Editorial: Club Penguin or Private Servers

Klondike, Club Penguin Army Central – The issue about whether armies should move to Club Penguin Private Servers has been one to come up ever since TheBester5’s CPPS was released.

Club Penguin armies are based off of Club Penguin obviously, we log on to Club Penguin for events daily. A few things happening on Club Penguin are pushing us away from this game though, some of it caused by us and some of it not. One of the major issues in the game currently is bots, which are caused by us. There are 2 different kind of bots we are dealing with right now.

Recruiting Bots – Bots used to recruit Club Penguin troops into armies


Raiding Bots – Bots used to raid Club Penguin army events.



Both of these bots are issues though, even if one effects the community more than the other. I believe one of the reasons that troops of ours haven’t been playing Club Penguin for fun anymore is because bots are flooding the servers and it’s not that fun of a game anymore because most of the people in the community have grown up and are tired of the Club Penguin game itself. There are a few differences between Club Penguin and their Private Server counterparts and I’m going to go over each one


Club Penguin army original uniforms were created many years ago when Club Penguin had the items released. As time goes on, Club penguin removed the items and they are history, only some penguins have them. The difference between this and CPPS is that CPPS you can get any items you want, meaning that everybody would have the outfit for their army. This means that people would look more apart of their army and not just noticable by color. Uniforms are a good way to tell which army a person is from, but most people don’t care to wear uniforms because of them being outdated.

Winner: CPPS

Chat Filters

Club Penguin highly filters their chat filter because of the many children that play the game, which is fair. CPPS don’t filter the chats at all which allow anything to be said on the game, this makes the game more appealing to older members of the community and there are more older members of the community than younger. The good thing about CPPS is that there are moderators so even though the chat isn’t filtered, it can be moderated.

Winner: CPPS


Club Penguin has yet to block recruiters and bot raider scripts. Most CPPS’s don’t have this option yet either, but there is an option to put in a CAPTCHA which blocks the bots completely from logging in. Club Penguin won’t put this in because of how confusing it would be to new members which are most likely children, but the army community is mostly older people who could teach the members how to bypass this themselves. So in the end, Club Penguin gets raided and recruited on, but Club Penguin Private Servers stay clean. Obviously we need to continue to recruit on Club Penguin to maintain our size, but we won’t have to deal with our bots during events if we hold them on CPPS.

Winner: CPPS


Club Penguin has started to take a disliking to armies in general and started kicking or even banning people during recruiting sessions. Most of the people on Club Penguin also dislike us because of the recruiting methods we do today and because nobody is planning to stop recruiting anytime soon, we should just create our own mini-community on a CPPS.

Winner: CPPS


Club Penguin for whatever reason took away the 1 tab option which allowed people to log on multiple tabs while playing Club Penguin and they aren’t willing to talk with us about it and reversing this decision they made. Club Penguin Private Servers can re-activate the 1 tab only and put a stop to multilogging. This would make all of armies sizes legit and nobody would be cheating. It’s a perfect world. But the only only issue with this is, if some armies move to CPPS and some don’t, then some armies are cheating and some arent. Which isn’t a total fix at all, it just brings us back to where we are now, some cheat and some don’t. For this to work, all armies would have to go to the Club Penguin Private Server.

Winner: CPPS


Club Pengin has a ton of servers all containing a different amount of people. These servers are what we based our community around, and if we left Club Penguin, we’d also have to leave the servers all together. Possibly a CPPS could get these servers, but that is a lot of work and it’d be a lot of money to do. In the end, I don’t think anyone is willing to pay for 100+ servers for a Club Penguin Private Server.

Winner: Club Penguin

Games & Cardjitsu

Club Penguin is the winner for the Games & Card Jitsu because of the fact that most CPPS’s haven’t fully implemented games, this includes Card Jitsu. It is possible for CPPS to put these games in, but they’re very buggy and not fully in it.

Winner: Club Penguin

Overall it’s kind of equal, there are some points where using a CPPS does seem like the best option, but there are some points where the CPPS falls short and Club Penguin takes the victory. It’s all up to personal preference and if CPPS could do the Servers and the Games, I see no reason why we would stay with Club Penguin original. The CPPS has more upsides than Club Penguin does in the long run.

The idea of a CPPS was brought up before and CPAC even bought and launched Bester’s project a while back. The only reason this project didn’t work out was because we still held events on Club Penguin, so there was no real reason to use the CPPS. We didn’t use it for events and the only reason to use it was to chill, which people ended up just not doing. But I believe if we used it for events and everybody agreed to using the CPPS, we’d use it more often and it’d be a little community inside a little community.

Should we bring back the CPPS? Will armies agree to use the CPPS for events? What do you think is better, Club Penguin or CPPS?

PS. Before anyone asks “How many times did you say CPPS and Club Penguin jesus christ”, the word Club Penguin was used 39 times and CPPS was used 29


Editor in Chief


32 Responses

  1. Great post Trader. CP Armies have changed over time, things have changed too. Club Penguin is starting to remove CP Armies as much as they can. However, the problems that arise is CPPS are:

    1) People who don’t want to have events on CPPS won’t login.
    2) If we recruit troops from CP and making then login in on a CPPS is very hard.
    3) If Club Penguin finally somehow BANS bots, CPPS isn’t a great source of recruiting.

    Anyways, Nice Post 🙂 Keep up the good work

  2. You can multilog on CPPS lol. Let’s be honest – Ice Warriors wouldn’t shift to a cpps if it didn’t allow multilogging. Good topic, though.

  3. Can multi-log on normal Club Penguin too, i don’t see your point? Are you mad because we’re about to clear your server page?

  4. Mad because your army that maxes 15 is about to lose first place. 😦 I’d be mad too if It was my first time not being an irrelevant shit.

  5. You can’t depend on CPPSes. Their owners are mostly wanna be haxor kids or no life teenagers. CP is more stable and with the server map coming I don’t see why not staying on it. We are CP Armies anyways.

  6. Praise allah and get a life and quit cpa.

  7. Trader just wants to move to cpps so multilogging takes less effort.

  8. Or because i get bot raided every event ? Yeah but both work

  9. He admitted it guiese !!!!!

  10. Those words come for me and I have been in CPPS community (Rile5 old times 😦 ) and even made my own CPPS, SuperCP which reached 1200 registered users (not that much I know).

  11. i didnt knew u were a Muslim 😮

  12. Yeah you can but you were getting bot raided, that’s my point. You wouldn’t risk it even if you were getting mass bot raided if the CPPS didn’t let you multilog. I’m not angry at all lol.. it’s servers.. in my temporary army?

  13. Okay then make the servers not multiloggable well still use it

  14. you mean praise brad and get a life and quit cpa.

  15. lol butthurt, you’re cpac editor in chef man and you should know better by not going against the army when you post about news and stuff.

  16. Great post btw.

  17. Hellp Chip.
    Let me clear few things out before I move forward to your Bullshit.

    1) Ice Warriors shifted to CPPS because some nigger like you was bot raiding.
    2) Moving to CPPS was my idea not leaders.

    Also, It seems like Night Rebels are doing great after you took the helm. However, at the same point isn’t this fishy?

    Water Vikings were maxing 10 back then in 2016, however, when you joined they suddenly rose up to 40+?

    Same way,

    Night Rebels were maxing 15 some days ago, but when you joined they rose up to 30?

    NR is maxing 30 in ausia where as the best ausia army can’t max 20+?

    Something Fishy is going on. You know it, I know it, CPA Community knows it. People of today are much smarter than they were back days.

    Stop cheating and play fair.

  18. im not

  19. lol

  20. Post matters comments do not I can say what i want

  21. Chip is just pulling shit out of his asshole. I know they’re making it so you can’t multilog in CPPS and it’ll be funny when Ice Warriors are the only ones using it. Chip talks so much shit and I’m going to challenge him.

    When night rebels get raided for 2 months like i did you can go to cpps,- but you wont

  22. Lol Flen. If I’m multilogging 15 or so at the Night Rebels and did at the Water Vikings, why haven’t I been exposed yet? NR literally gets 35 on chat and only maxes roughly 25. You can come and record our events, check supposedly accused multilogs and check our speed in room changes, formations, word tactics and the delay between normal tactics. The difference between me and everyone else its that I accuse and prove they multilog but people accuse me but can’t prove I do.

  23. Ice Warriors does the same thing but we get 50 on chat and get 30-40 like I literally don’t see your point. We move rooms we do bombs and word tactics. You’re a hypocritical faggot.

  24. The first time I returned to the Water Vikings we went from maxing 10 to 20 after a week (because I hired lots of former mods) The second time I came back (when we maxed 30+) was because around 5 RF mods joined us, and roughly five former WV such as Jack. NR maxed 30 at their AUSIA with 15+ rogues – it was a recruiting session. Compare the penguins at that event ot the penguins that attend normal 1 bar NR events and you’ll see that around 15 or so are not present. If you claim you know I’m cheating, take 30 minutes of your life and expose me once and for all 🙂

  25. You don’t bomb lol. Some troop was asking repeatedly to J bomb at the end of your event and you didn’t. You take around 30 seconds to move all your penguins to the new room. Let’s see you bomb at today’s invalid invasion.

  26. Well chip, I don’t know what the true face of yours is? The so called “Innocent” one, or the so called “Multilogger” one.

    Well, as time moves forward lets see what new things it bring to us? Maybe we’ll get to know everything in the future??

  27. Ok, let’s see what the future bring? maybe things will come in front of everyone ?

  28. Thought we didn’t have troops from what you said but okay

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