New Night Warriors Leadership Appointed

FOG, Night Warriors Capital – Following the retirement of Drake8893, Verum and XxToysoldier from the Night Warriors, DrMatt, former LT leader, and Tompenguin6, former DW and RPF Leader, have been appointed to take their place.

Confusion and anger has firmly clasped itself around the Night Warriors over the last ten days. Not only have the Night Warriors lost their two main leaders, Drake8893 and XxToysoldier, but also their replacement, Verum. These dark events have left Taco as sole leader of the Night Warriors.  As he tries to stabilise the army from the inside and juggle diplomatic relations, Taco has appointed DrMatt and Tompenguin6 to help him steer the ship. Taco himself has managed to keep their sizes on Club Penguin high yet inconsistent.

Night Warriors event under the sole leadership of Taco.

Both DrMatt and Tompenguin6 are prolific army leaders that have achieved above average feats in their respective armies. DrMatt is best known for leading the Light Troops through some of their most prominent generations, while Tompenguin6 has made a name for himself leading the Rebel Penguin Federation and the Dark Warriors.

On the 24th of May, 2016, DrMatt published his very first post as leader of NW. In this post, he declares he was asked to help lead the Night Warriors, and states his goals and that he will do his very best.

I am DrMatt most known from the Light Troops and the Blue Miners Army. I have been asked to take upon the role as leader for the Night Warriors. I will do my absolute best to succeed in the army. I will also bring lots of fun into the army, like contests and prizes! Feel free to PC me or kik me at breakawayfromstress .

My main goal, is to keep the Night Warriors on the rise. I have a powerful script that can annihilate any army that comes in our way. My other main goal is making the troops happy within the army.

As you can see from the extract above, Matt mentions his past armies and claims that he will do his absolute best to succeed in the Night Warriors. He says his main goal is to keep NW on the rise and that he has “a powerful script that can annihilate any army” that crosses the Night Warriors.

On the same day, just a few hours later, Tompenguin6 released his own post concerning his appointment. In his address to the army, he mentions that he is only a temporary leader until Taco returns next week.

I will be temp leader of the Night Warriors until Taco returns next week. My name is Tom, and I have led alongside Toy and Drake in both the Dark Warriors and the Rebel Penguin Federation, which we achieved massive sizes both times. As we transition into Summer, prepare and expect massive sizes from the Night Warriors.

As you can see from his address above, Tom declares that he is the temporary of the Night Warriors as Taco is unavailable to lead this week. He mentions that he has led alongside the duo of Toy and Drake in DW and RPF, which they achieved impressive sizes in both. He tells us to expect and prepare for massive sizes from NW.

I caught an interview with EpicMoose01, Night Warriors Third in Command, to help get a better understanding on the new leaders appointment and future plans for the Night Warriors.

Interview with EpicMoose01, NW Third in Command

CPAC: What do you think the newly appointed leaders, Tom and Matt, will bring to NW?

EpicMoose01: I think that they will be able to keep the army going at an ever stronger pace as Summer approaches.

CPAC: With the recent resignation of Toysoldier and Drake do you think they can reach the previous standard set by the duo?

EpicMoose01: I think if the current members stay loyal, hungry and faithful, they can help us to achieve something great.

CPAC: What does the future look like for NW in your eyes under this new leadership?

EpicMoose01: I think we are going to have a larger and more aggressive army as more people finish up school and get their Summer Holidays, we will continue to grow as a whole.

CPAC: Any last comments?

 EpicMoose01: Might of the Night.

As you can see in the interview above, EpicMoose is confident that Tompeguin6 and DrMatt will perform well as newly appointed Night Warriors Leaders. He declares that the army will be bigger and better than ever before as more of their troops finish up school for the Summer. He makes a plea for the current members of NW to stay loyal, hungry and faithful.

So, what do YOU think? Do YOU think the Night Warriors will be as strong under this new leadership? Will the Night Warriors ever reclaim their top spot?

Here at CPAC, we value YOUR opinions! Please comment them below!


CP Army Central Reporter


3 Responses

  1. Nice post.

  2. “a powerful script that can annihilate any army”, yeah fuck you and fuck your powerful script. you know what your powerful script is gonna annihilate, your own army and every other army in the community.

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