Top Ten Armies: 4/3/16

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – As the March Madness IV Tournament comes to a close, an old face makes a dominating return to the Top Ten and the community. 

1. Light Troops [NEW!][90.50]

2. Night Warriors [-1][76.33]

3. Water Vikings [-1][73.50]

4. Nachos [-1][65.00]

5. Rebel Penguin Federation [+0][62.50]

6. Army of CP [-2][60.97]

7. Golds [+1][58.72]

8. Green Mercenaries [+2][57.21]

9. Army Republic [-3][54.00]

10. Club Penguin Police Department [-1][51.00]

Click here for the full statistics.

1. Light Troops: The Light Troops began their week with a UK battle training where they claimed sizes of 40+ as well as an Easter training on Ice Box where they claimed sizes of 99. They moved on to partake in a practise battle against the Water Vikings where they were deemed victorious with sizes of 70+. After a series of communication errors with the Nachos’ senior ranks, the Light Troops represented the Nachos in a battle with sizes of 50+, albeit on the wrong server. Declaring war on the Night Warriors, the Light Troops faced off the combined efforts of the Water Vikings and the Golds in a practise battle where the managed to achieve 32+ troops online. Ending the week off, the LT raided Night Warriors’ Capital Fog with sizes of 50.

2. Night Warriors: Night Warriors blasted off their week with an defense of Flippers and an Invasion of Husky both with sizes of 40. Later they held a raid on the sever pine needles where they saw sizes of 35 later they held a practice battle with AR and Nachos with similar sizes. To end their week they competed in the finals of the March Madness Tournament where they managed sizes of up to 35.

3. Water Vikings: The Water Vikings began this week with a “practice battle” against LT where they managed to get sizes of 20. Later they held a UK and a US training event with sizes of above 25. To end their week WV held 2 more events which included a “fun event” and a “allied” battle against Light Troops both events were meet with sizes of 30.

4. Nachos: Continuing with their war efforts against the Army of Club Penguin, the Nachos kick-started their week with a defense of Ice Age and an invasion of Christmas with sizes of 14+. They defended Big Surf and Ice Berg on the same day with sizes of 11+ amidst minimal opposition, as well as invading Outback with sizes of 12+. The following day saw a defense of Snow Angel and Oyster with sizes of 10+ and 9+, as well as a battle of Yeti where they saw sizes of 15+. Successfully invading Sabertooth and Bobsled with 12+ and 15+ troops online respectively, the Nachos moved on to invade Flurry where sizes of 12+ was replicated. The Nachos marched North Pole with sizes of 18+ and cleansed Walrus with similar sizes. Nearing the end of the week, the Nachos cleansed Ice Age and Snow Angel with sizes of 17+ and 10+ respectively.

5. Rebel Penguin Federation: RPF started off their short but efficient week with a quick training session where they saw sizes of 20+. Later on in the week they held a training session where they got sizes of 17. To end their week they held another battle against AR along with a “return” event with sizes of 20 and 30+.

6. Army of CP: The Army of Club Penguin began their week with a US invasion of Ice Age whilst maxing 20 and averaging 18, then they held an AUSIA invasion of Cabin while maxing and averaging approximately 25+. The ACP then held a UK invasion of Ice Angel while maxing and averaging around 15+, then they held a US invasion of Yeti wherein they maxed and averaged 25. The ACP then had a US invasion of Bobsled whilst maxing and averaging 14 to end the week.

7. Golds: Golds had a busy week with a total of 8 events. They started off their week with a invasion of Mammoth where they managed sizes of 15. They later held a “patrol of rooms” where they once again maxed sizes of 15. Later on in the week they held 2 ausia sessions with sizes of 9. They ended their week with a practice battle and a training session both hitting sizes of nearly 14.

8. Green Mercenaries: Recovering from the recent deface, the GMA commenced their week with an AUSIA where they attained sizes of 10+ as well as a UK with sizes of 18+. They moved on to an AUSIA training where they maxed 16. Declaring war on the Ice Knights, the Green Mercenaries held a UK training  where they managed 14 troops online. They continued to display their prominent AUSIA division the following day with yet another training where they achieved sizes of 15. To end the week off, they held a cleansing of Parka with sizes of 16.


9. Army Republic: Army Republic had a short but busy week. After several internal issues and hyping for the upcoming March Madness finals AR held a practice battle against RPF maxing sizes of 15. To end their week AR competed in the March Madness Finals hitting sizes of 25.

10. CP Police Department: The Club Penguin Police Department only had one event this week before handing in their badges, facing the Golds in a battle where they maxed 25. 

Lorenzo Bean

CPA Central Executive Producer


CPA Central Vice President


CPA Central Editor-in-chief


CPA Central Philosopher


57 Responses

  1. Good job Green Mercenaries!

  2. CPPD closed wtf o.0

  3. How do NW have 30 tactics points (their tactics were no better than LT and WV??) with tactics like this in one of their events:

    If one of your events has tactics like this surely that means your tactics arent perfect throughout the week (some of their events arent 100% tactic completion anyway).

    _#1 1 WEEK IS ALL IT TOOK.

  5. Keep it up, WV. We’ll move back up soon. You guys are doing great! ❤ On a side note, welcome back, LT and good job Golds.

  6. Golds keep going!

  7. Go LT

  8. gj LT =P

  9. Whoever just stickied this post can moderate my other comment?!?!?

  10. lmao chill chill, i only have one computer mayne

  11. Lmaoooo

  12. original guns n roses performing in 2016 first
    time back since 1993

  13. Apart from that, good top ten Lorenzo.

  14. you took one example of a tactic lol shh

  15. Agreed, but this was the only picture from one of their events – so surely their tactics weren’t 30/30 perfect through the week if one event had tactics like this?

  16. Per our policy, you can still be in the Top Ten if you had events during a week and then closed that same week (i.e., if an army had events on Monday and Wednesday, then closed down on Thursday, they could still be ranked in that week’s Top Ten.)

  17. LT getting sizes of 99. Lol I didn’t realize a guy who is already legend could try so hard to act relevant again. Your army is shit, I can’t believe Drmatt actually came back to you. “We only used you for money and once you ran out of it we got rid of you.” and then LT reopens and you beg for DrMatt back. D e s p e r a t e.

  18. “Armies will never die”, the typical person might say. Look at CP now. The filters are more strict, and the banning has gotten worse, leaving us with almost no way to recruit.

    That being said, more armies have taken “bot recruiting” more seriously. Wouldn’t CP just ban the scripts? I know what I’m saying has almost nothing to do with the TT, but I was on an army chat last night, and someone pcd me asking “Are armies still alive?” The answer would be a “somewhat”, considering armies are in fact still alive, some are dying, while some, like LT, are rising.

    Can you people for once quit complaining about “armies dying” and instead, actually RECRUIT. “We’ve been trying, but there’s no way with LT bots everywhere” Go find another server, or a CPPS. Most armies who rely on “friendslist” shouldn’t really be considered an army, since it’s basically full of people from other armies, so people begin multilogging.

    If you want to keep armies alive, work harder, and actually recruit. If you have no intention to help keep them alive, then its best you leave and take your negativity with you.

  19. Goblin, you forgot to add the tournament battle in Nacho score, or at least in the description. Please fix it; thanks.

  20. “rip armies” – Phin 2/28/16
    “then its best you leave and take your negativity with you” – Phin 4/4/16
    Oh the irony.

  21. Why is LT first? It’s very clear that they’re just an army of multi logs. I mean, despite the fact their leader records their events, bot recruits 24/7, gets site views of over 3,000 per day, it’s clear that it’s impossible in 2016 to get 99 on Club Penguin….

    I mean, their leader was even stupid enough to take a picture of his full tab – showing he has about 20 tabs opened.

    In his videos you can clearly see him switching tabs. This can be seen in the video of where LT ”apparently” got 100 on Club Penguin (Come on, we know they bot/multi log, couldn’t they make it less obvious though?)

    I demand the Light Troops to removed from the Top Ten and for Waterkid101 to be stripped from his status. The only true army that can get big sizes in this community is the UMA with their CPPS sponsorship, let’s be real everyone.

  22. Great Job

  23. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming

  24. It would be greatly appreciated if you could fix our description as our size never went below 28. Our average size was correctly calculated but our description was indeed a mess. I speak as if I’m surprised. Who am I kidding? Bam had a say in this Top Ten.

  25. How does someone get 100 then?

  26. relevant

  27. That escalated very quickly lols

  28. ok ok how did we go down AT ALL???? we didn’t lose a single battle and we beat NW WHAT IS THIS

  29. Personally, I don’t care for armies. I’m just making a point. Yes, I am in an army, but I’m thinking of retiring shortly.

    Now, you on the other hand, can’t seem to take a hint. Must I spell it out for you? Stop replying to my comments. You’re not needed, you never did anything relevant, nobody remembers who you are.

    Yes, armies ARE in fact still alive, but are slowly dying, and by the looks of it, nobody is even trying to keep the community alive. Instead, they rely on their friendslist, or they just multilog. Pretty sure the only LEGIT army is LT.

    Cul, when you actually do something useful, I might gain some respect for you. Otherwise, go rot in hell, where you belong.

  30. My man Noka, had no idea this existed. Thanks for posting.

  31. LOL

  32. My Nacho, top ten is based on sizes, tactics and event quality; not on who beats who. However, top ten means nothing. In last years Champions Cup tournament, we fought in its finals with us being low in the Small/Medium Top Ten that week, and the other finalist army was number one of CPAC Top Ten, but we won (of course). Top Ten absolutely means nothing. NW are#1-2 but we beat them last night! Also, hell yeah Goblin got exposed. FVCK YOU B1 & GOBLIN.

  33. 1. How did Gobby get exposed?
    2. Do you ever stfu? Heh… guess not…
    3. Kys

  34. look on nachos post

  35. I’ve done a lot more in this community than you ever have in your life so please, don’t bother making comparisons between me and you. I have had a far more respectable and relevant career than you, in a shorter amount of time too. I hope you realize the only time you were relevant was when your nudes went viral.

    Also, I’m just pointing something out. You tried to act smart and claim that everyone who is not contributing to getting armies back on track should leave along with their negativity.

    Well you commented “rip armies”. Is that helpful? Quoted by yourself, YOU should get out of this community along with your cancerous negativity.

    Face it Phin, I’ve just exposed you out on this one lmao.

  36. Have fun staying as an useless mod in this community, you will be nothing more than that, ever.

    Remember people only know you as the most cancerous person in this community, the girl who’s nudes were leaked.

    Other than that no one cares about you, you’re a complete joke.

  37. “exposed” mmk

  38. I’m an owner on ih chat LOL!

  39. Damn LT back at it again with them multilogs

  40. Phin when you say: ”do you ever stfu” that makes you look retarded, like what is this, your 6th comment on this weeks top ten alone.

  41. Nobody asked you lmao

  42. no one actually knows what your army is

  43. nobody thought u were gonna lose to nachos especially in a bias match butttt nachos are to baller

  44. wats nw do they exist

  45. My army is ACP ;P

  46. It was just a response to a poor comment.

  47. wat is that

  48. Something that has high enough standards to not include you in it ;P

  49. were beating u by 20 battles

  50. and i mean if lowering my standards means winning march madness I’m cool with that.

  51. Ew, light troops.

  52. Still an idiot. This comment gave me aids.

  53. I don’t understand why you’re commenting on something I posted last year.

  54. Because its funny and l love it😂

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