Armies – Past, Present and Future

SNOWGLOBE, Philosophy Desk – Armies have been around for quite a while – although some armies are dying out and some are being formed, there are also some other major changes going on that are slowly bringing armies down.

If you’ve been around for a while, think back to 2009. The Nachos were at their highest peak, and recruiting was working incredibly in their favor. During battles, many penguins would be locked out of rooms and all you could do was just scream and pray that someone would get disconnected from the server. The picture below is an image of the Nachos during an event in 2009.


Notice the size?

Occasionally, you will still get locked out of a room or two, but that’s probably because fricking Rockhopper is in it. Most of the larger armies have decreased rapidly in size. Although ACP has had some ups and downs, they are not at their highest point right now. No one can be blamed for this, but this is simply because a majority of leaders and loyal troops are going away – everyone here has lives of their own. After a long vacation on my behalf, I came back to find that the Night Rebels are the #1 in the top ten, which is a major accomplishment.

Years ago, a simple top ten looked about the same every week. Just another randomized list of ACP, Ice Warriors, Nachos, RPF, Light Troops, Army Republic, and a few others that died off years ago. As shown, armies die off and some others are formed. These large armies are the center of Club Penguin warfare in general, but let’s take a peek at small and medium armies.


This is now considered one of the top medium armies. Just taking a look at the last five armies on the small/medium top 10, I nearly puked! About every army from 5-10 on the list had one penguin performing a tactic. Back to the title and point of this article, armies need to be armies; no one is looking at a top 10 to see a picture of one penguin dancing while pressing the pizza icon. This is not the media’s fault, as this is simply a change in Club Penguin and the generation. This has happened slowly, and definitely wasn’t an abrupt change, but it is having an effect.

Benefits of the Change

    Change isn’t necessarily a bad thing at all, it’s part of the adventure in Club Penguin. Some of  the biggest armies have died; some have tried to restart the clan but usually that doesn’t work. Because of this, many are feeling called to creating an army, and actually trying to take the place of one of these. As the Night Rebels currently prove – a few experienced and dedicated leaders and troops makes for an amazing army. And every army will reach its peak sometime, it might be making #1 on the top 10 or making an honorable mention at the bottom.


     Through changes, and watching your own leader retire or leave, the troops are forced with a leadership role. A sad event can strengthen an army and help them work together to stay on their feet. Obviously, you cannot expect to join an army like ACP and expect to be given 2ic from your private rank after Oagalthorp leaves, you’ve got to prove that you’re loyal, which is a step to helping you in your real life after you retire from Club Penguin. You cannot expect to get promoted from a custodian at McDonalds to a manager in a week. They want to see you serving a role as a leader, and even though I have tried jumping up to manager, I’m sadly still a custodian(temporary) but that is not the point.


         All in all, change can be good and bad. Many armies have died off in recent years, however some are taking their spots. Behind these armies are creators who step up to the plate, using their time while striving to make a good army. Loyal people come and go throughout the community, and work to make a difference. Although many armies are decreasing in size, others are forming who will hopefully take their spots. I realize this post is similar to Christohper’s post regarding the community, but the topic of change had not been discussed. Some new people here might not have experienced the change over time, but it will continue happening. Will you step up and fulfill a leadership role to keep armies alive if you’re faced with the problem?


 I realize I asked a bunch of rhetorical questions, and please don’t call me Captain Obvious even though I bet you still will. If you have anything else to add about the overall change that has happened since the beginning of armies that I forgot, feel free to drop a comment.






26 Responses

  1. tl;dr

  2. I still have pennies. Im collecting and saving them for profit when l get older.

  3. i got cancer after reading this

  4. I honestly can’t tell if this is satire or not. The first picture you used to show off Nachos is literally a bunch of orange bots. The second picture is an army of multilogs. I can’t tell if you’re trolling.

  5. Well written post. But, I believe you mistakened those bots to be Nachos.

  6. My bad. I didn’t mean to show Nachos – just a large army. I’ll edit.

  7. Gotcha. Fixed.

  8. Alright. np

  9. when you puke because of sizes on club penguin

  10. lol fluffy chill ok

  11. Drink me under the table

  12. Here is some basic CPAWM Rules and Guidelines:
    1. Use Klondike in any post that isn’t a battle report, or army news.
    2. Use the proper format for when you’re signing off.
    What do YOU think? Do you agree with this editorial?
    CPAC Reporter
    3. You need permission from Gobby, or Lorenzo to post Editorials and they need to be read before being posted since Editorials require a lot of skill and practice.
    4. Make your title relevant to your topic, this title had no relevance to the substance that was contained in the post.
    5. Don’t use false information like having a picture of bots and saying it was Nachos in 2009.
    6. Make sure you’re passionate about your topic.
    7. Ask Gobby to be added to Staff Site.

  13. 2 more things
    8. Don’t start a sentence with because unless you want B1 to rape you.
    9. Don’t say “Philosophy Desk” when it’s an editorial.
    10. Don’t write another editorial without speaking to a member of the Upper Staff: Atticus, Gobby, Bam, Lorenzo, Atticus and CSY.
    11. Find me on ACP, so I can speak to you.

  14. Got it- thanks. Staff site would be very helpful. As for the title, I tried to ask staff. I had no way to contact them, and I’ve learned my lesson, my b coach. And I didn’t say it was the Nachos 😉

  15. What army are you in?

  16. Have email?

  17. Here are*

  18. Shut up Roman Pleb.

  19. Not in an army. Do I need to be? Lol.

  20. Nachos is the only army from 2006 that hasn’t closed once. I remember in 2015 ACP transferred their nation to an army, DCP I think; probably for trolling but still lmao..

  21. Wrong. Nachos did close once (I’m not 100% sure when but at some point the Nachos did temporarily close I think when transferring sites) and the ACP have never died.

  22. Yeah. I remember they had a temporary close, but it wasn’t for long.

  23. I laughed so freaking hard when I read this comment.

  24. Fascinating

  25. what future

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