Dark Warriors Return To Club Penguin

Warriors Capital – The Dark Warriors, a legendary army have announced their return once again this month. Will their sole leader, Jack be able to bring them to the glory they achieved under previous generations or lay dormant in the bottom of the top ten?

The Dark Warriors are known to be one of the greatest Club Penguin armies ever to be created and had one of their most successful generations in 2015. One of the major reasons for its closing a few months ago was the block of many lines, which made it hard to recruit troops to the army. Nearing the end of the Dark Warriors, they were unable to keep constant sizes in events and their new sizes did not impress Toysoldier, which prompted him to shut down the army.

The Dark Warriors in a previous generation.

The Dark Warriors have been planning their return for a while and were about to be revived with Axel, Jack, Badboy and Miyls and Jack at the helm, until the leaders that were planning to lead left at the last second and the Dark Warriors were unable to be revived.

However, finally, Jack has announced Dark Warriors’ return. Jack has mainly been known for leading the Dark Warriors and Golds, leading them to the first spot multiple times on CPAC and has become a legend in both armies.

You may read an excerpt of what Jack had to say in regards to their reopening below,

After tomorrow (June 6th) I will be free from all duties in my personal life for enough time to dedicate my time to rebuilding this great army. We will soon have new graphics added to the site also thus, everything will be set for our return once again. With that in consideration I have a date in mind in which the Dark Warriors should be a full strength and ready to compete for top positions once again, and so…
The Dark Warriors Will Return June 16th

In this post, Jack claims that on June the 6th he will be finished with all of his duties preventing him from leading Dark Warriors. He also says that he is competent that he can find a date that will make them ready to compete for top positions on the top ten.

What do you think about the Dark Warriors opening? Do you believe, Jack will be able to make the Dark Warriors a powerhouse again? Will This be another failed generation?
Tell us in the comments!

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8 Responses

  1. What happened to like the other 5 leaders?????

  2. DW capital is not Flippers and it won’t be either way.

  3. idk, but welcome back Dark Warriors!!

  4. Damn, I never knew Golds was first before! Good Job Jack, learn something new everyday

  5. Ah, rip NR.


  7. Nope, NR has survived when they tried to return the Dark Warriors, this will be the second time. NR is still living strong.

  8. Good luck then..

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