Army of Club Penguin Cuts Ties With the Night Warriors

BREEZE, ACP Capital – After a rather appalling week for the Army of Club Penguin, they have now also formally announced that they will be cutting ties with the Night Warriors due to the hiring of Flen into their army.

This week was distasteful for the Army of Club Penguin as they have had almost all their events raided by bots from an anonymous user under the Alias of “38 Botter”. Many people have presumed that the bot raider behind the mask is either the infamous Waterkid or former YearOfTheRaid leader, Flen. However, ACP leader, Bam, is nearly positive that Flen is the one behind the bot raids, claiming that Flen’s IP matches the original site’s address. You may read the post regarding this by clicking HERE. You may see a picture of the ACP being bot-raided below:


Over on the Night Warrior’s side of things, they have also gotten bot raided a few times but it seems that the raids have stopped as soon as Flen, now Night Warriors 3ic, joined the army, adding further evidence that the bot raider is indeed Flen. Trader, ACP leader grew infuriated as soon as he found out that Flen got hired into the Night Warriors army, leading him to accuse the Night Warriors of being entirely behind the bot raids.

Below is what Trader had to say in regards to breaking alliances,

“The Night Warriors have hired a cheater into their army. We do not want to be involved with what they are doing. So we are no longer allies with the Night Warriors.

Flen has been exposed for hacking, ddosing and bot raiding multiple army events.

Until he is fired the ACP will not acknowledge anything that the Night Warriors do, they are not even considered an army with cheaters like him.

Any former ACP who are in the Night Warriors will lose their rank on the ACP chat until they retire from the Night warriors.”

The Night Warriors are yet to respond to the break of alliances.

Well, there you have it, viewers. After a dreadful week for the Army of Club Penguin, Trader has also broke alliances with the Night Warriors, believing that they are the reason his army is getting bot raided.

So, what do YOU think? Do YOU think the bot raids will stop soon? Is Flen truly the bot raider? If so, are Flen and the Night Warriors working together to take down the ACP? Will the Army of Club Penguin become allies with the Night Warriors again?

Here at CP Army Central, we would love to your opinion(s). Comment them/it below.


CP Army Central Associate Producer


4 Responses

  1. flen is a bitch

  2. Flen? That guy, who is always in other army? Meh… .rly?

  3. #truE

  4. why was it an appalling weak wtf are you autistic

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