Toysoldier and Drake Announce Temporary Absence

FOG, Night Warriors Capital – The leadership duo resurrected and led the Night Warriors for nearly four months. With a sudden retirement taken place, what could possibly happen to the Night Warriors?

May 14th saw the unexpected retirement of Toysoldier and Drake along with a post on Night Warrior’s website explaining the reasoning behind their retirement. You may read the post by looking below:

“I’ve made the decision to pull my brakes for the time being. Drake and I require a long needed break after our five month return to armies. I’m running low on motivation, and Drake has an upcoming surgery. During the Summer, however, there will be much more to do. We will be ready, and we will be fueled for anything. We will be out to win it all.

We will return, do not forget this. Stay in NW. Keep it great. I, along with Drake, have been playing this for too long. This may be our final push.

We will be back, and we will be back strong. It would not surprise me if people began invading our territory – so take note: we will retaliate when we return. Beware. I’m 100% sure however that Verum & Taco will settle everything just fine.


-Toysoldier, Night Warriors now former leader

In the post above, Toysoldier explains that he lost his motive for armies and that Drake will be too busy with his surgery, so they will be “pulling their brakes”.

This week, the Night Warriors fell in terms of quality in comparison to last week’s performance, presumingly because Drake had been busy and Toysoldier lacked the motivation needed to go to his full potential. However, the two leaders were still partially present in the army, but now, their complete absence will more than likely greatly affect the army negatively. You may see the drop in performance in the combined picture below:

With Toysoldier and Drake retired, the fate of the army rests in the hands of Verum and Tacodaily, the current duo leadership. Verum and Taco are confident on leading the Night Warriors to sizes similar to that of Drake and Toysoldiers’ era.

I managed to grab an interview with Verum about his intentions for the Night Warriors.

Me = Blue

Verum = Red

Chip: Now that Drake and Toy are retired, what do you plan on doing to stabilize the army?

Verum: Taking inspiration from the 6ix God Drake and listening to One Dance on repeat for four hours everyday as meditation.

Chip: Do you have any upcoming war plans for the Night Warriors?

Verum: No. No armies are big enough to fight us, so it would give us an unfair advantage and we already destroyed Meek Mill back to back. All hail the 6ix God!

Chip: Do you think you will drop in the Top Ten standings now that the Night Warriors lost two major leaders?

Verum: No because we’re reopening our UK division which will give us the extra points needed to keep our current Top Ten standing.

Chip: Do you have any last comment to add?


As you can see above, Verum is certain that the Night Warriors will not take a dramatic fall.

So what do YOU think? Will the Night Warriors fall on the Top Ten standings? Are they ready for war? Will the Night Warriors inaugurate any new leaders?

Here at CP Army Central, we are pleased to hear comment(s). Comment them/it below!


CP Army Central Reporter


4 Responses

  1. 6ix god

  2. Byee toy and drake

  3. Hope Drake’s surgery goes well.

  4. They say people are like stained glass windows: they sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true nature is revealed, but only if there is darkness from within.

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