Army Republic Obliged to Capitulate

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FOG, Night Warriors Capital – After the Night Warriors raided Army Republic’s event on May 1st, they formally declared war on them a day later. You may read the post regarding the declaration of war by clicking HERE. A few days of clashing back and forth, the Army Republic surrendered the war, granting the Night Warriors victory.

From May 2nd to May 7th(the date the Army Republic surrendered) there had been a total of 12 events, in which the Army Republic beat the Night Warriors in three events, and the Night Warriors beat the Army Republic in nine. Unfortunately, although expected, out of all 12 battles, neither armies actually ‘battled’ one another. After the Army Republic realized that the Night Warriors were taking too much of their empire, they quickly surrendered, giving the Night Warriors nine new servers and the war victory. You may see the post regarding the surrender below:

“The war between us and the Night Warriors is now over. They beat us fair and square. We were disorganized and were lost in what to do. They now “own” all of our land which is fine, we’ll re-invade it in the future. However in their final war statement, they claimed that we are officially dead. What fools they are, who do they think we are? We are the Army Republic. We make our opponents fear us and show no mercy. From this day forth, let us reconstruct our glorious empire and regain the title of most feared army of club penguin. Tomorrow we have a recruiting session so please make sure you attend it. We will be recruiting a lot of new players and it will be a good event to get us back into shape. I hereby name this,

The Reconstruction Era”

~Ace, Army Republic leader

In the post above, Ace, Army Republic leader, mentions that the Night Warriors beat them fair and square because they were disorganized and were lost on what to do. Ace then gives his army hope by informing them of a Recruiting Session that they are going to hold the day after. He then named their newly formed era – ‘The Construction Era’.

Over on the Night Warrior’s website, Toysoldier, Night Warriors leader, published a post congratulating his soldiers on their hard work and announcing that they conquered Army Republic’s empire and “killed them”. You may read an excerpt of his post below:

Since I couldn’t get ahold of Toysoldier nor Drake, I could not interview them about their opinions on the war. However, fortunately, I managed to grabbed an interview with Army Republic’s UK leader, Wheelo about what he has to say regarding the war.

Chip = Blue

Wheelo = Red

Chip: Now that the war is over, do you think that the Army Republic and the Night Warriors could go to war once again in the near future?

Wheelo: I can’t make any promises regarding peace, but I can say that, for now, things between us are quite civilized.


Chip: In Army Republic’s surrender post, Ace mentioned that the Army Republic lost their entire empire to the Night Warriors. How does the Army Republic plan to get it back?

Wheelo: Well for now, we’re cleansing unoccupied servers. Once we have a fair amount of servers back, we will then address the matter of regaining our servers lost in the war.


Chip: Do you have any comments to add?

Wheelo: Summer 😉

While both armies stay neutral for now, what do YOU think about the war?

Do YOU think the Night Warriors will go to war with the Army Republic in the near future? Will the Night Warriors return servers to the Army Republic as part of a deal? Which army do YOU support?

Here at CP Army Central, we would love to hear your opinion(s). Comment them/it below!


CP Army Central Reporter


3 Responses

  1. When the Nacho-NW treaty ends I think AR will declare war again. After all, The treaty does expire in June. Unless if NW&AR agree to a treaty.

  2. Lol oh god.

  3. NW – Now it’s the best and the most strongest army on CPAWM. So, i’m not surprised about that #rektAR.
    Yes, i’m bad grammar machine too #Bam117 .

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