention closely? Please fix it. We maxed 25+. :/ And it’s my retirement event, Goblin l know you’re seeing this.

  40. i had 3 events for NR calculated for that week

  41. Nobody cares.

  42. Nobody cares Gob

  43. Nobody cares.

  44. Nobody cares.

  45. Nobody gives a shit.

  46. I’m gonna pull a Rocky and write a 1000 word essay.

    Ok so as all you degenerates may know, armies are dying. Nobody gives a shit though. They still continue sitting on their butts all day, playing Club Penguin. The way I see it, armies should just be shut down for good. It’s not like there’s any reason to continue CPA. Gob, you’re a shitty CEO btw. Zak was actually a better CEO. He would get the TT out EARLY and not at god damn 5pm. Chip the corrupt leader of NR. Oh boy, don’t even get me started. The kid can’t even lead. I don’t know why Haroon would hire a mentally brain damaged kid who probably can’t tell left from right as a leader. Plain stupid if you ask me. I don’t care how much hate I get for this comment, nor do I give a shit. I hope armies die soon. If they DO die, I’ll be laughing my arse off.

    Let’s see, where to start.

    Oh yes, the autists. To name a few, Zuke, Freezer, Sprite, and Gob.
    Gob, the most failed person, Zuke, the most idiotic and probably most retarded in all of CPA. Can’t even use proper grammar. I’m beginning to think Zuke and Flen are related in some weird way. Sprite thinking he can get away with multilogging 100+ for IW when he’s just another failed leader. No wonder nobody has hired him as leader in a while.Freezer just has autism in general. The fact that you people actually play CP at f*cking 15, 16, 17, 18, etc is just sad. What’s even worse is the fact that nobody has taken the time to get off their computer for an hour and go do something useful. Go get educated. *cough* Flen *cough*

    Instead of giving me hate below, why don’t you actually let this sink into your mind. If you’re still playing CP and you’re older than 14, you really need to rethink your social life. Knowing Gob, this comment will most likely get deleted, because he’s a child. Thinks calling others out to put them down is fun. Seriously, get a life. F*ck Club Penguin and f*ck all of you.

    Cheers mate.

  47. you put the same amount of time into hating on us as we put into playing this game

    that’s the difference, this is a game to us. but you live here. you can’t leave this place. you can’t make friends, you can’t stop yourself from eating, you’re just a lonely texan girl sitting behind a screen, hoping that if she hates people enough on the internet, it will somehow make her better. it won’t make you better, phin. it won’t make you happy. theres nothing for you here.

    i feel bad for you, i do. we’re all going to grow out of this someday, some of us will maintain friendships we created here. we’ll look back on this game with fond memories of the things we’ve built, the fun we had. we’ll go on to be innovaters, creators, programmers, we’ll move on to bigger and better things with friends and memories.

    you’ll live and die here. once this game ends, you’ll wither without us. your entire life is built around trying to prove you’re better than us to yourself so you can feel some glimmer of self confidence. some glimmer of hope that things will get better for you. but they won’t.

    step away from your computer, phin. theres nothing for you here.

  48. Get your facts straight kid. I’m not Texan and I don’t even eat as often. Please, go take a minute and go outside. Try something new. 😀

  49. You say this while you’re trying to make friends on social and fexbots yet everyone hates you

  50. Yeah, we have 4 events, and that’ll bring our score up by 2-3 points. Plus, you ludicrously scored our tactics. In reality, NR was first this week. 😦 *PUNCHES GOBS*

  51. had* (meh)

  52. can u plz tell me how im a bad ledur 😦 ps no one lykez u LMFAO LOL XD O3O

  53. 3 events? You need to add one more Goblin. 3 events makes it looks like we have only done 3 events, instead of 4 – but we did 4 events. Is it not hard to fix the top ten score and the descriptions?

  54. Hey Phin we all hate you too.

  55. no one mentions the name of the 10th army

  56. I didn’t just noticed but l have no idea what the heck is that. Is it really an army or what? :/

  57. After illuminazi tits of war nothing can surprise us anymore lol

  58. Nobody hates me on Social/FEX lmao what?

  59. I hate you and I’m from Social 🙂

  60. wow thts a crazy stroy bro wow

  61. the fact that all your comments have 1 upvote and all mine only have 1 downvote shows how alone you are.

    also everybody hates you on fex, you annoy the shit outta everyone.

  62. They really do. Most of them are like 18 and you’re like that annoying 10 year old who won’t fuck off.

  63. Nobody on FEX hates me except Izzy. If everyone hated me then I’d be banned by now, retard.

  64. I’m 15, first off. Second, everyone on Social likes me, not only that, but I’m normally silent on Social, unless someone says something that involves me, or something I like.

  65. Grabs Harpoon

  66. I’m not trying to offend anyone, but someone is too lazy to calculate the events. NR gets over 25 in every event they have, yet are 6th. Golds max 10 as their worst size, yet they get first. Can someone please explain?

  67. Answer this first,

    2 events, 25 both = bigger? {50 overall}
    10 events, 10 size = bigger?{100 overall}

  68. < JOIN TODAY!

  69. Grabs shotgun and murders Verum. 😀

  70. Wow ur salty

  71. Just saying, All of the events happened are added up divided by the amount of events you had, so I’d figure NR had more for size since golds had lots of events with smaller size than us.

  72. And not also that, but Goblin did not include Kyle’s retiring event, in which we also maxed 25, in which he refused to fix, which I don’t find fair because we posted it but it was removed from ONE of two sites we have since we were moving sites when that event happened.

  73. Cool another new number one in the history

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