Ice Warriors Enter Lockdown

Sub Zero, Ice Warriors Capital – The Ice Warriors army, only being alive for a few days, have decided to close down.

The Ice Warriors have only been alive for a few days, in these few days a lot of questions have been thrown around. Will Ghost and Spy be able to lead Ice Warriors? What sizes will the Ice Warriors achieve? Why hasn’t Ice Warriors held their first major event yet? In a post written by Andrew24, former Ice Warriors Leader, he explains some of what is going on right now.

Hey guys,

For the past few days IW have been in total chaos due to both Ghost and Spy being unable to come on. Lines have been blocked, and people have become uninterested. In a few months things may change, people may become active and armies may grow a bit. But for now IW needs to remain on lockdown until then. I’m glad that everyone came together when Ghost and Spy announced the return of IW, and I hope to see that again in a few more months. It was great talking and seeing all of you, hopefully you all return very soon. IW will be back, it might not be as strong as it once was, but it’ll definitely be fun like it once was.

For now.. stay together and remember the times we all had!

This post written by Andrew24 explains most of our questions. The reason that the Ice Warriors haven’t been as active as we expected, is because Ghost and Spy are busy people. This is normal for most people, we grow up and we have less and less time for Club Penguin armies. Andrew says that he’s glad that the Ice Warriors loyal troops all gathered around when they announced the return of the army, but they won’t be returning just yet. For more information, we went to Iceyfeet, the Ice Warriors creator.

Interview with Iceyfeet, Ice Warriors Creator

Trader: “Why are the Ice Warriors going into lockdown?”

Iceyfeet: “I think it’s because both Spy and Ghost don’t currently have the time to put their full effort into operating Ice Warriors, and they want to pick out owners who are capable of leading Ice Warriors to success.”

Trader: “Do the Ice Warriors plan to reopen anytime soon?”

Iceyfeet: “Yes.”

Trader: “When the Ice Warriors reopen, how will you get passed the blocked lines issue?”

Iceyfeet: “I was hoping to construct Ice Warriors in a different way where we were more cp oriented, but I honestly don’t have the time to do anything of that right now. The blocked lines are a major issue for any army, the best way to get around that is to find other methods to recruit, or to spend some time and search for new lines.”

Trader: “The Ice Warriors troops said they’re going to force themselves into the leadership because the current leadership is inactive, will you call this leadership “Invalid” if so, why?”

Iceyfeet: “I’m sure other armies probably would call something like this invalid, however I am not one of those people. If they think they have the potential to lead Ice Warriors to success, then they at least deserve the chance to do so. In my opinion I wouldn’t call it invalid since Ghost and Spy told me they really don’t have the time to lead Ice Warriors, however, since they were he ones leading Ice warriors, they can demote the “New leaders” if they (ghost/spy) wish to return.”

Trader: “Any last comments?”

Iceyfeet: “Bye for now :D”

During our talk with Iceyfeet, he tells us a lot of things about the current state of Ice Warriors. Iceyfeet agrees with Andrew24 and the rest of the Ice Warriors about the current leaders, Ghost and Spy, not having enough time and lead and being very busy. But he also states in this interview that he’s okay with having the owners lead the army, if they believe they are capable of doing so. This leads to even more questions about the army and it’s future.

The Ice Warriors at the moment are reaching sizes of 13+, it seems realistic for where Club Penguin armies are right now, and I personally  believe that the Ice Warriors leaders should let another people lead the army if they believe they have the motivation and the strength to lead. Obviously the Ice Warriors have many people following them and a lot of loyal troops, they just need a leader or two.

Will Ghost and Spy return to the Ice Warriors? Are the Ice Warriors staying closed? Who will be the hero that stands up and saves the army from this devastating time?

Share your ideas and thoughts below!


Editor in Chief


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