Toy, Drake, & Verum Announce Return to Night Warriors


FOG, Night Warriors Capital – After retiring from NW this past month, Toy, Drake, and more recently, Verum, have all announced their return to leadership in the Night Warriors. With the same trio that reformed NW earlier this year back, will this result in another NW golden era?

On May 14th when Toysoldier & Drake, Night Warriors leaders, announced their retirement. Both retired due to needing a break and simply being too busy to lead the NW. After their unfortunate departure, NW saw a few leadership swaps this past month along with a major struggle with the armies overall size. Will things begin to change for the Night Warriors with the return of this incredible trio? Here is a short expert from the return post made by Verum;

The Original Trio who recreated this army have returned. We are home where we belonged and this will be a new age. All former Night Warriors who left us when we fell, you’re traitors and gave up too easily. All Night Warriors who stayed during this period, you’re legends and the best troops to have ever been in this army. I’ve made a lot of mistakes since I left Night Warriors and I have a lot of regrets. These regrets will strengthen me and make me a better leader. I finally have enough motivation to keep this army on top, I’ve never had motivation since 2014, but now I do. 

To all the armies who hide behind flame posts and false allegations, We’re Coming For YOU.

To all armies who think they’re good enough to claim the throne which we rightfully own, We’re Coming For YOU.

To all the multiloggers and hypocrites, We’re Coming FOr YOU.

Prepare For A New Age, A New Era.

~Verum, NW Commander

In this short, but otherwise inspirational, post Verum goes in detail about true loyalty and dedication in what it is to truly be a Night Warrior. He also went on to apologize for his recent mistakes since being away from NW – along with calling out any traitors and quitters. He ends the post with a inspirational fleet to the returning trio leadership along with a few bashes at outside armies – implying they will soon be on the prow.

While their most recent sizes have dropped extremely compared to the leadership of the original trio. The past month was still stable to say the least with sizes of around 10+ occasionally hitting 20 or so but with an extreme lack of events – the biggest push to it all would most likely be the drop in their most recent Top Ten, falling off of it entirely.  Below is a picture from NW’s most recent event

NW’s most recent event

When comparing NW’s lack in size and overall event margin, it was clear. Shortly after the events were posted  Toysoldier & Drake made a quick notion and return event announcing the first official return event for NW’s leadership. Below is an excerpt from his official announcement below.

Prepare for the comeback.

Friday, June 10th

8:00 PM EST, 7:00 PM CST, 6:00 PM MST, 5:00 PM PST, 12:00 AM GMT

Chat was reset. Those who would like to join us in our rise will be welcomed with open arms.

Drake, NW Commander

With the announcement in full swing, along with multiple inspirational videos and posts, NW seemed to have set up their return to be quite big. Drake made the post short and glorious offering up to anyone who’d be interesting in “joining their ride” that they will be happily welcomed in. He went on to push out the exact date of the official comeback of NW hinting that it will be the return of something glorious.

While I’m not entirely sure how everything will go – I’m sure Night Warriors are bound to stir up some trouble and I’m confident they will boost up their size a bit more than this past month. With all these big returns and wild announcements – things are bound to get more and more interesting. This summer seems to be shaping up to be pretty big – Make sure to stay tuned to CPAC for more updates and dramatic posts!

But my opinion doesn’t matter [its biased!]


What do You think about the returning leadership? What do YOU think NW has planning? What do YOU think Bam looks like naked? 




CP Army Central Vice President

Sexy Steve



20 Responses

  1. I think Bam looks like Phin naked tbh and you know Badboy had that post reserved for Friday.

  2. Fuck you I look good

  3. Great post Bam.
    However, this post should be on CPSMAC.COM

    Night Warriors are S/M Army for this week? so yes.

  4. This is true but it does not define the army let alone well known returning NW leaders – they aren’t SMAC leaders you feel me

  5. Like if you think bam should be CEO

  6. It think Toy should come back to DarkWarriors. NW is planning chaos. They are going to die pretty quick. You always want 1 legend on leader, not 3. And Bam looks like a troll with a big thing naked.- Daffy Duck out

  7. Kid you’re really stupid DW is dead and every attempt to bring it back is just spitting on its legacy.

  8. 8 Days you will beg for mercy.

  9. We really won’t………….

  10. Ok. You will die off slowly with out begging for mercy to look strong then merge into NR like nothing happened.

  11. but i made that post

  12. Fixed now start a dumb fight in the comment section with me

  13. Damnnnn roast

  14. Considering we made DW what it was, I’m not too concerned with Jack who had no part in modern DW.

  15. Exactly. Jack is fresh out of the box.

  16. Oh! Ok

  17. Just stop seriously

  18. Jack tried to bring DW back twice before and is a legend from 2013. The only reason you’re commenting on this post now is because of Drake and Toysoldier.

  19. I believe he was in it before Drake and Toy, l was around in DW when he joined.

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