Army Republic VS. Army of CP [Practice Battle Reviewed]

TOBOGGAN, Army Republic Capital Yesterday saw the Army Republic and the Army of CP clash in an acutely tight battle. The question is, who came out victorious? Read until the end of the post to find out!

It was around nine 9 P.M GMT when the Army Republic designated its troops to the server of Toboggan to start preparing a formation. Not falling much behind, the Army of CP commanded its soldiers to log on a few minutes later. The Army Republic had a rough start as many of their soldiers weren’t focused onto the battle, giving the clover troopers a mighty advantage.

Prior to the official battle start time, the Army of CP accumulated its soldiers at the room of town, forming a semicircle with around fifteen soldiers. As for the Army Republic, they logged onto the Dock but they had no formation for the entirety of the pre-battle. The dock saw approximately 12 ghosts.

After both armies were trained up and ready for the official battle, they both shifted their troops to the room of Stadium. In this room each army created a diagonal line and eventually their formations intersected, ultimately forming a big X. The Army Republic’s diagonal line saw around fifteen soldiers while the Army of CP had a rather lower size, maxing around eleven troops.

You may see a picture of the battle below (Sorry that I only got a picture of AR doing a tactic)


After taunting each other in the Stadium for nearly ten minutes, both armies reassigned their soldiers to the room of IceBerg. Upon entering this room, my laptop got shot and murdered from excessive lag while both armies enjoyed the rest of the battle by bombing the room.

You may see a picture of both armies entering the room with a well-executed bomb below,

Without any delay, the Army Republic shifted its troops into a diagonal line once again, maxing a rather tantamount size to their previous room, a max of fourteen soldiers. The ACP however, fell greatly in sizes during the start but started pulling themselves back together and eventually created a diagonal line at the top of the berg.

You may see a picture of the battle at Iceberg Below,









With the current results being far too close, both army leaders agreed on having one last room change to decide a sole winner; this room would be the Cove. The ACP rapidly made their way to the Cove with the Army Republic following not much later. The Army of CP systemized a line across the room while the Army Republic assembled into an L-letter formation. In this room, we saw the Army of CP peaking at twelve soldiers and the Ghosts hitting fourteen once again. The two armies clashed back and forth for the remaining ten minutes of the battle and then proceeded their way to log off.

You may see the picture of the battle of Cove below,

At last, the Practice battle finished. Both armies were exceedingly close in sizes and they both had an edge on tactics periodically. With that being said, who really won?


AR average size: 14

ACP average size: 11

AR tactic score: 19/20

ACP tactic score: 15/20

The score above is for you to see the statistics of the battle, but at the end, both army leaders agreed on the battle being a tie.

With that being said, what do YOU think? Who won the battle? Do YOU think people should host more practice battles? Were YOU at the practice battle?

Here at CP Army Central, we value YOUR opinion(s)! Comment them/it below!


CP Army Central Associate Producer



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  1. Gg.

  2. u might want to stop being an autist and consider adding a read more

  3. Don’t know what you’re talking about, B1. *sweats*

  4. great post chip

  5. Most armies don’t even hold Practice Battles anymore. It’s cool to see 2 fairly large armies battle it out once again. The post was good and I hope you do more of these.

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