Smart Penguins Return To Club Penguin Armies

Glacier, Smart Penguins Capital – After going into temporary lock down for over a month, Smart Penguins have returned under the leadership of Aadarshchourasia , Superhero123, and Astro75114. Will this new generation be a golden age or will it be another short-lived generation?

The Smart Penguins are known for having one of the strongest AUSIA forces in recent memory. One of the major reasons for its temp closing for a month was the busy schedule of their main leaders at the time Superhero123 and Astro75114, which made it hard to rally troops for events. Nearing the end of their generation they were steadily losing their sizes and as a result Superhero123 decided to shut down the army.



This week the Smart Penguins have announced their return to the community and have big plans. The Smart Penguins site can be found HERE. One of the first posts found on the Smart Penguins site announcing their return was written on June 1 2016.

Hello Smart Penguins,

After writing the hardest subjects I realised that I have enough time to get SP running once again! So we are back from the lockdown. Also DJ Army merged into us giving us14 new servers!

After taking a look at the current Smart Penguin rankings, the current leaders of this generation are Superhero123, Astro75114 and Aadarshchourasia. Superhero123 and Astro75114 are both known for their success with Smart Penguins in the past and Aadarshchourasia is known for his success in the AUSIA army DJ army. Both 2 armies that reached CPAC Top Ten standards in the past.. Since Superhero123, didn’t offer much information, I decided to interview him.

Interview with Superhero123, Smart Penguins Commander

Now that you have returned, what sizes do you expect to achieve?

We are aiming for 25+in 2 weeks

Do you have any plans for war?

Once the server draft happens and the server release happens we will possibly go to war. 

Do you think this generation will more successful than previous generations?

Most probably, with this impressive start I don’t see why not.

Any further comments?

Join SP for Cookies!

During the interview with the Smart Penguins leader, Superhero123 he tells us that the Smart Penguins will be officially returning very soon. He says that they have fixed the issues with recruiting and they are prepared for war if anybody attacks them.

What do you think about the Smart Penguins opening? Do you believe they will reach the size they once achieved? 

Tell us in the comments!


CPAC Slave Reporter


8 Responses

  1. I believe that they can reach those sizes. And when did we announce a server draft? As leader shouldn’t I be there….

  2. I’m Astro , Aadarsh is just my real name 😛

  3. aadarshchourasia and Astro are the same person. Our leadership only consists of two leaders, myself and Astro (aadarshchourasia).

  4. The most impressive army is back! GOD PRAISE THE SP GODDDD OOOHH

  5. sorry to annoy you but the sp are back. im messing. welcome back

  6. hey
    sorry for annoying you
    sp event soon
    please help

  7. hey
    sorry for annoying you
    can you help sp in an event soon

  8. Fucking christ, I planned on commenting this and I scroll down and you already did it.

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