Green Mercenaries Merge Into Water Vikings

Frostbite, Water Vikings Nation – The Green Mercenaries have recently re-entered the Top Ten listings and were preparing themselves for a long and interesting generation. However, things have moved in a different direction, as they have now been shut down and merged into the Water Vikings.

The Green Mercenaries reopened on March 13th with continuous strong Ausia and US events. These events saw them hit sizes of up to 24, with some well executed tactics to follow. Its been nearly a month since the army returned, holding several top ten positions and increased sizes. One of their most recent events can be seen below;

One of GM’s most recent events

On April 11th- Green Mercenaries leader, Samsungy announced a huge merge into one of their close allies, Water Vikings. In Samsungy’s heart felt speech he claims this was the most successful of all generations, as well as giving great detail to what ranks troops may get due to their official merge into WV. A quick excerpt from his post can be seen below

Hey Mercenaries,

Our time has come to say goodbye. This generation has no doubt been the most successful and we merged as our sizes were decreasing. I, creator of GMA decided to merge us into the powerful WV. Go there and say you’re from GMA to get a good rank and to be part of a good army! The details of the merge are below:

-Samsungy, GMA Creator and Head General

With this announced and done Water Vikings Leader, Jack was quick to welcome all incoming GM troops and leaders. A solid and informative expert from Jack’s welcoming post can be seen below;

And the rise continues…

I am proud to announce to merge of a former CPAC army; The Green Mercenaries Army.

In this merge they leave their old home behind and come to find refuge within the Water Vikings ranks. Let us greet them with the respect and honour they deserve. The Water Vikings is always welcoming to any troops who wish to join us in our fight for justice.

It was only a few days ago we defeated The ACP in a battle which we, to say the least, DEMOLISHED them.

-Jack, Water Vikings Commander

Jack readily welcomes all of the incoming troopers with open arms stating Water Vikings are happy to have them.He goes into detail of the merge and gladly welcomes all of their former ally army. He goes on to praise Water Vikings strength and honor as well as stating the servers received from Green Mercenaries.

Later in the week Water Vikings held their most recent event – a well sized training session on the server Frostbite, and in a short but well played event WV managed to hit potent sizes of around 30, alongside decently performed tactics. A picture from their event can be seen below.


As seen above, Water Vikings seem to be on the rise once again hitting stable sizes of 25 – 30 throughout a weeks time. With many leaders and the new additional troops and man power from Green Mercenaries  this may just be the beginning for WV.


While I think its sad to see another army leave this community with such a short and memorial  push in the most recent times, It will make for more interesting plots around the community with Water Vikings pushing forward once more.


What do YOU think about Green Mercenaries merge? Do YOU think the merge will last? What do YOU think will happen with Water Vikings now? What do YOU think Boomer looks like naked?

Comment what you think below! [Don’t be afraid to start a useless fight] 

***Note***I was unable to get a quick interview with former GM Leaders due to be being banned for being too sexy via Water Vikings chatroom. 



CP Army Central Editor-in-Chief

Bad Grammar Machine

Sexy Steve



10 Responses

  1. Wow no comments? BUSH DID 9/11

  2. “Water vikings” Dammit Bam, work on your capitalization.

  3. Actually someone edited that lol FK U

  4. When and what time? I have a busy schedule. Jkjk nohatepls

  5. ”alongside decently performed tactics” everyone does tactic

  6. not every picture is perfect, check your beloved army results

  7. Don’t listen to funks bam. He leads an army that turns decent people into borderline autistics. Don’t take him seriously.

  8. I havent lead an army for 5 months…


  10. But Sam left WV for ACP as 4ic.

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