Light Troops Declare War On Night Warriors

UPDATE: Interview with Toy added.

ICE BOX, LT Empire – After reopening just one week ago, the Light Troops have been engaged in many arguments, specifically with the armies of Power League. They’ve decided to go after the head of the alliance, the Night Warriors, with threats having been issued by both sides.

The Light Troops, who have been revived on and off for the past year, officially reopened on the 26th of March, holding an unscheduled UK training on their capital server, Ice Box, hitting sizes of around 40-45. However, this isn’t nearly as much as LT claims to be currently getting at events, claiming sizes of up to 100 at their liberation of Ice Box also on the 26th.

LT with sizes of around 45-50.

LT lockouts when they were in the Ice Berg.

As you can see, LT is showing ridiculous signs of improvement over the past week, after just a handful of events. Many have questioned the legitimacy of LT’s sizes, but no one has yet to bring up concrete evidence to back up those claims. For some reason, LT was not included in this week’s top ten after this event, which raises the question if we, at CPAC, are too questioning whether or not LT is legitimate.

The Night Warriors, who were ranked #1 on this weeks top ten, have also shown a recent surge in size and activity, also hitting over 45 a couple of times this week.


NW’s defense of Flippers with sizes of 50.

The conflict between these two armies stretches farther than just this week, but back when the Dark Warriors led this community in both size and power in the year of 2014. They, and the Light Troops battled relentlessly in summer 2014, both peaking in battles that saw sizes of 80-100 for both armies. Bad blood already exists between the leaders of both armies, and we could see things heat up even more in the upcoming days.

The most recent argument between these two started last week, when the Light Troops reopened and called out the Power League Alliance for being frauds and protected under the bias of CPA Central. NW responded by confronting both NW and WV on these claims and said they would be ready if either declared war.

So here we are, today, LT leader, Waterkid, released a post declaring war on the Night Warriors, insulting XxToysoldier, claiming he is legitimately worshipping Hitler, and trying to lead like himself and copy the ways of LT. Here are his exact words regarding NW:

The Glorious Yellow Reich hereby declare war upon the Night Warriors.

These black cowards have terrorized armies with their stupid alliance for the past two months. However, their alliance disbanded in fear as the Yellow Reich was reborn. The Night Warriors then decided to COPY the Yellow Reich. Xxtoysoldier is being more edgier than usual and is acting like Hitler and copies LT pages, posts, membership codes, recruiting lines, EVERYTHING.

This kid actually thinks he’s me…

We will invade Fog this Sunday. I expect massive sizes. I want the battle of Fog to be like a tournament – a judge announcing the room and we both charge at the same time. With our superior sizes we will easily crush the Night Warriors. Toy, if you think you’re worthy to copy my leadership style then you are very delusional. 

As you can see, Waterkid has not been pleased with the alliance formed by the Night Warriors, and feels that they are whats currently wrong with the community. He then accuses NW of copying LT pages off their site, along with using their membership codes and recruiting lines. He finished off with saying he would like to have a tournament-like environment when LT invades Fog Saturday and that his Light Troops are far more superior than the Night Warriors and will crush them at all costs. Toy responded with a post, copying Waterkid’s and changing around the words, somewhat in a way to mock him for accusing NW of copying other things from LT.

I managed to grab a quick interview with Toy to hear his thoughts on the upcoming war with the Light Troops.

Interview With XxToySoldier

What is your initial reaction to LT’s declaration of war?

Toy: Jewry

What are your plans moving forward over the next couple of days? How do you plan to beat the Light Troops?

Toy: We will completely obliterate the Light Troops with our superior forces, leaders, loyal troops, and recruiting regiment. The Light Troops stand no chance.

Seeing that you’ve already had success against LT during your career, do you expect anything different this time around?

Toy: I don’t. LT was trash and they say history repeats itself.

Any last thoughts?

Toy: Hiring owners and moderators.

As you can see, Toy seems very confident going forward, and feels that history will repeat itself and that NW will have no problem defeating the Light Troops.

What do you think about LT’s declaration of war on the Night Warriors? Who do you think has the edge, and who do you think will come out on top? Let me here YOUR thoughts, and thanks for reading.


CPA Central CEO


9 Responses

  1. Before you ask why I posted this after Robot. I had this draft ready last night and he rudely decided to ignore that fact and post it himself. this is the post that will most likely be staying up.

  2. ‘LT was not included in this week’s top ten after this event, which raises the question if we, at CPAC, are too questioning whether or not LT is legitimate.’

    o god this is just getting hilarious

  3. Its obvious that LT will crush NW lol. Let the games begin, and may the odds be ever in your favour!

  4. Legit? I’m pretty sure I’m the only army leader who records his events and takes a picture of his full screen.

    And as for the Top Ten, Goblin being the lazy retard he is didn’t even know we returned and can’t be bothered to add us.

  5. And for those wondering, these were the site stats on Saturday (the day we liberated Ice Box)

    I have nothing to hide. The reason LT is big is because I bot recruit and I don’t use Mercury (it sucks). I hyped our return event for 1 and a half weeks and every day we got around 2k+ views, so I wasn’t surprised that we got a big turn out on Saturday & Sunday.

  6. hey gob or someone can u do a another recap of the acp vs nachos war cuz acp think there gonna win but were winning by 20+ battles lol

  7. Fascinating

  8. Light Troops….YOU SAID A TRUE! I belive you, and i think, if
    you win this war! And… Can I help you? 😀
    Toy, Drake, Fake NW, be ready to death…

  9. Content: 9/10
    Language & Structure: 9/10
    Good post Bad, but avoid using “we” to refer to CPAC because it’s similar to saying “I”. Usually this is reserved for posts where CPAC actually has more involvement, like a tournament post.

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