What’s the Point of the Community?

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Philosophy Desk – The community is filled with a multitude of armies, big and small, old and new, and it’s no secret that every army has the same goal: to get into the top ten and and conquer the community each week, or it’s to become a legendary army, or maybe it’s to add more fun to the huge community. There’s just one problem..

The community has a majority of smaller armies, but it only seems that bigger armies take a majority because we constantly pay more attention to them, but not for good reason anymore. If any of the community members have been around since late 2011 up to recently, there is a huge change in the bigger part of the community.

2014 was the year everything begin to change, Elmikey introduced auto-typing to the community, as well as multi-logging, and at first, these two things were frowned upon. Autotyping and multi-logging were considered to be unforgivable offenses in an army, ranging from a simple demotion to a blatant firing to the offender. When 2015 rolled around, autotyping was shown to be a huge contribution to rising sizes in various armies, leading autotyping to be accepted, but multi-logging still had been shunned. It wasn’t until mid 2015 that multi-logging was somehow accepted into the community, and this caused major issues.

At the time, we thought it was only one issue: Club Penguin would do mass banning time to time because of the community’s multi-logging and auto-typing. Mutli-logging was thought to be the cause of all the banning, but it was a combination of the two. 

“But Chris, Club Penguin doesn’t approve of multi-logging”, well I have a question for you all: HOW DO THEY KNOW IT’S MULTI-LOGGING AND NOT JUST A BUNCH OF PEOPLE IN THE SAME HOUSE TOGETHER? 

“There’s an issue with that, Chris, who has 5+ computers in the house?” I can see why you say that, and allow me to rephrase. If there was one person doing all of the multi-logging, Club Penguin’s moderators would have this first thought:

“Meh, it’s just a bunch of penguins together, nothing wrong here!”

But if a moderator gets really curious, they could discover that with the technology given, they can find out if they’re all from the same internet protocol (IP) address. If there’s a multitude of people multi-logging, they can secure a moderator’s first thought as said above, but it’ll get suspicious after a while. So, even if armies got away with multi-logging by Club Penguin’s staff, what is the final nail on the coffin? Auto-typing. Auto-typing and multi-logging together makes it look like there are robots on Club Penguin, alarming the game’s moderators to start banning players.

Even if Club Penguin wasn’t a problem, there is still an aspect of cheating. Cheating has lead armies to lose reputation, and become suspicious if sizes get big enough. So, with this said, what’s the point?

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 9.24.05 AM

The point of bigger armies were to conquer the leaderboards each week, to become well known and famous, to attract the most attention in the brightest light possible, and now.. they’re just suspicious. It is now 2016 and multi-logging and auto-typing has declined exponentially.

Because Club Penguin has a low chance at finding culprits of multi-logging and auto-typing, despite being able to do that in the past, being banned on said gaming platform wasn’t ever anyone’s true fear. Ever since multi-logging began, while there were people who feared banning sprees, most of us were thinking long term. Even after these cheating methods have been in the rear-view mirror for a long period of time, the majority of the community can see bigger armies as cheaters, thinking that bigger armies these days are just multi-logging and auto-typing to get to where they are now.

The reason why everyone started cheating in the first place was because of a troop decline that happened a couple years ago, and everyone’s sizes are now back up, which is normal, but nobody can become a bigger army without being suspicious to others. Look at the smaller armies, it’s going to be harder to get more bigger armies because of constant suspicion. One day, all the bigger armies we know now will die out, and if smaller armies aren’t able to become bigger, then the community will just die.

Look at the ACP, the Ice Warriors, the Light Troops, for crying out loud! ACP, the Ice Warriors, and the Light Troops (and many other bigger armies) have had a repertoire of multi-logging in the past, and I won’t be a hypocrite, to be honest, I even experimented with autotyping some years ago, But I had a reason for it: I was constantly threatened with demotions years back, so I felt like I had no choice.

What’s the point of that truth? To show that not every troop wants to cheat, but they do it just to keep their ranks, and it doesn’t have a good feeling at all to do such horrible things.

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 9.36.19 AM

Back to the point, the ACP once had an incident with multi-logging a year ago, and the new leaders were being blamed for it, and it has leaved ACP in a negative light. Then there’s the Ice Warriors, and not being biased, I’m going to be real with you, the Ice Warriors had their troops (including myself) auto-type, and believe me, there is still some leftover guilt from that on my part, but I never multi-logged and I ain’t starting now.

And there’s one army that I wanted to talk about: the Light Troops. Of course the Light Troops did start the whole cheating craze (alongside the Dark Warriors when Elmikey helped to start it too, but I really don’t think he meant any harm), but it’s been a long time since those controversial times, and the Light Troops have straightened up, but there’s one problem: the Light Troops remain under suspicion by those who overthink the whole process of an army.

I’m going to be real with you, Waterkid has given up so much proof to the community that the Light Troops don’t multi-log that it’s not even easy to ignore, he’s given pictures of the chat, pictures of membership giveaways and different accounts, he’s even us so much proof, so why keep blaming him? To most people in the community, the Light Troops began it all, and they are hated in the community by a majority.

Note: This post isn’t to solely prove an individual’s innocence, but just to ask what the point is in an army as big as the ACP, Light Troops, IW, etc.

Here is an excerpt from Waterkid’s post on the Light Troops he made after Spring Break.

Armies are boring as hell now. I thought returning for Spring break and causing some trouble would spice things up but in the end it’s all the time.
What’s the point of trying to make your army big when people just say you multi log? Personally, I never thought that the Night Warriors did or could multi log, because I know that bot recruiting does work and it can get you a lot of recruits if you do it properly.
Obviously when it comes to armies like Doritos & UMA, it’s obvious they’re a bunch of multi logs. But when I show everyone LT’s site views, join applications, record our battles, pictures of my entire screen, people still think that we’re not legitimate? What could I possible benefit from multi logging an entire army? As people have already stated, I’m already a CPA army legend, what else do I have to prove?
And as for LT’s return event, even I didn’t expect such a huge turnout, and I can understand if people think we multi logged. I wanted to make sure LT got at least 40 – 50 at our return event, so like I did in Winter 2015, I hyped up our return event. This time I hyped it for around 1 and a half weeks, no event until our big one. I also promised to give out 6 month membership codes, which attracted our old troops from previous generations and a lot of new ones. I never expected to get above 60 on CP, let alone 100. I wasn’t even aware we had 99/100 on CP until Epic Master counted our lock outs. But the fact people think I’ll spend my time multi logging ALL these accounts just to be look ”relevant” (according to Trader, one of the most irrelevant leaders in the community) is absolutely bizarre.

And this quote isn’t just dedicated to the Light Troops, it’s dedicated to all of the big armies. The Doritos and the Night Warriors, the Ice Warriors and the ACP, every big army you see has been an offender at least once of cheating methods before, and while it’s ok that we all do unintelligent things time to time, reputation is greatly affected.

The Light Troops haven’t multi-logged in AGES, the Night Warriors have gone quiet, heck, nobody does this sh*t anymore, and big armies are still being suspicious of multi-logging, or what is it called now.. bot recruiting?

Bot recruiting has started to show up on the radar, and it better stop while it’s still ahead, or else this craze will be the final nail on the coffin for our community.

And if no armies are in Light Troops’ place right now, and if anyone is still continuing multi-logging/bot recruiting, I suggest you stop while you’re still ahead. 

What’s the point of a big army if it’s suspicious? What’s the point of becoming bigger if the past dictates an army’s present actions? 

This post isn’t to blatantly prove the Light Troops army’s innocence, it’s to show that there might be bigger armies in their same place right now.

Move on, stop letting every big army’s past dictate the future. It’s time we step up and prevent more armies from being like the Light Troops. Waterkid may not be perfect, but it’s only through all the proof he’s given us that he’s innocent.


Look at the smaller armies, when they get to be bigger armies, are we going to distrust them, or are we going to support more generations of troops?

The choice is yours. Please choose wisely, do it for the Squirtle that I am. #InnerPokemonScreen Shot 2016-04-13 at 10.04.06 AM

Here at CP Army Central, we want YOUR opinion! Please leave your thoughts in the comments below! 


CP Army Central Philosopher/Historian 


57 Responses

  1. Technically Doritos got the same problem but because of that there were nobody for the past 2 or 3 months. I even tried to go on chat at DCP and no one was there. Not even Mustapha, Trader, or Possum. It seems like DCP had died because of a simple mistake and the fact of us believing in Sprite. My last desperate call in this comment: Save DCP for once. At least reborn the army even if it can only get to sizes up to 10.

  2. I find it funny how you protect waterkid. I have the same script he uses to recruit and acp only gets 20. Yes he takes pictures of chat and shit, it’s not hard to use one computer to record and cheat using another. It’s all fake. This community is trash. Nobody is going to stop cheating. Let’s just suicide bomb. The biggest leaders in the community always get caught, that shows something, it shows that it’s our last resort and we’re dying. It triggers me that you believe waterkid is legit. You CANNOT max 100 legit. I don’t care who you are. I m p o s s I b l e

  3. I’m not trying to protect Waterkid, sure, it looks like it, but that’s not what I’m trying to do. 😦

    Plus, it seems that you’re right. If we had Reset Bombs, I’d probably throw one right now on this community. We need a completely new generation, one that doesn’t do all this cheating.

    …Though I don’t think it’ll ever happen, but who’s to say I can’t try?

  4. Who is to say we all can’t try to make the community?

  5. A better place***** damn I press enter too soon. #Fail

  6. “The new leaders were being blamed and it has leaved ACP in a negative light”

  7. Exactly

  8. I remember that from YEARS ago. Curse me and my lack of clarification.

  9. I was pointing out the grammar mistake lol. Otherwise, nice post Chris!

  10. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  11. Trader is in ACP, and I’m usually on but afk when I’m not busy. Js

  12. you don’t need an entire essay to just say the point of this community is to log on club penguin and do cultish formations and tactics

  13. The reason CPA is in such decline is because we’re experiencing the aftermath of bot recruiting, autotyping and multilogging. We’ve driven the CP community to hate us because we practically ruined the game by clogging up the town with bots. You can’t recover from this unless you start engaging with the community and helping them, instead of continuing to harass CP players into joining an army.

    You’ve brought this on yourselves.

  14. pretty much the entirety of dcp multilogged dude. denying it is basically the club penguin equivalent of the denial of the holocaust.

  15. Vanity and pseudo-accomplishment.

  16. it’s because you are shit at recruiting and your work ethic is incomparable to waters. if i log onto ice berg, i will see 4 lt bots and no acp bots.

  17. I think that using autotypers isn’t the problem. The problem is how many people abuse autotypers and the effect THAT has on cp and cpa

  18. The problem IS the autotyping. And its not even autotyping anymore. Its botting, and against CP guidelines. It amazes me that so many people are blind to the fact that its wrong.

  19. so true

  20. You should do a little more research. Multilogging is done by opening more club penguin tabs. From what I’m aware, it was introduced in 2015 because in 2014, you couldn’t do that. Autotyping was accepted as the standard recruiting method in 2014. All armies were doing it. The post says it wasn’t until 2015 that autotyping was accepted but that’s factually incorrect. Since when do moderators check or care about IPs? That makes very little sense. Other than that, it’s a good topic to discuss.

  21. Also Night Warriors have provided proof time and time again way before LT even reopened. Do the research man.

  22. Doing research was a bit hard, most of the information was from older sites I can’t really find, archives that have been forgotten, and I relied on my memories. Thanks for filling me in though. ❤

  23. And to be honest, I didn’t do much research because I want discussion. I wanted something more than just “nice post” and “good job, Chris”. It makes me feel nobody truly reads my posts. I want comment debate, topic discussion.. I want people to tell me WHY they like them. Every other philosopher had elaborate comments, so why can’t I?

  24. How about this: I really liked your post because it describes what a sh*t community this is. I totally agree with every bit of it. 😀

  25. Multilogging has been around for years now.

    A few years ago though, people were using things like Opera or other methods to circumvent CPs system. You had to be savvy to get away with it.

    Multilogging has only blown up recently, the last year or so, because its crazy easy to do it now. CP has revoked its system meaning that just about any idiot with a computer can get on 4-5+ consistently. And just about every idiot has.

  26. Flexes ACP Arsenal

  27. Funny I rarely see LT bots, it’s RPF ACP and NW. Maybe if you weren’t a biased retard youd see my point.

  28. No, you’re absolutely right. Water can obviously record himself leading the event which completely eliminates the idea of him cheating, but he clearly multilogs 70+ penguins!

  29. Also only someone also renowned for cheating as m’Lord Trader would even consider multilogging to over 100 possible seeing as how he got so close with DCP.

  30. Nice post, Christopher.

  31. I have tons of pictures of You admitting to multilogging and letting flen and drmatt multilog. So how about you shut up real quick

  32. When someone drinks too much at a party, they get wild drunk and become the life of the party for a few hours, but the next morning they’ll have one hell of a hangover
    Same applies here, everyone recruited illegitimately because the alternate option was too difficult for them, and as a direct result caused the rest of the CP community to hate the concept of CP armies
    > all to get 8 year olds to join their snowball club in a kids’ game that they shouldn’t even be playing with this level of dedication

  33. It’s been a LONG time, Gordy! ^_^

  34. How’ve you been?

  35. Well I am sad that DCP is technically dead. I haven’t seen a post for the past god damn knows when a month ago I remember? And seemingly Mustapha was just never heard of ever again. The last post was from you for the past 1 month. We only got 10 max at last point. I wanted to join leader to know what it feels like to become one and trying my best to revive DCP if it is the last thing I do to save the army.

  36. I do agree that Change did bring the admission and the “permission” that potentially killed the army but it was Trader in the leader that just retires seeing the corrupted army and leaving mustapha and possum all by themselves gaining weight on the army corruption and the screams from the authorities and others. No offense but both of you are part of why DCP dying. Even I was the reason because of not participating a lot in armies.

  37. how bout we all take a nice herbal bath and chill out

  38. you can all see nachos totally clean of dis stuff.

  39. Oh really?

  40. nachos weren’t mentioned bout no cheating or anythin.

  41. I didn’t say anything because I didn’t ever pay attention that much to the Nachos, and I still don’t. I just don’t notice anything bad going on in Nachos..

  42. ye tru dude in the nachos were all takin herbal baths u should try one.

  43. Nachos introduced auto typing in 2013. I exposed them and made it a known recruiting method. I never multi logged my only multi log scandal was when I put one penguin in nacho pre battle room and one in RPF pre battle room to show that RPF was infact bigger at the same time.

  44. The community thought you started it. I was a kid at the time, my memory isn’t the best.

  45. rocky kik me bbyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ❤

  46. a kid bro its been 3 years

  47. and no ur autistic because u rarely see nacho bots its always other armies stop blaming other ppl

  48. I recommend 2 grams of hallucinogenic mushrooms a day, and an herbal bath.

  49. Are you that stupid? You realise it would take at LEAST 20 computers to multilog 100+… God damn. How many computers do you think Water owns? You’re just salty that ACP are weak. LT is legit. Gg.

  50. I did you need to reply lmao

  51. I really would like to see the ‘tons’ of pictures of me multilogging lol

  52. how do you guys multilog so much. my record is like 40 on cp at once.

  53. Phin, your opinion is irrelevant.

  54. Nice post Chris, but the multi logging and bot recruiting and etcetera is a dead horse now. Kicking it won’t do any good. I know it’s the only things on our minds after The things we’ve done, but I don’t think there is a point of making these kinds of posts anymore, just spreading my thoughts.

  55. That’s what I’ve been thinking, too. I guess I just wanted to poke it with a stick.

  56. Best post in past month honestly lols for real

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