Marines Take a Bitter Fall

FROZEN, Marine’s Capital – The marines shook the community by peaking as the second biggest army a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, two weeks later, the Marines found themselves sitting entirely out of the Top Ten.

The marines opened their gates back into the community on April 25th, 2016,(which you can read about by clicking HERE) executing various events in such a short span of time and achieving a fair size for such a new army. They held down their fort, stabilizing their size to around 20-25 for the entirety of their re-opening week. The next week had no good news in store for the Marines. They figured out that Epic Master, then Marines leader, attempted to fake events and membership codes. Shortly after their discovery, they decided to overthrow Epic Master from the army, decreasing their leaders to only two. It would be invalid to claim that Epic Master’s absence is solely responsible for Marine’s downfall, but it is without doubt one of the major factors. You may see an event picture led by Epic Master below:











The Marines then commenced their third week with the duo leadership of Jack and Revan. At first, it seemed as if Epic Master’s overthrow barely took a toll on the army, only decreasing Marine’s sizes by a measly amount of five. However, unfortunately, the Marines then entered a protracted period of inactivity that was all but expected. The army updated their event schedule with practice battles, war events, and training sessions but none of them actually took place. The Marine’s website is now looking neglected, only containing posts chanting recruiting tags posted nearly a week ago. Jack and Revan explained their reason behind the inactivity of the army to me, claiming that they are too busy with in-real-life activities to properly lead the Marines. You may see a screenshot of Marine’s current website state by looking below: (Right Click and click ‘Open image in New Tab’ to enlarge)

Why do I think the Marines fell?

It is without doubt that the quickest rise always has the quickest fall. Stabilize your army ranks with people who will remain loyal and you will avoid experiencing problems regarding such matter(s). A hopper, as useless as it could be could get aboard and kill the army a few days later.

So, what do YOU think? Did you expect the Marines to fall all of a sudden? What do YOU think caused the Marines to fall? Do YOU believe the Marines will be back in action soon? Will the Marines shut down?

Here at CP Army Central, we value your opinion(s). Comment them/it below!


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6 Responses

  1. FIRST!!!!!!!!!

  2. Well shit, people have a life so.

  3. Nice post, el.

  4. I knew. I knew it.
    R.I.P Marines – 2016-2016 [*]

  5. Thank you

  6. or they just don’t feel like multilogging some more

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