Golds Merge to Form Dark Warriors

Frosty, Dark Warriors Capitol- Due to internal conflicts within the Golds army, the Golds have merged to recreate the Dark Warriors of Club Penguin.

In December of 2015, the Dark Warriors were in a state of depression. Under the leadership of Red and Tiro, the army was struggling to surpass 20+ on CP. The ongoing endeavor led Xxtoysoldier to release an ultimatum for the current leaders of the army, This post can be found below.


Stated in the post above, Toy decided to give DW one week to rebuild the army and gain stability. However, the Dark Warriors were declared dead much earlier than expected. On the same day of the deliverance of the ultimatum, Toy declared the Dark Warriors are officially dead. Once again, you can view the contents of the post below.


As we now fast-forward to  April 9th, 2016, after 4 months of waiting, the Dark Warriors have been recreated due to the merger of the Golds into the army. An excerpt of the post can be found below.


Shown in the picture above, former DW 2ic, Flen, has announced the recreation of the Dark Warriors. Following the closure of the Dark Warriors four months ago by DW legend, Xxtoysoldier, permission has been granted by Ambrosha for the return of the Dark Warriors.

In the imminent generation, the Dark Warriors will be led by Jack, Mylis, Bass, Antonio, Bad, and Tom. Following the formation of the new Dark Warrior administration, the return date was set for April 16th of 2016. With the establishment of another Dark Warriors generation, multitudes of individuals from other armies have been flocking to the newly recreated army. Currently, the army is set to return with strong sizes.

Interview with Dark Warriors Leader, Tom

CPAC- With many individuals joining the Dark Warriors, what is DW expecting to unfold in upcoming weeks?

Tom- With our current leadership and hype, we could easily max 30+ on Club Penguin. However; once we start recruiting, we can easily get up to 50+. We expect to be first within the month.

CPAC- In the past, DW has had multiple conflicts with the Light Troops? Do you expect another war between you two?

Tom- No, because Waterkid is planning to shutdown Light Troops soon. DW is deciding to stay out of any conflicts until we get on track. 

CPAC- Four months ago, the army was shutdown by Toy. Has Toy released any opinion on the new DW?

Tom- Toy is embracing the new generation. He is owner on the chat and will help the army. 

CPAC- Any last comments?

Tom- Join DW before all the high ranks are filled. 

CPAC- Thank you for your time.


Dark Warriors leader, Tom, has shown tremendous faith in the Dark Warriors in the interview above. He has stated that the Dark Warriors have very high expectations and that currently they don’t have any plans for conflicts. Former DW leader, Toy, has even portrayed a liking for the new generation.

With that said, I believe the Dark Warriors will hit #1 on the top ten soon; however, I am currently unsure of how the army will perform once the hype dies down. Surely, if the Dark Warriors remain a top army in the community after all the hype, they will remain a major threat to every army in the community.

Comment YOUR opinion on the return of the Dark Warriors? Will they reach #1 on CPAC? Share the thoughts YOU have below!


Club Penguin Army Central Vice President


6 Responses

  1. Uh so NW and NR die now?


  3. Kk I’ll see you back in the grave in 2 months tops.

  4. No, NW will stay alive. NR I’m not sure… but ye. DW & NW both are a army now

  5. NR will be back on May 12th. NR is NOT dead.

  6. Cool but holy and empire dont exactly go together in the same phrase lmao

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