Top Ten Armies: 5/22/16

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – This week, the top army changed by a narrow margin, and a couple armies make their returns to the list. This is also the first week in a long time where the 10th army has at least 50 points, indicating a general improvement across the board.

1. Rebel Penguin Federation [+3][66.42]

2. Night Warriors [-1][64.67]

3. Army of Club Penguin [-1][64.65]

4. Army of the Republic [+0][62.07]

5. Romans [NEW!][61.24]

6. Night Rebels [+3] [54.50]

7. Silver Surfers [NEW!][53.76]

8. DJ Army [-1][53.01]

9. Chaos [+1][52.46]

10. Nachos [-2][50.50]

Click here for the full statistics.


*Please note that bios do not always reflect on the events of an entire week, and that the sizes stated are NOT always an accurate representation to those used in calculation. 

1. Rebel Penguin Federation: RPF started their week off with a quick practice battle where they maxed sizes of 18. Later RPF held a 2 training sessions and 1 extra ausia training hitting sizes of 15, 17 and 10. They ended their week with a practice battle against Nachos along with a recruiting session both hitting sizes of 16+.

2. Night Warriors: Night Warriors had a eventful week following the temp retirements of Toysoldier and Drake. They began their week with a training session along with a huge recruiting session that saw sizes of both 22 and 35. Later in the week they held another a practice battle along with a ausia maxing sizes of 15 and 7. To end their week they held 2 more ausia sessions & 2 more recruiting sessions – hitting sizes of 7 – 30.


3. Army of CP: ACP blasted off their week starting with a huge UK training hitting sizes of 35 along with a training session turned bot raid hitting sizes of 18. Later on ACP held 2 more training sessions hitting sizes of 22. They finished off their week with several more ausia events which were also meet with bot raids.

4. Army Republic: Army Republic started kicked their week off starting with 2 cleansing sessions hitting sizes of 22 and 6. Later they held 2 practice battles hitting sizes of 12 or more. To end their week they held several more cleansing sessions ranging from sizes of 10 to 22- along with a message to the bot raider.

5. Romans: Returning to the community this week, the Romans kicked off this era with an AUSIA cleansing of Flippers, their capital. In this, the army successfully maxed sizes of 7, averaging 5. They continued on to hold a UK training on Flippers. In this event, the Romans saw sizes of 15 throughout. Their next event was also of the UK division, attaining slightly higher sizes of 19. They went on to hold their first US event of this generation, maxing 13, before drawing their week to a close with another AUSIA event, achieving their best sizes yet of 22.


6. Night Rebels: The Night Rebels first had a practice battle against RPF, maxing about 20. Then, they trained with a top size of 15. Their last event this week was a practice battle against the Nachos, where they reached 17 troops online.

7. Silver Surfers: Returning after a bout of inactivity this week, the Silver Surfers kicked off with a UK event alongside Chaos. In this, the army managed to see sizes of 15 throughout. They continued on to participate in a battle on Snow Day versus a semi-unknown army. This was followed by an AUSIA event which maxed sizes of 6. Their next two events were of the UK division, one being Practice Battle. In both, the army managed to attain sizes of 11 throughout. Following this, the army held a US cleanse of their territory, which successfully maxed sizes of 14. Their next event was of the same standards. The Silver Surfers then had a PB versus the Rebel Penguin Federation, where they did not end as victors; maxing 10. They finished their week with a US invasion of Frozen, maxing sizes of 11.

8. DJ Army: The DJ Army had several training sessions and server cleansings this week, reaching their peak at an AUSIA cleansing of Hibernate with 13 online. Their best US event was an unscheduled training session where they topped off at 9, and for their UK division, a training session with another max of 9. They also had a couple of practice battles against the Aqua Warriors, maxing 5 and 7. At their other events, the DJ Army reached sizes of 6 – 12.

9. Chaos: Chaos began their week with an AUSIA training session, reaching 7 online. Next, they had a UK training with a max of 12. The following day, their UK trained again with a top size of 9. Chaos joined with Silver Surfers to practice battle AR and maxed 14. Then, they had an unscheduled training session and a UK training session, maxing 9 and 8 respectively.

10. Nachos: The Nachos commenced their week with a recruiting event on Ice Berg, maxing sizes of 17+. They continued on to participate in a Practice Battle versus the Army of the Republic, successfully attaining sizes of 16+ throughout. Their next event was a training on Fjord which attained similar sizes to their two events prior. They finished their week with a “Game Day” event, in which the army attained sizes of 12+.


Lorenzo Bean

CPA Central CEO


CPA Central Vice President


SMA Central CEO


47 Responses

  1. Nice work RPF. We’ll get it next week ACP, I know we have the power to.

  2. RPF is 1st.

    Fight the good figbt.

  3. You know what I don’t get? Is how all of the Nacho events we had got more penguins then the Chaos Army, yet the still got higher ranking than us. This also applies with the DJ Army. So can someone explain, because we had good sizes, yet still number 10. Im guessing it’s because they had more events then us, and if it ism the is a stupid way to rank armies. It should be something like the average size of all of the battles of the week, because then people would know that an army had a lot of people on, and not to mess with them. Just my opinion, doubt anyone e will trad this.

    Also #CPACBIAS

  4. noice noice

  5. dont understand how nw had 6 points less on tactics, Lorenzo is this your first time calculating the top ten?


  7. Because of all NW’s drilling sessions and recruiting events.

  8. 0.02 points away from 2nd ahhhh



  11. First off, are you 8? I got a headache from your terrible grammar. Second, that’s kinda the way they’re ranked right now. I could be wrong, though. Anyways, Nachos are basically dead, the leadership sucks, and the army is full of brain-dead retards like Sarge. Anyways, I’m not gonna stress too much over it. Cheers mate.

  12. RPF 4Ever 😀

  13. NW says ‘-2’, wouldn’t it be ‘-1’??

  14. I still think this was a good Top Ten. SS doing pretty darn good!


  16. LOL what the fuck? Why did RPF get full tactics while no one else got it? LOL stop fucking us in the top ten please- you purposely gave them 3 more tactics points just to FUCK ACP AND NW

  17. Congrats to SS. Silver is the new gold

  18. Someone just tell me how the fuck are RPF ahead of NW?

  19. And a lot of our events as well as some other armies’ events are getting raided by bots. That’s a huge jolt to our sizes.

  20. ACP should be first – if you gave RPF full tactics then ACP clearly deserved the same LOL literally trying your hardest to piss me off huh?

  21. Who me? Don’t ever call me that, it is an insult of the highest order.

  22. Let’s show an what were made of, release your rage and empower our forces.

  23. Dang lol

  24. Shut up.. Also, Sarge isn’t even in the Nachos. Get a life; or do you prefer being retired yet being the person with the most (retarded)comments on CPAC.

  25. Silver is the new Gold? That doesn’t even make sense..they are different minerals.

  26. Why exactly is Nachos’ event quality and Tactics points so low?

  27. The real Top Three is: 1. RPF. 2nd. ACP 3rd. AR…. 10th = NW.
    Lol NW had like 2 ausia that had 5 on chat and 30 on CP. Even Cp Army Central AP, Trader, witnessed it.

  28. Reblogged this on CP Night Rebellion and commented:
    Great job guys! We can do this even better next time! 😉

  29. Good job to all armies this week!

  30. Phin, you are stupid. The Nachos has not died once. They would die just because of this? No no, you’re wrong. The Nachos are keeping it strong to stay that way. Who cares if they are 10th, they are still going to be strong after next week to prove themselves a better one, same goes for the ACP.

  31. Its just a top ten, get over it.

  32. Truth.


  34. You know theres a problem when the number 1 army maxes 10.

  35. lol basically everyone is trying hard to get 1st but most armies cant bc everyone are hving exams rn

  36. Yay rpf’s first 🙂

  37. Hold up, your lack of grammar is making me cringe. Rephrase that whole comment, and your life.

  38. stop picking on little kids phin.

  39. Shit dude, I haven’t seen sizes above 45 since LT. Last year around this time the highest score was 94, now it’s 66? I used to say this all the time but now I mean it more than ever. Armies are dying. :/

  40. Ekhem… “FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT” Rulers dude :3

  41. just close down armies like chip said

  42. No worries, Adden. Obviously Armies have fallen; it’s clear, but some people don’t let this game go and for this, fortunately, we won’t be dying soon. The only way we’ll die before 2017 is if Project Super Secret’s release date is sooner that it should be. Fortunately, yet again, Club Penguin has hinted that Project Super Secret will only be available on mobile. You’ll be seeing immenser sizes when the Water Vikings return.

  43. Plus project super secrete might bring more people into the community and the added dimension might actually help cp warfare.

  44. fuck you.

  45. it’s funny seeing people worked up over club penguin

  46. Bias

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